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A fist is dangerous. A fist with a brain, more so.
Ali Mu'Sarat
Player: Vinnie Frizzle
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Ali Sarat
Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Human
Age: Mid-Twenties
Height: 6'
Weight: 230lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American-born Iranian-American
Occupation: Anti-Hero and Midnighter.
Place of Birth: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Base of Operations: St. Martial
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father: Prof. Ahmed Sarat
Known Powers
Mu Magic warped into a physical close combat fighting style.
Known Abilities
Accomplished Spellcaster, Scholar.
None to speak of, though he is attempting to acquire a full set of Vanguard Impervium armor.
Not a bad guy, given what he does. Doesn't seem to be sure of his path in life.

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"Alright, Wiseguy. Gimmie the book."

Ali Mu'Sarat is a 42 Electrical Melee / Electric Armor Brute, of the Magic origin. Played and created by Vinnie Frizzle, the conniving treacherous bastard.

A morally dissonant scholar and mystic, Ali is a former villain turned Anti-Hero. Regardless, despite his close relationship with the Midnight Squad, he holds many contacts and still conducts some assignments for Arachnos. No one knows why. Perhaps he's just unsure of his path in life.



Vinnie Frizzle - Sort-of Friend. While Ali doesn't like Vinnie all that much, He still spends time with the con-artist, sometimes acting as Muscle for his schemes... especially when there are Mystic Artifacts to be had. Less so since Ali's Midnight Squad membership.


Ali is very deliberate and contemplative. He approaches everything with the consideration of a scholar, and the precision of a Surgeon(probably because he went to school to be one, once.) His thirst for knowledge is what drives him, and motivates him to his heroic and villainous deeds. Also he happens to just like a good fight.


Ali began life as the promising son of Anthropologist/Archaeologist Professor Ahmed Sarat. An excellent student and scholar, Ali got along well with every one around him, hardnosed father included. He was, however, slightly devastated when he failed to make Valedictorian at his high school. Regardless, despite his father's urgings to his own, or a similar, field, Ali dove straight into Medical School, with aspirations become a surgeon.

Things were going well, until his father finally decided to tell Ali WHY he wanted him in Archeology. Ahmed revealed to his son what he knew about the land of Mu, it's legacies, and it's Birthright. However, he also warned of Arachnos' interest int he descendants of Mu. Outrages that his father put them in such peril by explaining this, Ali lashed out.. just in time to have a team of Mu Mystics and Wolf Spiders lead by Ice Mistral break into their home. Unleashing the full might of his spellcasting, Ahmed held them off, while simultaneously unlocking a set of hidden spells implanted in Ali's mind. Unfortunately, a Mystic present at the battle caught him mid-fight and erased the implanted spells, inserting his own. WHat he considered more 'Appropriate" for a child of Mu. The attacks er successfully fought off, but at nearly at the cost of the lives of both Father and Son. Cursed, Ahmed Sarat fell into a coma. Several days later, Ali was arrested for Murder. His trial was short and brutal. Framed by Arachnos, he was thrown in the Zig.

During the Arachnos Zig Raid, he was freed. But Ali was now a different man. Angry, fearsome, immoral. Not caring what happened to his father in the end, Ali agreed to go with them. The only thing keeping him from directly joining the Mu Mystic branch of Arachnos was his status as a prophesied "Destined One." Warping his magics into a fighting style, Ali took to his role as a petty thug and villain easily. Not that it would last.

As time went on, he came to realize just how far he'd gone from what he once was. However, he found himself working for the Midnight Squad, eventually becoming a full member. His old thirst for knowledge had returned, now focused on the occult. The Midnight Squad soon gained more loyalty to him than he'd ever shown Arachnos. When the Second Invasion came, he found himself fighting along side both hero and villain. It was about then that he entered "Anti-Hero" territory.

He finally abandoned his Arachnos ties and even direct affiliation with the Mu Cult. This is about when his full time career with the Midnight Squad. As a Midnighter, Ali has been to nearly every sensitive mystic site on the Isles. A murmur from distant sources and half-truths has led him on a search for something. something dangerous. Things older thant he world. Relics, so to speak.

Musical Themes


Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
Ali is actually still quite loyal to Arachnos in some respects. While he maintains distance from the organization, he seems compelled to continue assisting them. This is because, along with the destructive spells implanted into his mind, a curse was also placed there. One that has worn away his morals, and forced at least some measure of loyalty to Arachnos. Apparently the spellwork is beginning to deteriorate as he ages, as if timed to do so. It has had permanent damage on his mind, however. Regardless he has gained enough freedom from the curse to fill the role of Double Agent for both Arachnos, and the dangerous underground Hero Organization "The D-Listers." In fact it is Ali's information that caused the D-List operation to expose and assassinate Westin Phipps to fail, and result in Brother Sentinel's capture. Thankfully, Brother Sentinel escaped capture and returned to Paragon City... Also due to Ali's interference.
Spoilers end here.
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