Alice Malice

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Alice Malice
Player: Roughtrade
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 30
Personal Data
Real Name: '
Known Aliases: Alice M
Species: Human
Age: 20s
Height: 160cm
Weight: 56kg
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Violet
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA
Occupation: '
Place of Birth: San Francisco
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Known Abilities



Name : Alice Malice. You want a “real” name? How’s it feel to want?

Place of Birth : San Francisco

Origin : What part of Mutant is unclear?

Supergroup : This big dude named Malfeasance has an organization. I do work for them from time to time. Nobody but nobody goes it alone in the Isles, unless they're complete morons.

Archetype : Whatta they call it? Dominator? What Evah.

Former Job : Staying alive count? I’m not the nine to five type of girl, never have been, never will be.

Base of Operations : You couldn’t just ask, “Where do you live?” could you. I got a place I crash at with a couple of friends over in Cap. Am I going to give you the address? Why? You gonna send me a Christmas Card? I’m Jewish, don’t bother.

Hero or Villain : There’s that judgmental attitude again. What people call you is immaterial. I do what I have to do because the alternative is dying, or being killed. There’s a difference. I make the best of what I am, and I do have fun. If you’re not having fun, if you’re all angsty and soulful about how awful your life is because you have these amazing powers and can fly and throw cars and stuff… come and see me when I’m hungry and I will take care of all your problems. Forever.

I suck the life force out of people because it makes me feel good. Oh, and it happens to keep me alive. What do you think I am?

Brief Physical Description : I’m five foot something, female, not particularly well endowed in this place filled with super bimbos in spandex and leather. But I’m not upset with what nature gave me. Due to the mutation, when I’m hungry I look kind’a pale and bruised. Oh, and my hair has been purple since I was born. Yes, all of it.

Brief Personality Description : If I sound depressed it’s only because I find this interview banal. I’m actually quite sarcastic. I’m the biggest “rhymes with witch” in the Islands. Ask anyone who pissed me off. Other than that, I laugh when I’m happy, I cry when I’m sad. I don’t go around kicking puppies or cackling like a lunatic while licking the blood of my foes from my fingers or anything. And when I’m hungry, I suck the bioelectric energy out of someone. They usually don’t feel like moving anywhere but six feet down afterwards.

Goals and Motives : My Goal is to survive. My motivators are the crazy blood mad whackos that live around the Isles. Maslow's hierarchy of needs. That’s my goal and motivation.

Opinions on Important Factions : If everyone would have just let me alone years ago, none of this crap would be happening. I don’t care about Freedom Corps or Wyvvern or any of them. I only care about Aracnos as far as it takes to avoid them.

Quote : People who ask me stupid and annoying questions are remembered by me when I’m hungry.

Claim to Fame : You mean do people around town or in the clubs know who I am? Not if I can help it.


If you’re into this sort of thing then you know a little about me already. When I was twelve I got real sick, like cancer victim sick. And then my dog jumped up in the bed and I killed him with a hug. My mutation isn't pretty. Doctors took me in to a lab, did lots of tests and studied me. I was the subject of numerous scientific articles and my name got published in all sorts of medical journals. Well, not my real name of course, they called me 'Alice M' in their lab reports. One idiot with more flair than intellect called my mutation “Psychic Vampirism” and that stupid title has stuck with me for longer than I like.

Eventually I got tired of the needles and the drugs and the doctors and the tests. When this one scientist thought a pat on my bottom was a good way to tell me “stop being so fussy little girl” I grabbed his hand and ate his life. He just was a schmuck who didn’t know how much that kind’a thing can piss off a seventeen year old girl stuck wearing a patient smock most of the day. I'm not apologizing for it and I'm not looking for an excuse. I got angry and I killed him. Did I want to? No. Did I have to? No. Five years as a lab rat taught me to be logical about this sort of thing. That's the scientific way to say 'stuff happens' after all.

For the next few months I started practicing with my powers. The doctors had always been more interested in the physiological effects of my powers and I had never really stretched the psychic capabilities that came with the ability to kill someone by touching them. The only test subjects I had available was the staff around me; I began manipulating everyone, reading minds and spreading secrets; a little mental push here and there. Eventually it got boring, so one night I just left. Drained the orderly just enough to knock him out, I don’t kill really unless I have to. Or I’m out of control. That happens more often than is healthy for people around me, but what can you do? Crossing the street is dangerous too.

For a while I was just on my own. A couple of those “Super Guy” groups tried to help out, but when you can read minds, pick up thought impressions just from things people have been sitting in or holding… well, I can tell when I’m being treated like a kid and when I’m being treated like an adult. I can tell when someone is telling me lies, when someone is being condescending, and worst of all, when they are giving me pity. Hate me. Fear me. Call me names. Make me write bad checks. But don’t pity me. I live the way I live because of the choices I make. If that makes me a bad girl in your book, deal with it.

Robbing banks and mugging people on the tram was never my thing. Reading minds in a high stakes poker game or mentally pushing someone to max out their ATM card and hand over the cash is so much easier. Always remember to make them forget you, and pick drunks who will think they had a black out. Eventually I drifted down to the Isles. There's a network, you know. Word gets around, people talk. I started getting jobs involving my special talents. Getting information out of people is a lot easier when you can read minds. Hey, I even went to college. Computers. Reading minds and picking up impressions from the computer keyboard makes it a lot easier to hack too.

Joining Arachnos though, that wasn't going to happen; but only an idiot tries to go it alone in the Isles. I found one of the less politically active organizations and got myself a job. Pretty good one, the head guy is a scientist type with no interest in being a boss. He's the big name, I'm the power behind the throne. It works great for both of us, I get to organize things the way I want and he gets to look good for Arachnos without having to interrupt his side projects. Neither one of us gives a fig for the typical infighting and maneuvering that goes with trying to climb the political ladder in the Isles.


Alice could have been adopted by a SG who tried to save her from her darker nature for a time after she escaped from the hospital. I actually hope to find someone who will stand in for this but don’t intend to make a huge deal unless someone really thinks it would make for good interaction with their Mutant based SG.

Alice’s primary function/criminal activity (beyond doing missions which we all have to do) is intelligence gathering. She is a powerful telepath and telecoercive. She doesn’t particularly enjoy getting into other people’s heads, but she’s good at it. And she can pick up psychic impressions from objects, provided they have a strong association. She’s also learned a bit about computer hacking and other means of intelligence gathering to compliment her ability to just pull information out of another person’s head. So characters looking to gather information or interrogate a prisoner could find her useful. Of course, other psychics are powerful too, and she tends to avoid testing her limits against defended mines unless the pay is really, really good.

Alice likes the anarchistic members of the Freakshow. She isn’t into the whole body modification thing, but she’s got their “EFF the World” attitude.

Alice is not in full control of her “vampirism” talent. She has it mostly contained, but she does slowly drain the energy from living things around her. People who are her friends tend to become more sickly and depressed over the months of association. Since their subconscious begins to realize that they feel better when they are not around her, Alice tends to lose her friends and lovers after three or four months. And there is always the danger that when Alice gets really mad, or has a nightmare, or attains a strong emotional state that causes her to lose control, she might just kill someone. It’s happened before, it could happen again.

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