Alan Smilevitz

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Alan Smilevitz
Player: @Fallout Gunner1
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator / Controller
Threat Level: 23 / 3
Personal Data
Real Name: Alan Smilevitz
Known Aliases: Smiley, Incognito Smilevitz, Templar Ix'Kbibel, Orange Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 1-0-1
Species: Malkavian Vampire
Age: 19, 5 years ago
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 142lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: American Mutt.
Occupation: Orange
Place of Birth: South Jersey
Base of Operations: Pocket D
Marital Status: Chasing Ani
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Psychosis through Osmosis
Known Abilities
Raving, Going rilleh rilleh fast, Ninja Vanish
Lord knows the horrors that lurk in the pockets of his Raver pants


New Kid on the Block

Alan Smilevitz grew up in the beautiful Suburbs of South Jersey. Okay, maybe they weren't too beautiful, but to the hyper-intelligent and optimistic boy being raised by his elderly grandmother, there wasn't a better place in the world. Alan was an amazingly intelligent boy, able to skip his 2nd through 5th grade years, setting him on course to be able to graduate at age 15. Many of his teachers expressed a concern for him, though. Although he was amazingly intelligent, and often able to repeat his teachers' lessons, word-for-word. Alan was often found conversing with other students in class, falling asleep, and often performing complex pranks and stunts in the hallways. He also could be found napping in class just before lunch. That's when the school's social worker, Mr. Greg stepped in. Alan Smilevitz had ADHD and Hypoglycemia. Alan took this opportunity to inform everyone around him that he was a Hyper-Hypo, much to the annoyance of other students.

Alan didn't have many friends. not many other kids could relate to him. Either they weren't as intelligent as he was an unable to keep up and so they picked on him, or they were the kind of stuck-up intelligent-types that looked down their noses at the lack of maturity in his genius. That coupled with being three to four years younger than the rest of his classmates, made things =uncomfortable. He did have three or four friends that he enjoyed going home and playing video games with, though.

By Alan's Senior year, he was holding a steady 4.1 GPA while taking the most advanced classes his school had to offer (including a Food Services Co-Op class that helped get him a job at Papa Vinccini's Pizzeria, but we'll get to that later). It seemed that he would be the class's valedictorian, had something not changed all of a sudden. Alan suddenly stopped showing up to school. His teachers grew concerened, and so tried contacting his grandmother, who (due to her age) was unable to hear the phone ringing.

Alan never graduated High School. He simply started working for the crotchety, old Marco Vinccini of Papa Vinccini's Pizzeria. Smiley loved his job of delivering pizzas. He got to drive as fast and reckless as he wanted, oftentimes pretending his 1989 Pinto was a Porche 911. He flew down the side street of South Jersey getting your pizza to you in 30 minutes or less or it's free! This is when Alan found his love of the radio and would call in to answer questions to any trivia or contest they were having.

In fact, within the next year, Alan had been banned from calling into radio stations to answer trivia or entering radio-sponsored contests. Over the year he had managed to collect tickets to 32 different concerts, an all expense paid vacation to the Bahamas (which he gave to his grandma) a new Jeep Wrangler (that he never drove), 11 new movies on DVD (his favorites being Disney's Unrated version of Aladdin and Spaceballs 2: The Search for more Money) and 2 Box sets of T.V. shows (The third season of Scrubs and Season one of The O.C.) He also managed to drink a gallon of milk to win N'Sync tickets, a feat previously thought impossible. Sleeping during the day, delivering pizza during the night and attending SWEET RAVE PARTIES during the late night, Alan had everything in life he'd ever wanted.

That is until that fateful day with the delivery truck. Well, it wasn't the normal delivery truck, but Alan was there to receive the shipment anyways. He climbed up into the back and found himself walking out of a door into a warehouse. Confused, he walked back out and found himself, again, outside the delivery truck. This was too odd for Alan's curiosity to ponder, and so he decided to explore this warehouse. There was techno music pumping from somewhere distant, and so he followed it to a large elevator. After taking the Elevator up, he found himself in the Inter-Dimensional Nightclub known as Pocket D.

The Embrace

Not much is known about the embrace of Alan Smilevitz or how he was trained as a Vampire. He sometimes refers to the one who embraced him as Charolette, and that he "made out with her" on the "Stanky Couches" near the red ramp, there in Pocket D. He also claims "She made him drink the Kool Aid. " There aren't really any clean cut details on what exactly happened when Alan was embraced, it is very vague and inconclusive. One would conclude, "What happens on the Skanky Couches, stays on the Stanky Couches."

The Next 5 Years

"The square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two Ooooo Posthaste! I wanna request some Flogging Molly! DJ Angel is SOOOO HAWT <3_<3! Pass me the Cheeto's and Mountain Dew!"


Smiley's Personality is extremely unique, even among Vampires, and even Malkavians. Even though his life was crap before his embrace, he still carried a positive mental attitude, loving life. Now that he is embraced, he is definately making the most of eternal damnation. He loves to party, entertain, prank and uplift. He seems to have a distinct hatred though of Cake, Emo and what he calls "Kooshie Malks."

Smiley carves his own path in unlife, constantly challenging vampiric standards. He is able to eat food, drink soda, and still looks very much alive, though with a nerdy palid complexion. He has a definate code of morals, and loves to uplift and help people who are feeling down, "ridding the world of emo one eternally damned soul at a time" as he refers to it. He cares very little for the masquerade or the sabbat, or anything else that might prevent him from, or encourage him to reveal his vampiric status.

With lack of any sort of impluse control firmly in his grasp, no one is safe from the pranksterish nature of Alan, ever. Everyone suffers his wrath at some point. In his short unlife, he's managed to insult just about every gang or unique group within the City of Heroes Universe. He is also a master of disguise, or so he claims, should be be able to put one together from the "BFI Treasure Chests" as he calls them. He has impersonated everything from Malta, to Vegans, to Ghost Hound, and even the Council and well known video game, television, movie and Anime franchises and series.

When speaking with Alan, one might potray him as overly complicated, annoying, random or nonsensical. Being an incredibly intellegent Malkavian with freighter-loads full of obscure knowledge comes with it's drawbacks once one is linked into "The Network." Alan usually tries his best to convey a solid and intellegable message, even though the way he explains it may take a while, tangent several times or make no sense or corrolation to the topic at hand. The words that come out of his mouth are concrete order within absolute chaos.

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