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Akial Nodachi
Player: @Professor Immortal
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: low 40s
Personal Data
Real Name: Akial Nodachi
Known Aliases: Aki, Akial, Purple, Node
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: approx. 5'4"
Weight: approx. 100 lbs
Eye Color: brown (wears blue contacts)
Hair Color: black (dyed purple)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Inventor, Vigilante
Place of Birth: Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: father (Tanaka Nodachi), mother (Jennifer Wagner-Nodachi), brother (Deuce Nodachi)
Known Powers
master wielder of her ANP-AAR01 rifle
Known Abilities
genius-level intellect, above average athlete, above average reflexes and coordination
various weapons (both lethal and non-lethal) developed by Akial for use in suppressing criminal activity; most notably the ANP-AAR01
Assault Rifle/Devices Technology Blaster

Akial Nodachi is a Technology Blaster, of the Assault Rifle/Devices variety. She is also a vigilante and inventor, and one of the founders of the Library of Heretics (where she holds the rank of Heretic Supreme). She is played by Professor Immortal (known as Nifty Nobu everywhere out of game).


Known Attributes


Akial, despite her past frustrations, is extremely out-going and optimistic.

Akial will talk about almost anything at great length, due to a general interest in learning she picked up while in college. She also has a tendency many teammates find annoying to ramble at great length about various technologies she has learned about or designed for crime-fighting.

Akial's optimism largely comes as a result of her ongoing success at developing equipment to fight criminals, but is also due to her own successes at fighting them throughout Paragon City. This optimism is easily subdued by repeated defeat, but often it only takes minutes (and some thorough medical treatment) for Akial to return to her usual self.

General Abilities

Akial fights criminals (referred to by her in official documents as "hostile elements") primarily using weaponry of her own invention and design. She also sometimes employs captured equipment or items purchased from other sources.

Her favored weapon is the AAR01 rifle, used in combination with the AITD001 (targetting drone) and AIDT (defense turret). However she also employs various forms of powered armor, to enhance her staying power and mobility. A more recent piece of equipment even conceals her from all but the most sharp eyes using fiberoptic technology. Taken together with her genius intellect, she becomes a serious threat to super-powered villains everywhere.

Major Inventions and Weaponry

ANP-AAR01 (Rifle)

The ANP-AAR01 is Akial Nodachi's signature weapon. The full name of the weapon is the Akial Nodachi Project - Automatic Assault Rifle, Make 001. The name indicates it is a prototype, or the first such rifle constructed in its series. It is an extremely flexible weapon designed to be used for both lethal and non-lethal attacks against hostile elements, depending on the ammunition it is armed with.

The rifle can be fired in a variety of modes, similar to those of standard assault rifles appearing in the hands of both lawkeepers and criminals everywhere.

The ANP-AAR01 rifle was originally developed by Akial for use by the Paragon Police Department, however due to various circumstances, this intended use was never realized. As originally designed, when used with its companion ANP-AITD001 (Automatic Independent Targetting Drone), this weapon can utilize Paragon City's emergency teleportation system to deliver criminal forces directly to the 'Zig' in Brickstown simply by shooting them.

An additional requirement to perform this role, however, is the use of special non-lethal "marker" ammunition. These rounds inflict reduced damage when striking living targets, but will "paint" the target using microscopic Radio Frequency Identification Tags. Once enough such tags are planted on a target for the emergency teleportation system to acquire a lock, the ANP-AITD001 initiates transportation directly to appropriate holding cells.

Some hostiles may be immune to this teleportation, however, due to various circumstances (such as being outside of the range of the transportation network). In these cases, the ANP-AAR01 is also capable of using various standard lethal anti-personnel ammunition, as well as more mundane non-lethal types.

ANP-AITD001 (Targetting Drone)

The ANP-AITD001 is a companion unit designed to work in conjunction with the ANP-AAR001 rifle. The full name of the device is the Akial Nodachi Project - Automatic Independent Targetting Drone, Make 001. As with her rifle, the AITD is a prototype. It is capable of performing all of its functions with no direct input from the user (hence "independent").

This device aids in targetting and sighting enemies by scanning the surroundings of the user with small cameras continuously. It is usually used interlinked with a sighting device worn by the user (such as goggles developed for this purpose), permitting the user to view his or her surroundings on command without turning around.

Aiming and sighting hostile targets is also assisted via use of infrared scanners and laser beam sights.

As originally designed, the unit can also interlink with Paragon City's emergency teleportation network, to force the network to transport "painted" targets (marked with RFID tags) directly to appropriate holding cells. This function requires the user to also be wielding the AAR001 rifle.

ANP-AIDT (Defense Turret)

The ANP-AIDT is a device originally developed to serve as an internal defense system for Akial's laboratory. Its full name is the Akial Nodachi Project - Automated Independent Defense Turret.

The AIDT's design was not fully realized in time to serve its intended purpose. Its design was later revived and then modified by Akial to serve a new function- to provide cover fire in live battlefield situations. Due to the new functionality, the AIDT was greatly simplified, thus sacrificing some firepower and giving it limited operation time.

The turret's new design allows Akial to set up a turret in approximately six seconds, and immediately identify hostile elements and commence cover fire. However it has a limited amount of time that it is functional (due to its limited ammunition and lightweight construction). After its operational time has expired, the unit self-destructs.

Other Firearms

Akial has acquired various other firearms, most notably a captured Council Submachine Gun and a Vanguard Rifle. She occassionally employs these when her preferred ANP-AAR01 is not suitable to the task at hand, or simply to better understand the engineering principals involved in their construction.


Akial is overly confident and overly dependent on her inventions. In situations where these devices are not effective, she tends to be easily thwarted. Despite the effort she has made in their development, many of the devices still retain limitations and defects that limit their effectiveness, although Akial is constantly working to overcome these.

Akial also suffers from a lack of realistic combat training- this becomes very apparent when she encounters seasoned tacticians and veteran criminals.

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