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<Amazon> is an RPSG inspired by the Amazons of Greek Myth - a race of mighty warrior women, peerless in battle and stronger than any man. Originating on the magically concealed floating Islands of Paradise, these women practice martial combat and revere the goddesses of all of the ancient pantheons, from Greek, to Egyptian, to Nordic. They respect all the gods of these pantheons, but it is the female deities which garner their worship.

The Amazons' powers and origins are deliberately kept vague, allowing characters of literally any powerset, origin, or archetype to join the SG. We are always looking for more fun, mature, and dedicated roleplayers to join the group, so if you're interested in either joining or forming a coalition, or just want more info, please don't hesitate to contact @Slid Silver in-game.


Role-Playing Guide

The Amazon's Salute:

When an Amazon meets a higher-ranked officer, a member of the Amazon royalty, or a goddess or god in one of the pantheons they revere, they are expected to salute them in the traditional Amazonian fashion. In-game, this is represented by the /e praetoriansalute emote. This requirement is relaxed in social settings at the discretion of the highest-ranking officer present.


Normal Amazons:

All Amazons possess a 'baseline' set of super powers which surpass those of a normal human. Every Amazon has great strength, tremendous speed and agility, superhuman durability and rapid healing, extremely acute senses, and is skilled in both hand-to-hand combat and with a variety of weapons, most notably swords, spears, shields, and archery. Furthermore, all Amazons are in peak physical health, able to resist all mundane diseases, exert themselves for hours without feeling fatigue, and possess eternal youth, though they may be killed in battle.

Individual Amazons have a wide variety of other super powers, often originating from magical items possessed (often given to them by the goddesses), varied training techniques to develop other abilities, or direct blessings from one or more goddesses. Mutations can occur even in Amazons, and Mutation-Origin Amazons, while rare, are certainly not unheard of. Even Science Origins are possible, especially including some Amazons' studies in Alchemy.

Further demonstrating the diversity of the Amazon race, several sub-races of Amazons exist, each one living on a different one of the Paradise Islands. The three most common (Elders, Titans, and Hunters) are listed below, along with Valkyries, the winged warrior women of the Norse pantheon, who exist in both the worlds of the Amazons and the feasting hall and battlefields of Valhalla.


The only Amazons to show their advanced age, the wise Elders sacrifice their youthful forms to gain mastery over primal magical forces, and insight into the future. Each one is granted dominion over a different aspect of magic, and can receive visions of things yet to come.


Towering over their normal-sized sisters, the Titans of the Amazons lack the magical knowledge of the other Amazons, but make up for it with their tremendous size and strength. The equal of the Titans themselves in battle, these unstoppable giant warrior women possess super strength to rival even the mightiest of superheroes.


These Amazons live on an island of mythical beasts and animals of epic proportions, devoting themselves completely to the art of the hunt. Since Amazons have far greater physical capabilities than mortal men, the goddesses granted them mightier prey to hunt: from gargantuan lions to flesh-rending dragons, their island is populated by the mightiest of beasts ever to walk the earth. While the other Amazons choose to live in luxury and civilization, the Hunters prefer their tribal existence, meeting with the rest of Amazon society once a year at a grand conference. These Amazons often wear no armor and wield simpler weapons, but their battle fury is unmatched. Some of the Titans live among them in this hunter's lifestyle as well, using their gargantuan strength to great effect in the hunt.


The valkyries of Norse myth are closely tied to the Amazons of Paradise. Able to come and go as they please between Valkyrie Island in Paradise and the feasting hall of Valhalla, these winged warriors are among the few Amazons who revere a male deity, for in addition to their service to the Norse goddesses, they owe much of their allegiance to Odin, all-father of the Norse pantheon.

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