Aina Tsukiko

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Player: '
Activity Level: Active
Origin: Magic
Primary Set: Illusion
Secondary Set: Kinetics
Level: 1
Legal Miscellanea
Full Name: Aina Tsukiko
Known Aliases:
Occupation: High School
Education: Grade 11
Citizenship: Japanese
Legal Status:
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father,Brother
Date of Birth: Apr, 10th 1991
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Base of Operations: Her House or the Sushi School
Group Affiliations: The Schoolgirl Sushi Squad
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Female
Species: "Species? I'm human!"
Ethnicity: Japanese
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Complexion: Asian
Height: "I wish i was taller"
Weight: "...Confidential!"
Distinguishing Features: Cute but very shy at first. Clumsy!


Aina's Journal

Well I'm in the Schoolgirl Sushi Squad Academy now. Main Branch in the American city called Paragon. When we first landed at the airport here, I was excited but, It looks like a very dangerous place to live! Well nevermind that now I guess. I'm with my dad Jin Tsukiko. We're moving here from Japan. Oh right! Maybe I should talk about myself and my family first before I even start this story.


Hello. I am Sixteen, Blood type A, Sign is Aries. I have lots of hobbies that include cooking, drawing, going out to dance clubs, parks and concerts. I also like watching and am a fan of American Baseball! I can't wait to see a game when I get to America! I am not very talkative at times. I get shy around strange people, ecspecially boys. But If I am your friend I will talk alot more. Please beware! I am very clumsy! Things always happen around me! I am not kidding. I once spilled hot coffee on my dad's manager's lap. He wasn't happy. And another time I was picking up a suit from the cleaners and I tripped and it fell in mud. Plus alot of painful trips and falls happen. So as I say, please be careful around me!

Aina's Kin

Jin Tsukiko

Well, There is my father Jin Tsukiko. He is very strict and believes that we should follow many of the old traditional Japanese customs. I don't think I make him very proud. He wants me to succeed at all things, but it is tough to always get good marks in school. Ecspecially my math! Whenever I take a test I just know I won't be able to see my friends for a week. Oh. But I suppose the real reason he is like this is because I have never showed any promise to live up to my mother's legacy. My mom? Yes she was..

Yuina Tsukiko

...Yuina Tsukiko. She used to belong to this secret demon hunter organization that protects Japan from evil. You know, stuff you see on the Anime shows. But It was real. Anyway I was about 6 when it happened. My mother was on a mission with the Schoolgirl Sushi Squad, as they call themselves. The demon they were fighting was very strong. I don't know much about what happened but my mom ended up getting killed by it. I remember the night it happened. Many of these strangely dressed girls visited the house with saddened faces. I can't go into it because it was a horrible horrible thing to be told your mommy isn't coming back. Anyway, me, my dad and my brother we all took the news hard. After that, dad was always telling me, "the role now falls to you". But...I was afraid because I didn't want to die...

Ryouji Tsukiko

It was shortly after that when my dad insisted I train to become a "Sushi Girl". I didn't know what he meant but he insisted that I learn some skills. So he forced me to take lessons in fighting with a Katana. My brother Ryuoji Tsukiko, who was two years older then me, wanted to do the same thing, so my dad let him accompany me to practice. I wasn't very good at it, I kept dropping the Bokken and tripping over my feet. It all came to a head when I knocked over the teacher's prized antique sculpture given to him by the late General Tzu as a birthday present ((it wasn't my fault by the way, I sneezed!!)) and it broke and he got mad and threw me out.... *sweats and fumbles her fingers**

Anyway It was my brother Ryouji, who became the dojo's prized pupil. He was so great at it , a natural. He joined the school's Samarai club and was nearly unbeatable in all his matches. He entered a Tournament and got to the championship round where in a rare case, both competitors ended up beating the other. He lost to "Shin Shakamura". Yes,That Shin! The one that now runs a very famous and deadly Yakuza gang. Ryouji went on to become a crimefighter and now spends his time in Tokyo. He is popular with all the girls now, but he has only one true love. And I just can't believe it how it happened.

