Allastor Nightfire

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Allastor Nightfire.
Allastor Nightfire
Player: @Allastor Darkflame
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50(+1)
Personal Data
Real Name: Allastor Darkflame
Known Aliases: Nightfire, Evil Allie, The Black Wrath
Species: Dragon (Race name unknown)
Age: 689 (25 human equivalent)
Height: Just over 15'9" (8' as human)
Weight: 4,052 lbs (219 lbs as human)
Eye Color: Sapphire blue
Hair Color: N/A (ebony as human)
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: None revealed
Place of Birth: Stirling Castle's catacombs. Aberdeenshire, Scotland (Praetorian Earth)
Base of Operations: somewhere within "The Abyss"
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Tal'kar (Father, deceaced), Kilyne (Mother, deceaced), Illidan/Ex-Praetor Sting (Brother), Illyanna (Sister, deceaced)
Known Powers
Acute senses. Magic spells. Ability to tap into the Ebon Aspect and manipulate Tiamat's essence. Fligth via wings. Ability to assume a "human" form.
Known Abilities
Over maximum draconic traits, trained in Greek-roman wrestling and integrated martial arts. Vast knowledge in the Occult and Arcana.
Utility belt with non-harmful gadgets.
Allastor is about 22' long, from muzzle to tail.


Powers and Abilities

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The Essence of Tiamat

The powers once embewed upon him by the grace of Bahamut, the God of Good Dragons, grant him with superior strength and resistance, as well as the ability to emmite and control fire and ice for a variety of effects. He is also capable of absorbing energy from his surroundings to enhance his abilities and toughness.

Eventually, his faith in Bahamut and humanity drew him away from the path of the Mythril Dragon, and he lost hope. Taken over by hatred, he made a pact with Bahamut's antithesis, Tiamat, Goddess of Evil Dragons, and he was granted with similar powers. They evolved and currently, unless he does it through magical spells, he is unable to create fire or ice. Instead, he has attained the ability to manipulate a mystic energy that it's believed to be Tiamat's very essence that allow him to perform several tasks, like projecting raw energy in the form of concentrated arc lightning or devastating power charged attacks, boosting his own strength, regeneration and toughness.

Allastor is capable of tapping into the Black Wrath Aspect, fed by the power of Tiamat herself, and his scales become dimmer, darker, looking like a large dragon made out of reflective darkness and red light. Only in this aspect, and for only a few minutes every once in a while, Allastor is capable of becoming more energy than matter, an entity of lightning and evil, making him nearly impervious to harm. Every single ability and powers become close to that of an Incarnate for as long as he remains in this state. However, Allastor is unable to sustain this aspect for extended periods of time. He is still a mortal. After this transformation, and due to a overly superhuman amount of strain at channeling this immesurable amount of energy, Allastor will drop from his Black Wrath Aspect and become exhausted and weakened. Willing to extend this transformation may result in lethal concequences for him.

Allastor's abilities are still growing on his way to become the true Avatar of Tiamat, meant destroy the Mythril Dragon, absorb his powers, overthrow Bahamut himself and give Tiamat the chance to conquer her brother's realm, granting her champion with greater powers and the chance to place dragons as the dominant species, with him as Earth ruler.

Through secluded experimentation and with the recent 'awakening' of the Well of the Furies of humans, his powers have grown exponentially. He possesses the ability to spread his electricity-like protective powers to extend and protect nearby allies (Destiny Incarnate slot) and the ability to summon forth a devastating current of raw power and energy (Judgement Incarnate slot). Furthermore, Allastor has the ability to summon forth up to two globules of the same energy he controls and grant them limited intelligence to obey his mental commands and fight at his side (Lore Incarnate slot).

Full potential and extent of his powers are still unknown...


Allastor is normally calm and polite, but at the same time, he can be a ferocious opponent when provoked, driven by hatred. Proud and powerful, he openly accepts his destiny, and will face any threat, sometimes even without evaluation. His hatred towards humanity drive him into progressively exterminate said race to eventually return Earth to their real masters, with him as supreme ruler. However, he knows he is in disadvantage, and whenever it is possible, he will work with certain humans and creatures in order to secretly fulfill his ultimate goal.

Once Upon a Time...

Allastor is one of the few members of an ancient race of dragons that lived to protect Earth for eons, and both humans and dragons had long ago agreed to cooperate with each other in whatever way needed. Allastor hatched during a decayed age of corrupted kings, treason, sickness and swords, in the late 12th century in Scotland. Son to a Sapphire female and a Ruby male. As a hatchling, Allastor always felt resented for his condition: He was a white, diamond-like scaled dragon with the birth mark of Bahamut, the God of Good Dragons, who they would refer to as the Mythril Dragon.

