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Alice Hellfire
Player: @True Vision
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: Alice Hellfire
Known Aliases: none
Species: Human
Age: 19-24 depending on her honesty
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Honestly, what girl tells you this honestly?
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Division Head of magical affairs for Nightstone Industries
Place of Birth: London, England
Base of Operations: London
Marital Status: "Mutually liberal Partnership" as she calls it
Known Relatives: Christina Hellfire, Emma hellfire[deceased]
Known Powers
Stone melee/Fire Aura
Known Abilities
Jumping, Fitness
Bracers of Brimstone, Jewel of Hungry Fire
No additional information available.




Alice, after years of hiding the truth for everyone, has seemed to begin believing those lies herself. She has different persona's that she uses when in certain situations or moods. The person she was before is mostly gone, except for the rarest of cases.

"The Combative"

When Alice is in a mood for a fight, she tend to contradict and play devils advocate to what ever seems to be the topic of conversation. Her voice is calm, and collected, much like an expert lawyer. She does not talk in an attempt at a valley girl mixed with British undertones. She speaks of combat or battle with casual ability. Usually she speaks and boils down to her main philosophy of life, "Either Fight, Flight or Fuck." This mood is rarely used in conjunction with any others, and she seems to play the wit game best with it on. When she is in a social scene with this on, its usually because she's trying to make herself more intimidating or just happens to find a person who she is interested in with abilities in combat like her own.

"British Valley Girl"

Whenever Alice begins talking with many uses of the words "Like" and "Totally" this is the persona she's using. Its been a tried and true method for her and her deceased sister Emma to get away with hiding in plain sight. When Emma performs an act and is about to get interrogated, in comes her identical twin sister Alice, putting on this persona. She talks meekly, slight shyness, and honestly did not commit those acts. She can be in interrogations for many hours and can still apply the innocent charm. Whether it works it another thing. After her sisters death she uses this in most social scene's where she is trying to get a feel for everyone. Since its a old persona, it seems to be her natural fall back when none others work. Also, it seems that this persona was most preferred by her sister, and Alice seems to honor her memory by using it in almost any occasion when she is in a mood for teasing and flirting. She is also known for being brutally honest while in this persona.

"The True Hellfire"

In the rare time where Alice is in any dark or evil place, this is the persona that shines. many people view this as the reason why she hung around her sister, to simply practice being an evil person. Many people don't know what the Twins have done. Torture, killing, seduction, many of these were like a past time to them. It was believed by their cousin Patrick that the two girls spent time practicing seduction on one another, which led his twisted mind into the most vile imaginings. However this persona seems to be a form of shutting out the evil to anyone who knows Alice well enough. She has learned to place a blind eye to everything pretending to enjoy it when things happen. Her laugh becomes vicious, she giggles with glee as people suffer around her. This was most likely the defense she learned as she grew into the family she had.

"For private affairs"

Like the title implies, this is Alice's compassionate and loving side. This is the one which probably made her give Jason his human body. Many times she is in this once the door is shut and locked and she can truly be a caring person. probably the only two people who have seen this form of Alice are his sister Emma and her boyfriend Jason. This side was theoretically created by a potion Alice says to have been slipped into her drink by her sister Emma. Her voice in this emotion become almost a silent chide to the partner to join her embrace. She usually takes on either a forceful, seductive or submissive behaviors to suit the partner. All but her sister in her family never saw this side, and many debate as to whether this side is what made Emma seem to want to keep her around. Once was said that when you truly know a persons loving side do you know what ind of person they are. this might be true, perhaps why Jason accepts any form of acts of cheating without his consent. She may have lured him into this trap, allowing Alice to have relations with other people, or simply loves her enough to be herself so long as she keeps him as her steady relationship. On the other side, Emma might have view this as the perfect weapon to get into the higher ranks, by sending a practically identical person to do the dirty while she collects the rewards of gaining favors.


Alice was royalty, a Hellfire. Part of London's elite. However, the Hellfires where a family of magic and contempt for those who aren't. Life was regularly games of favors. To gain face with Alice's mother Alice had to force herself to let go of her own desires and do as 'Mum' wanted. Some fell into their respective roles properly, Like Alice's twin sister Emma, others did not, and died for it. Alice was gifted in the abiltiy to enchant and create magical materials. It was rare for that ability to show, but she was a craftswoman. Her first works were things her mother wanted, and failure was not an option. But Alice perfected things quickly.

