Alan Axe

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Alan Axe
Player: @Arch-Archer
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 18
Personal Data
Real Name: Alan Hansen
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 38
Height: 6'2
Weight: 245 (without armor) 650 (with armor)
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: Brownish red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Greek
Occupation: Criminal
Place of Birth: Port Oaks
Base of Operations: Port Oaks
Marital Status: none
Known Relatives: none
Known Powers
Known Abilities
medieval armor, medieval axe



Alan Axe is usually a calm guy. He has a strong sense of humor. He also was clinically diagnosed insane. He comes off sane and humorous, but he would kill any cape that he could.

Young Alan Hansen

Alan was born in January 21st, 1970, to mother Gina Hansen and father Thomas Hansen. They were a lower middle class family who had a tough time living in Port Oaks, with all the crime and villainy. They wanted their son to grow up into a smart young man, and wanted most of all for him not to get involved with crime.

Troubled Teen

When Alan was 9, he stole a candy bar from the local grocery store. he felt a huge rush, and started stealing more and more until finally caught by local police. He was given fifty hours of community service, which he felt was unfair. He lashed out against his parents, who told Alan he had to serve the community Service. He struck his mother, and landed a critical blow to his father, sending him to the hospital with a concussion. Alan was then sent to Port Oaks correctional Center for Teens until he was 15.


When he was released from Port Oaks correctional, he was freed from all that anger and went to live with his family once again. Until the age of 19, the age he left his house, did he delve back into crime. At age 20 he joined a local gang called "The mighty militia," a group of teen criminals who looted and stole from houses around the city. He quickly became their leader, a fierce combatant and feared individual. He rose up on Port Oaks most wanted list, and he became a household name for fear.


It was at age 24 Alan finally got caught by the police. They placed him in the Port Oaks minimum security prison. All Alan really did was steal a lot of stuff from people, so he wasn't going to be placed anywhere fancy like The Zig or Grandville Maximum Security Penitentiary. He was released at the age of 26, with a warning of getting sent to the big house next time.

The Real Alan Emerges

His small time stealing lead to full on murder. Alan's insanity grew and grew. He roamed The Isles until the age of 30, when he returned to Port Oaks. He remembered his first theft, and returned to the store where he stole that candy bar. He returned to the store, went inside, and shot the clerk six times. He then returned to his parents home, covered in blood, and asked them for forgiveness. Alan's parents did, and they let him stay the night. The following morning, Alan woke up to 8 police men all pointing guns at him.

The Zig

Alan was given psychiatric treatment three times a week at The Zig. He was escorted with two guards for every treatment, which Alan hated. He despised restraints, like handcuffs, and told the guards many times not to use them, for he would comply with them. But time after time, them used handcuffs. After 6 years of handcuffs, Alan finally cracked. Right as the guards were asking him to put his hands behind his back, he turned around to them and kicked one in the face, and the other's face was smashed into the wall. Alan ran for it,. but the many halls of The Zig only got him lost. Alan was finally taken down by several officers, using tazers and nightsticks.


Heavily guarded. 24/7. Longbow personnel only. Thank god for bathroom breaks. Alan had been planning his escape for weeks. At the perfect moment, as the Longbow guard went to use the restroom, Alan escaped. Nobody knows for sure how he did it, but some speculate it was C4 bought from another Zig inmate or a guard.

The Armor and Axe

Alan Axe has only been Alan Axe for a short time. he was a criminal the whole time, but was using guns and Kevlar. Alan's finding of his precious weapons was a coincidence. He was traveling in Terra Volta when a Cape came flying down, crashing into the ground with the force of a meteorite. He looked up, only to see a Rogue Island inhabitant. The villain waved, and flew off. Alan then returned his gaze on the dead hero, and saw he had quite the body piece. Alan measured his size to his own, and figured it was a good enough match. The armor was quite heavy, so heavy in fact Alan could barely walk. but he continued to wear it. Weeks later, as he was strolling through Cap Au Diable's historic district, he came upon a interesting museum that hasn't been visited in what looked like years. So Alan broke in, and found a plethora of ancient weapons long forgotten by the technological era. He saw swords and maces, daggers and bows. It wasn't until he entered the Gladiator section that Alan was in awe. In front of him was a beautiful, large, menacingly looking axe, with cob webs a Arachnos Spider could have weaved himself. It then became his.


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