Mieko Magami

Mieko has been my friend since grade school. I will admit this but I'm very shy. I can't really talk to people very well, so it's very hard for me to make friends. Since I was quiet, naturally it made me a target for some of the louder girls. They liked to make me scared so they would often play nasty tricks. ((Like placing lizards in my Bento Box!!)) Mieko moved to my class and saw my predicament. She instantly tried to protect me from the other girls. Then we started to share lunches and such. Ever since, we have been close friends. She actually moved close by, a street away, so I was able to see her alot after school also. She would come over to my house and me and her and my brother would play Go-moku and Shogi, ((though I would always lose!)) or we would go out and play at the park or go to see new animes and well we just had fun. But one day, about two years ago, Mieko comes to me and says... "Aina... I think I love your brother." "Whaaaaat?!" was my reaction. She told me she had a crush on him. But I promised not to tell. Nothing was ever said and I watched as Mieko suffered more and more. Finally I decided that there must be an intervention! So,I set up a plan... oh yes a plan. But, it didn't go so well. You see, I wanted him to bring his friend Shichiro along and the plan was to leave Mieko and Ryouji alone so she could confess. But Shichiro liked Mieko. So he kept wanting to be around her. So I had to resort to drastic measures! So I told him I liked him so he would stop bugging Mieko. No no no... I didn't like him he was a frog face! And he had bad breath and ever since then he would always try to steal my first kiss! It wasn't right! Anyway, somehow Mieko eventually confessed and the two of them became a couple and all. After that I hardly saw Mieko, she would be with my brother a lot more and it sorta made me sad and lonely again. Plus Shichiro always kept showing up everywhere I went! Aaah!!

On Being a Sushi Girl

So anyway dad says I need to be a Sushi Schoolgirl. But I don't really know how I can be one if I don't have any powers. He says if I train I'll get powers but how do you do that? It does not seem the kind of thing you would train for I suppose. It really... well... to be honest, I don't know why I have been placed in this position. To be expected to take on a legacy like killing monsters just like my mom did. It was my mom that had special powers. Me? I could probably bore something to sleep or maybe I could sing! The monster would run away in terror. The thing is that I don't really want to dissapoint my family or my lineage but until something comes along that shows me I can actually fight I don't know how people expect me to even do it. I'm just a normal student, I'm weak. If mom were here she would be able to tell me.

The Dream

If there is the closet thing I can remember to fighting evil, it was someone asking me to do it in a dream. But I was very unsure in that dream, like I do not know if this is my path. I remember as I took hold of a sword and saw the monster. It had huge teeth and wanted to eat me. I got really really frightened because all i could think was that I'd be torn into pieces like Mom. So I ran and ran. I figured I was dreaming about my bad Katana classes or my mind was just riddled with guilt. But that's really the only thing I can remember. I Often wonder if I had taken the sword...

Moving to Paragon

Im moving to Paragon now. The reason is because our house was destroyed. Ryouji took on the role as a Superhero, but that means he has made some real enemies. A few times this has come back on us. I have been kidnapped twice, once with Mieko and once by myself. Now you would think if I could fight evil, I'd be able to handle some two bit crooks. But nope. Being bound and gagged, not a very stellar experience! What was more scary was the fact that I had to accept I was helpless, that these crooks were bad and had no morals and I generally feared for my life. Also, I had the fear that one of them would take away my virginity! I want to meet a nice guy y'know? And then one day when I am... you know, ready. But not by some big muscular guy wearing a black suit with a Frankenstein like face!

Anyway... our house got attacked. After Ryouji came and beat up the bad guys he insisted that we should move out of the country. Mieko of course would not be swayed and wished to stay with him. But I had no choice in the matter. Dad wanted me to pack and we were going to move to Paragon. I left for a new place, with a new set of rules. Dad said he chose Paragon so I could join the Sushi Girl Squad in the Paragon sector. So even though we left, my ancestry has followed me.

So here I am. In a new town, a new start and with so many people expecting so much of me. I want to make my dad proud. And I want to be like Ryouji is, strong and brave. And confident like Mieko. I want to live up to Mom's name. Be someone who can't be kidnapped. I do not know what lies ahead. But I'll try and meet it head on.

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