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Can you hear them come? Can you hear them come?

This Saturday was expected to be awfully silent, and very heart-breaking.

At 12:00 AM, where Atlas Park is still crowded with people who wish to give their respect to the dead. From the mists of the crowd, 4 people rummaged through, making the gathering stir, came the Pandora Twins, and their boy-friends, Aragorn Twins. Apparently an old friend of theirs who was a tech junky, was able to hack into the City Hall's audio system, and made the Pandora Twins be heard.

"Hey there." Alastrina said, with a little bit of tension. "It's been a while, hasn't it? Well we're sorry to interrupt you mourning and giving your respects, but... I'm sorry to say, we can fall asleep and have a nightmare, if we didn't take the wheel and do it Pandora style."

"Now don't think we're gonna go la la la, forget about everyone who didn't deserve death. No, we will sing for you, and the dead." Azure said when she snatched the microphone out of Alastrina's hands. "Oh, and by the way. Just so we can fill you in. This Peter and Pierre, our boy-friends. Pierre's mine, Peter belongs to Allie."

"We'll be starting up soon, so if you're a local Atlas peep, go grab your blankets, relax, whatever. We're gonna need about 10 minutes 'till we can bring you your mini concert."

In about 2 minutes the police showed up, only to resolve in "'Ey! You police get outta hear, there isn't a situation, we're gonna be playing some music for these fine people so they don't feel as bad and not cry like babies! So get your butt out of here, you're raining on the parade honoring the dead. Get away from the stage unless ya wanna help out or you're hear to listen and mourn! Shoo!" Alastrina said, then they backed off.

Once they started up and got into the groove, what had just turned into a audience were a little bit happier from not only the Pandora Twins, the song choice, it seemed to make the audience have there spirits lifted up higher a wee bit. There were songs like Lotherien by Enya, 2080 by Yearsayer, Blonde on Blonde by Nada Surf. White Flag, See the Sun, Day before the Day, Don't Leave Home, and Northern Skies by Dido, Goodbye Blue Sky by Pink Floyd, Happy Piano by Moodswings, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?, Natural Blues, and Rushing by Moby.

Then at the end, was most touching.

"This is the dance that brings the dead to the living to say 'I miss you, everyday, you know?" They started to sing, "This the dance that brings the dead to the living to say 'I with you, everyday, you know?" They continued to sing those lyrics, until the suspense of music came along. Afterward the song concluded most elegantly.

"Can you hear them come? Can you hear them come? Come?" slowly the audience started to join in. Then with Peter and Pierre working the violin and drums, making the beat spread. "Can you hear them come? Can you hear them come? Come?" The whole city sang. Somehow the song's sound was able to grow on all of the people in Paragon, and everywhere you went within the city boundaries, you could hear 'The Dance of the Dead' by Cloud Cult, throughout the whole city. It seemed as if Paragon City was synchronized. People in Atlas even came up with their own dance to the end of the song.

And when the song was over, everyone knew that even though the dead were gone, they weren't gone completely. As in their belongings, favorite songs, and simple memories. Although it was hard for the Pandoras to end the song.

When they were done, the citizens demanded an encore, but they refused, saying "It wouldn't be as special as the first time, sorry." They simply wanted to leave, but of course they couldn't due the hearts of Paragon city be broken again.

"Should we tell 'em?" Azure asked Allie.

"Hard to say, Sis. It'd be best if we didn't, yet then no one would actually know the truth other than our friends."

"We should, think about it, they're dead too."

"Alright." They turned to the city of Paragon, and started to tell them what had happened. "As far as we know, Caraline and Gregory Pandora, our parents, are dead." Alastrina said, while looking down, voice getting choked up.

"I haven't been in Paragon City in 6 years since this June. It was October 4, mom was drunk, and took only me to start off her so called tour. I don't know why she didn't take Allie."

"We were heart-broken, we couldn't imagine living without each other. After finding out Mom and Dad were dead, that retired British Nanny was my guardian, she abandoned me at age 14, and drowned somewhere in the Caribbean over the summer."

"Ever since I was abandoned at Rogue Ilse, I had to make friends with the kids who were also on the street. Luckily I convinced them not to do drugs anymore. I was pretty much free before Floral Madness just had to take me under her wing."

"After Longbow found out we had no parents and I was basically an orphan, they hunted me down, and we have been on the run since."

"When Allie got enough money to get me back to Paragon, and returned, I was so relieved, and thrilled to be back home after almost 6 years of being stuck in Rogue Ilse."

"We haven't been in our home in Talos Island, even though our home in the Nation in Cobiness is where we belong."

"We're not going to always be on the front page of a magazine, mind you, we don't want to be celebrities again. We just want a normal life, but of course nothing is perfect, but not being a star is gonna get it close."

"We love Peter and Pierre, so you fans out there that wanna date us, stop dreaming. Also, we won't disappear, we'll be here and there. Azure and I promise this whole entire town, we will not go away forever."

"If you want us, just let us know, in like a newspaper, not the front page either, mind you."

"It's late babe, we better get going." Peter said, whispering it into Allie's ear.

"Same here." Pierre responded.

"Alright Paragon! We love ya! See you next time."

And they were off in a flash, everything was left the way it was before they came, Police climbed up there, so see if was just a joke.

But it wasn't.

Pandora Twins and Aragorn Twins, thank you, you have Paragon now looking a little bit on the brighter side, we're gonna need it.

-- Ebony Garrison

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