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Pandoras where are you?!


Do any of you fine citizens that good ol'rock star named Caraline Pandora? The one who was drunk as heck, couldn't remember her kids names and was too stoned to walk straight?

Ya, that one.

Well, if you haven't noticed, it has been at least 6 years since anyone in Paragon City has heard, or seen of them, Magazine Editors say. And if she was out of public sight for even a day she'll start on a new album, and it has been this long, and you would probably expect a tour or jumbo concert.

Since probably half you still need to be re-informed of their problems, let us re-cap.

Caraline Pandora and her husband, Gregory. In 1992, the identical twins, Alastrina Beatrix Pandora and Azure Cicely Pandora came along. People at Paragon Times remember how drunk she always was, and how she was never at her home in Talos Island or helping Gregory with the shop. She sold many copies of her albums, which were saying her problems, and earned quite an amount of money.

"There was one magazine that had the spotlight of Caraline for a while, enough for her to have the kids. Sadly, the paparazzi just realized that Caraline was going to the hospital when Gregory was pulling out of the driveway. The traffic that day was horrible. When Caraline finally came out of the hospital, in a wheelchair and carrying the twins. The camera's flash was blinding and was all around flickering everywhere rapidly." A nurse said who claims to be in the delivery room when Caraline was at the hospital.

Speaking of the twins, last time the public actually noticed that the Pandora Twins was in 2003, and they were only 11. According to all of the articles on them, they should be 17 years old right now.

"When we grow up we're going to be great artists." A quote the twins said in a magazine. "And our boyfriends will help out with the music, other than the piano and the guitar. We already have that covered."

Many citizens are starting to miss the Pandoras finally. Most people are questioning their existence on earth still being current.

"It was really tragic for the media to loose the Pandoras out of their eye, it would have been great to see the Pandora Twins when they were 13 or 14, when thing really start to happen." A random person on the street told Paragon Times. "Like when they wanted to be in the magazine and the newspaper, when they would form their own band, when they would have boyfriends and all of that."

Another thing, these twins hated the newspaper and magazines that mention a word about their life. So did Gregory, but apparently Caraline was so stoned to keep the spotlight on her family.

We tried to ask the neighbors of the apartment that the Pandora's lived in if they'd them recently. "They were here 6 years ago, 2 years ago, and 8 months ago." The replied with a tense voice, automatically shutting the door in our reporter's face.

With no luck with at their home, we moved on to the schools the Pandora Twins went to, sadly we failed to get information out of their Elementary and Middle School. Except the High School, Talos High.

"Ah, Alastrina. She was the fastest on the track team and had some friends. She was also one of the smartest in the classes, enough to graduate High School in 11th grade and move on to College if she wanted to. Pity we haven't seen her since February. And we haven't seen her guardian since 2007. Strange we didn't teach Azure, she wasn't enrolled into this school. Although when Alastrina was here, she won every gold trophy for this school every year she attended this school." The principle of Talos High said, as well as Alastrina's teachers. "Although none of the staff had notice who she really was until like... just now."

Pandoras, everyone here at Paragon Times and most of Paragon City misses you, if you could come out sometime just to see how things turned out, that would be nice.

-- Daisy Alabaster, Paragon Times

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