As a hatchling, Allastor was looked at with distrust for his condition. Amongst his clan and the ones that shared a close alliance, it was said that Mythril Dragons possessed great power once they were mature enough, and that every two generations a Mythril would be born by the grace of their Dragon God, to guide them into a new golden age. However, there was also a prophecy:

"That who would be marked by the Platinum Dragon shall determine the continuance of the everlasting cycle of death and rebirth, or break it."

This encouraged most of the dragons in Allastor's clan to shun him. Very few younglings, his two younger siblings -Illidan, a Sapphire, and Illyanna, a Ruby- among them, really seemed to hang out with him. For the greater part, he spent a lonely childhood.

As he grew, he was taught about etiquette and courtesy, and learned the ways and manners of the nobles; to read and write, and treat everyone with respect and humbleness, mostly in hopes to be accepted by the ones of his own.

However, gossip, intolerance and superstition lead to the event that Allastor has known as The Massacre. Humans started to look at them with distrust and a group of nobles, mages and knights that shared information and goods with their clan became aware of the legends and beliefs regarding the Mythril Dragon. The dragons of his clan were betrayed and were hunted down until only a few dozens survived and fled, some to alternate dimensions.

His father and sister were killed during the Massacre, and Illidan and his mother managed to escape. However, Allastor was unable to reach them as they were fleeing the castle under which they inhabited. Through the use of a spell, one of the dragons Elders opened a dimensional gate to escape along with a dozen of them, Allastor included. What they found was less encouraging than what they faced in their own world, for another, similar Massacre was taking place. Of their group, only a handful of four survived and fled from the tragic event. Once in the relative safety of a mountain, Allastor was directly and fully blamed for their situation by the others, feeling impotent and enraged. Without the guidance of the Elder, who had been killed upon their arrival, the three dragons attacked Allastor and was tossed into the wilderness.

Truely alone, without a family or an Elder to seek council with, and no protection from a clan, Allastor was forced to live of his own, to hunt and feed on whatever he would find, out of the sight of both humans and other sentient creatures, tormented by the misery the humans had leaded him and his kind, thanks to their ignorance and to the "curse" he was imbued with.


Years passed and Allastor slowly became more independant, gathering everything he was allowed to learn during his stay with his former clan. He employed minor spells to heal is wounds whenever he became harmed, supporting his survival training and knowledge with herbs. He learned to hunt his prey with the aid of magic to craft improvised traps with the elements in his environment. Even shelter was a lesser issue as Allastor learned about his surroundings, the hydrography and geography by mere exploration. Many times he found his path in a crossroad with that of humans, and he quickly grasped what areas were infested with them and which ones were not in the wilderness of Scotland. But even what he had learned could not deafen the voices he had heard of his kin being slaughtered. he couldn't forget the soothing whispers of his mother or the encouraging words of his father, who he knew he would not see again. But he also couldn't forget the voices, snarls and insults of those who shunned him or the shouting of the horde of humans that leaded his kind to extinction.

He was resigned to the fact he would never be accepted by most dragons, and he even held some hope that he would find those who would take him in when others abandoned him. Several times, the thought of him being the last menaced with tearing what was left of his sanity, fed by sadness, lonelyness and hopelessness. In the same way, Allastor developed a growing hatred for humans, that eventually became an insatiable need for vengence. It was this rage and the pain it carried that made him first manifest his powers at an early age, discovering his ability to create and control fire in any way he wanted, or decreasing the temperature around him and those in his proximity, without the need of spells. These were the powers he had inherited from Bahamut's blessing and curse.

He trained himself to master his own abilities and testing his limits at every moment possible, coming to enjoy what other dragons would not at his still young age, abilities that could very well match those of a skilled sorcerer, such as his father. Pride took over him, and with it confidance into thinking that he was better than him now, and he began to breach the borders between his own and the lands of human farmers. Out of need for food, Allastor stalked these farms for their livestock at first, taking an animal or two to his own refuge. His activities didn't go unnoticed and as the human farmers took measurements for the unknown beast taking their livestock, so did Allastor, taking them out of his way for interfering with his meal. It is then when he first took a life willingly, and now his hands and mind were drenched in blood.

