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The Tale of Akuma

Chapter 1:

The Tsoo ninja approached Tub Ci quietly, careful not to offend him. Tub Ci looked up from his current reading as he sat high in his throne. "I was told you had something of importance to tell me."

"Yes Master Tub Ci" replied the ninja quietly.

"Then get on with it" Tub Ci replied coldly.

"Akuma Guuzuusouhai sir.. your Death Moon leader.. he has been acting strangely lately. I caught him in the act but fear for my life so I did not confront him. He was mutilating our own Tsoo brethren sir! He tore his own brothers to pieces and consumed them." A shake could be heard in the ninjas voice, obviously disturbed.

Tub Ci had been told by some of his wisest men in the Death Moon school that Akuma intended to threaten his place on the Throne. Despite all this evidence Tub Ci still refused to believe that one of his most loyal servants could be responsible for the death of these men. It was only after Tub Ci saw Akuma next that he truly knew this was not the man he once knew.

Tub Ci stated bluntly "Akuma Guuzuusouhai, I have brought you here to stand trial for the mutilation of 15 Tsoo Enforcers. How do you plead to this unspeakable crime?"

"Tub Ci! You must understand that I have stumbled upon something incredible. It is an Ancestor Spirit calling itsself the Oni. It is stronger tha-"

Akuma was quickly interrupted by the waveing of Tub Ci's hand. "Akuma you are not the man I once knew. What has happened to you? Your eyes are glowing as if you have been host to some parasite. You stand before me a monster yet at one time you were one of our greatest warriors. You were going to become a Midnight.. one of the highest honors in the Death Moon school. Instead you will now suffer the greatest punishment any Tsoo can.. death."

Akuma could feel the sedative dart pierce his neck. He looked at Tub Ci with great rage in his eyes. Akuma felt his legs collapse as he drifted into a dark sleep...

Chapter 2

Akuma awoke in his cell. He could hear the Tsoo guards patrolling the hall ways between cells. Akuma sat up in his concrete bed and looked out at his captors with great anger. Suddenly from all sides he heard the Oni's fiery voice come harshly.

"Akuma the time has come. You have served me well as a host body. You have followed my directions to the word and consumed the souls I require to stay linked with this realm, but now it is time for me to show myself. You will need my guidance and power if we are to escape this prison."

Suddenly Akuma felt a wave of heat overtake him. His glowing eyes became brighter. In a tremendous wave of fire Akuma felt his whole being weaken. He slumped over as he felt all his power leaving him. In an explosive burst of fire the Oni appeared before him, dressed in all black with a Chinese style mask. (Something like this JE2.jpg ). A sudden blast of fire from the Oni's mouth incinerated the cell bars and in an instant he was on one of the guards, unsheathing a great flaming katana and searing the poor guard from limb to limb.

Chapter 3

Tub Ci was sitting quietly upon his throne, contemplating the situation with Akuma Guuzuusouhai when he heard the thunderous explosions followed by terrible screams of pain. Suddenly a flood of ninjas swooped into Tub Ci's throne room. One of them stepped forward and pulled his blade back, attempting to strike Tub Ci. Tub Ci quickly responded by rising from his throne and throwing the ninja straight smack dab into the back wall. With a crunch nearly every bone broke in the ninjas body. Suddenly a great fiery explosion blasted through the throne room's side wall, destroying it completely and nearly collapsing the building. Through the gap walked Akuma and beside him, the fiery Oni.

The deep voice of the Oni could be heard from all directions. "The throne is mine Tub Ci. By turning your back on Akuma and -my- followers you have proven yourself unworthy to lead the Tsoo. Step down or die."

As Tub Ci looked around his great throne room he noticed the room had split between his loyal forces and the ninjas of what he would from this day refer to as "the Betrayers". Infuriated Tub Ci looked back at the Oni, "How dare you judge me demon? You claim to be one of the Ancestor Spirits but I know this is not true because a true Ancestor Spirit would not betray the Tsoo in such a way. You are an imposter demon and you will not leave this room before going back from where you came and releasing Akuma from your grasp! Attack!"

Noone knows how long the clanking of the swords and the whirring of the Archer's bows went on. It appeared that the battle was at a complete stand still until a sword found its way to Akuma's stomach. In crazy pain Akuma screamed..and the Oni reacted. The Oni let out a loud, shrill, deathly scream as the sword entered Akuma's stomach. Somehow they were attached, and one needed the other. Oni loyalists dragged Akuma to safety, far from Tub Ci's throne room. Stricken with low morale at seeing their leader wounded, the rest of the Oni loyalists retreated. The great clash burned like a hot ember in Tub Ci's mind. He had made great enemies today and although these were not the first enemies he had, he felt them as the most threatening by far. Just on the outskirts of Tsoo territory an underground base was constructed by the Oni loyalists and The "Tsoo Scorpions" were born. They claimed this area, assured they were the rightful owners of the Tsoo.

To Be Continued...

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