Once her mother decided that Alice needed a method of defense she began pitting Emma and her against one another in spars. Alice was built into a close combat using her two artifacts to summon the magical rock Brimstone and use fire summoned by her jewel to defend. Her sister was built on range, fire as well. Many of their battles would be a simple matter of whether Alice could get into combat and hit Emma, the quicker of the two. Many times games would be played between the two. Emma would let Alice get close and use Alice's own shyness to make her drop guard for a readied fire ball. If the family had video's of them, it would show many times Emma using some form of fake honestly and seduction after they turned 14. Eventually Alice would build up a tolerance to one form of trick and Emma already had two more to use. A brush of the chest, a locking of leg, sometimes even a playful kiss. Both the sisters were in some ways similar, both were curious and both eager to learn. However, how they learned and what they were curious about was entirely different.

One day, some even caused Emma to make a decision. Some thought she was taken advantage of by a guy in the family or outside, others believed it was all part of her plan to keep her sister with her always, in fear of loosing her. New years eve, the family was off at various parties, Alice and Emma as well as their brothers and sisters were locked into their rooms with dinner, intended to go to sleep. Alice went to the washroom in their room and Emma slipped a potion into her drink. The type of potion was never found out, but it was believed to be a form of love potion, made to last long but weaker in effect.

Once dinner and drink was taken, they began talking. By Alice's accounts, the only kind of proof people have anymore, Emma began saying the story of being taken advantage. Like the caring person Alice was, she fell into this new trap, her body allowing a moment of solace to her sister. Things were set in motion. That New years after their 18th birthday, the girls were inseparable. Once they're coven was unmasked in London, they moved to Paragon City, opened up their front, a tea shop. they began to build a version of a cult. Emma was bent on taking over England, and plotted, gaining influence unbeknown to her, Alice using her off time to make and adapt technology with magic. Emma was getting cocky, like many times before, she acquired new pets and eventually the one who will be bound to her downfall.

The Horseman of the apocalypse Pestilence was bound to the orders of the two twins. He lived for the day he could break the binding and kill them both. Then, with an argument between the girls, he got the chance to kill one.. Alice told him to make her death quick, and pestilence did so. Emma was confident in her wards to survive and died in her arrogance. Returning to the death, Alice was livid, she didn't expect Pest to do so. She felt it suitable punishment to give the horseman human emotions and feeling. She crafted her power and bound the curse to him.

Pest became complaint to Alice, and unknown to whether which provoked which, they courted and eventually dated. Pest was given a new name, a human name, Jason. The two eventually agreed to give Jason the chance to live, shedding all demon within him and giving birth to a human. All his demonic power was stored into a knife he keeps at his side, the power only usable by him. Since then the two have become close. However when ever Alice mentions Emma, Jason becomes depressed and remorseful. Some believe this was the very reason she agreed with him, either by guilt trip or discussion, that she could have other partners. She simply had to be with someone who didn't remind her of that day she lost the person closest to her.


Alice has two power centers, Each taking form of a artifact:

Stone Melee: The Bracers of Brimstone

Alice's form of attack comes from her bracers, capable of summoning the legendary stone Brimstone, which is said to line the walls of Hell. The Onyx colored stone is said to be indestructible, however, some studies show that it is almost exactly the same chemical composition as impervium.

She can shape the stone into anything, but enjoys the simplicity of coating her arms in it and punching, or for more devastating attacks, forming it into a hammer.

Fire Aura: The Jewel of Hungry Fire

Alice's defense come from a jewel in her belt. She is able to form fire for protection and fire to heal herself. The fire is said to be hot enough to melt tungsten before hitting her, however it only does so for half of the bullet sized metal. She has recently been able to absorb the heat from others, causing light damage and able to replenish herself to allow her to fight longer.

Power pools

Because of Alice's heavy attacks, she has become very fit, she, even encumbered is able to jump a great distance and is nimble enough to maneuver in air. She possesses a tough resilience to damage as well((Super Jump, Combat jumping, Hurdle and health are the current ones I have))


If Alice's artifacts were removed, she would only be a very fit human, easy prey for others. As well, she isn't meant for long and drawn out combat, a quick kill of foes then rest is her usual tactic, rarely is she capable of going to large group after group to fight. She is also, no matter what persona, very tide to get emotions, she will never hurt someone she views as a friend or ally. She also is very susceptible to plays of the heart.

Unknown to even herself, Alice, every new years eve, suffers from increased hormonal activity. She wishes to be with someone physically, and usually is hard to keep off someone she views as a potential suitor. This coming new years will be the first time she has not had her sister to confide in.

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