At first, Allastor slayed whoever crossed his path in a swift way, making it as painless as possible, but he eventually felt the need to be less and less merciful with his victims, taking more and more of his time to make them suffer and fear him before finishing them and vanishing to his lair. In time, and because of the images of blood he himself had procured, his dreams became twisted and frightful, with visions of horror and nightmares that would very well come out from the underworld. He began to think that his sanity was failing him now and wondered if his acts of savagery would have been justified, and at some points regreted some of them. Until one night, a dream of his seemed quite real to be really a dream. It is when, for the first time, Tiamat, the Dragon Queen, appeared in it. Allastor was frightened, but the Dragon Goddess had come to cheerish him for having chosen the path of the fittest and the strongest. She offered him power beyond imagining if he would become Her champion, to which, after a long thought about his current situation and he had nothing else to loose, he accepted. Once the pact was sealed, and upon waking up,he discovered that his scales had changed to a deep, slightly reflective ebon color, and the patterns of The Platinum Dragon's black markings on them were replaced with the red print of the Queen Dragon.

He was no longer the Mythril Dragon, for he had abandoned Bahamut's teachings and took on the dogma of Tiamat. Allastor tossed away the linage of the Darkflames and their legacy, starting a new one of his own: He became Allastor Nightfire, the Black Wrath...

The Living Reflexion

Allastor may have very well been the first dragon in Primal Earth to emerge from his seclution, althought it is still unknown. With the evolution of his powers, he felt less fear progressively to leave the safety of the caves he dwelled in to witness the way how humanity evolved, and throughout the centuries, learned about their wars, the falling of their governments, disasters caused by the humans, seeing how since the disappearance of dragons from the world, this world at least, had taken its toll on nature, at the hands of the race that cleared the world from his kind. His thirst for vengence grew with every passing century, but his past exploits had leaded him to become cautious, for their technology had also evolved and magic had nearly dissipated from it.

Towards the end of the 20th century, Allastor had heard that dragons had managed to survive, and some had already shown themselves to the world. Ignoring that his very presence was noticed as he traveled around the world, he searched for these surviving dragons. Some welcomed him and shared their disgust from humanity, but they were not the major part of them. Most of them were deemed naive, for they still had faith in those primates, who needlessly to say, had done nothing but destroy what nature had granted them with. Pollution and misery spreaded to everywhere Allastor travelled, and he thought it was well deserved, and vowed to let them consume themselves before he would strike.

News got to him that a white dragon fought for justice, protecting the innocent in a world infested and ill with potential dragon slayers. He decided to 'meet' this dragon of justic: an Allastor Darkflame had emerged.

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Alliances and Contacts

None confirmed...

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Previous Clans Allies

Cerberus (Clan of the Silver Talon - deceaced): Allastor's once master-at-arms and mentor in the art of combat. He presumably died during the Massacre, protecting their den until the last moment and breath.

High Elder Xenarius (Clan of the Silver Talon - unknown status): Supreme elder, archmage and spiritual leader of Allastor's first clan. He mentored him in the arcame arts. After the Massacre, Allastor travelled into Primal Earth, and he has had no knowledge of him since. He presumably remained in Praetorian Earth, but despite his trips to his home realm, he has found nothing in regards to him...

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Previous Non-dragon Allies


Zephyr Sparkblade: A fallen angel, Zephyr would be a significant ally and asset for Allastor's own plans. Few times have they really collided in ideals, even though Zephyr cares little about his dominance as long as he himself would not seem affected and as long as he recovers the Deathblade from his Primal self...

Mistress Philly: Allastor's previous human mate. It is still unknown what could have interested of this sadistic woman to Allastor, even though her sadistic nature could be related...

Dark Death Flame: A vampire with similar objectives for world submission, only under the rule of vampires and Allastor would collide most of times with him because of it. Their alliance is at the edge of a knife...

Legions Immolation: One of the former, high ranking officers of the Legion. Whereabouts are unknown.

Corrupted Arcanum: A necromancer with a draconic linage, possibly the reason Allastor would work with him.

Hue: A despicable girl seeking for destruction of her Primal self. Allastor seems to enjoy the way she behaves towards her surroundings, but other than amusement, she means little to him...

(Work in Progress)


Allastor Nightfire possesses several variants (in several servers) in game that would fit different aspects of him:

- Fire Blast/Cold Manip. Corruptor: lvl 50 (+1) (Rogue). Initial phases of his powers and his first years in the Rogue Isles. Justice server.

- Elec. Melee/Elec. Armor: lvl 50 (+3) (Rogue). Current powers and peak condition. Virtue server.

Allastor is considered a Rogue by law-enforcements and Arachnos, due to the fact that he follows his own code of conduct. He does his best to manipulate and trick those around him to achieve his goal, but he does possess certain "taboo's".

Theme songs:

Main Theme: "Reign of Terror" by Rhapsody of Fire.

In combat: "Battlefield" by Blind Guardian.

Other's opinnion of Allastor

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