Alpha Hunter

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Alpha Hunter
Player: @Shadow Nail
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 24
Personal Data
Real Name: Raven Blackwood
Known Aliases: Alpha Hunter
Species: Human mutant/Lycanthrope
Age: 24
Height: 6 ft 6"
Weight: 225
Eye Color: Dark Brown/Golden Yellow
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. citizen
Occupation: Mercenary, Freelancer, Assassin
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Greyhaven labs
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Heightened physical attributes, regeneration, "Cell Memory", Lycanthropy
Known Abilities
Trained martial artist, trained with various guns, excellent tracker
Pair of steel-titanium alloy claw gauntlets, wrist crossbow, combat knives
Lycanthropy is separate from mutant powers


Greyhaven Laboratories and Project: Eclipse

It is unknown where Raven Blackwood, the Alpha Hunter, was born. The only group that knows is the mysterious shadow organization known only to a few as "Greyhaven". Little data is known about Greyhaven, as it seems that the clandestine group either has never been a major power player like that of Crey or Arachnos, or that the organization keeps its secrets very, very well. Of the few people who have heard of the organization, perhaps no one knows more of it than Raven Blackwood. As an infant, the boy was swept up from wherever he originated and taken in by the Greyhaven group. While he never found out the fate of his parents, he has assumed that they were murdered soon after his birth.

Far off in the wild forests of Canada, Greyhaven had set up facilities housing young mutant children. Tests were constantly being conducted, albeit some in more quite manners than others. Unlike other groups like that of Crey that actively tamper with the genetic material of both metahumans and normal humans, Greyhaven had set up its labs to only accommodate mutant children with relatively 'bland' mutations. All the subjects had varied levels of superhuman physiques, which Greyhaven monitored and attempted to replicate. The goal of the experiments was to artificially replicate the enhanced abilities that the mutants possessed and pass them on to regular humans, much in the way of a super soldier serum. However, Greyhaven's goal was to create humans who surpassed even the advanced soldiers of groups like the Council and do so at a fraction of the cost. Named Project: Eclipse, the labs used mutants to test and extract their genetic material. Part of the project was to also set up a program for the new soldiers that Greyhaven hoped to produce. A select few of the children were chosen to participate in the training regime years in the making. Typically, the ones chosen were deemed 'too important' to potentially waste on experiments where there was always a danger for the subjects to expire. Raven, that being the name given to him by the staff at the facilities, was among those chosen to join the training program.

Growing up under the tutelage of the faculty, eventually the instructors began to teach combat training to the various students enrolled in the experimental training regime. The program had been analyzed, studied, and revised countless times, alluding to the length of time that Greyhaven has spent trying to create the perfect fighting specimens. Raven and the other students grew up receiving a stellar education, both in academia and in martial skills. The instructors spent their time observing, making notes, and teaching. It seemed that all was going perfectly, as the children grew they became deadly and efficient at the tasks they were giving. The losses along the way were deemed of little importance, as it was expected that the weaker members would be culled before reaching adulthood. However, the one variable that seemed to bring different results in every child was that of relationships. For some, isolation improved performance. Others suffered from the lack of interaction with the group. One of the problems that the staff found was that it was nearly impossible to keep the subjects completely cold and emotionless. It was suggested that this may lead to problems in the future, as other variables and factors could one day lead to the subjects expressing more free will than allowed. This was particularly noted among the older children, the ones who were taken later in their lives. A sort of subconscious memory of something other, something outside the walls and the confines of the facility could potentially affect these members more so than the ones who were infants when taken.


Raven was one of the younger ones, with little to no experience of anything that wasn't in his childhood. Raven excelled in what he was trained to do, and was amongst the top members of the program. Of particular note to Greyhaven however was for his regenerative capabilities. It was not because of his ability to heal from regular wounds that astounded them, but rather a power that they dubbed "Cell Memory". This power was happened upon during a test assignment, where a stray bullet found its mark in Raven's skull. The bullet had lodged in the back of his skull, entering through the forehead, a fatal blow. Pronounced dead, his body was sent to the lab to be examined and disposed of. Upon removal of the bullet from his skull, Raven awakened. The doctors began to run tests on him, discovering that his body went into a death-like coma until it could regenerate. This was of no real surprise, as many had seen or heard of greater feats of recovering. The problem was that brain cells and nerve tissue would have been damaged and destroyed, leaving the

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