Amethia Zass

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Amethia Zass
Player: True Vision
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 9
Personal Data
Real Name: Amethia
Known Aliases: Preistess, Mistress
Species: Yaw
Age: 535
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Maried
Known Relatives: Zami Zass, Tilik Zass
Known Powers
Dark/ Cold
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


PLayer input

THe whole Idea of the Yaw came to me suddenly. I was walking along the many streets of the isles as my other characters, when the idea of a race that was completely mine to have a history and place I want. Thus, Tilik Zass was born. I wanted it to be a combination of things. First Tilik was going to express the side of my personality that was male, but not into women. His view of the Yaw will be later added to this Wiki, so long as it doesn't get deleted due to controversial content.

After playing Tilik, I found that I wanted to express my feminine side, Thus Amethia was born. She had the complete diffrent views of the Yaw than Tilik, which allows for interesting roleplay since I have both characters to play, I can chose what parts of the history or acts of the Yaw each one let out. Either way, the Yaw became my absolute favorite characters to play, due to them being completely mine.



Amethia is very open in every way. SOmeone could ask her anything and she would be direct and honest. She also likes to hide answers within answers, then if you don't find those answers that she hid...She'll point them out later down the road. Amethia is a devout Yaw, she believes in their gods and history as being the best thing anyone could ask for. She like making things simple for people, especially if their coming to the Yaw nation for a visit. Also, Amethia is very flirtations, and every offer she makes in in whole honesty.

History before the character was made

Amethia was born around half a century ago by Haillem Zass, the Zass clan leader. Amethia was the third child of haillem, but the only one to survive past one hundred years old at that time. She grew up as the most pampered child, as every clan leader's daughters are. She was gifted with Yaw magic and the element of water, and was quickly trained to be a preistess of Amathia, One of the three gods of the Yaw culture.

Her fist two hundred years past with happiness and lust. Like her mother Amethia tended to have many lovers and potential sutors, although none came to fruit and marriage due to an unexpected birth of another child of Haillem. The child was a male, which for every one hundred females, there is one male. THis lead to great celebration to the clan, all but Amethia, who grew envyous of this new child hsi mother birthed.

The child was named Tilik, after the great warrior in the days of Rome when the Yaw clans were beset by war. Amethia began hating the child with undo rage. She knew that since he was male, he would be pampered more than Amethia herself, and she would lose much of the pampering she has been so accustomed to.

However, things never go as they seem. At his age of maturity, of 100 years, Tilik refused to mate with any female. This lead to great anger in the clan, and people believed that Isulimi, Another yaw god, had cursed them with a impotent male. The clan began attempting to lure Tilik into mating with various ploys and tricks, but none worked. It was then that Amethia saw this as a message from the gods that things in the Yaw culture were changing.

50 years later, the hatred stoped by Tilik aporaching his only sibling, Amethia, asking for guidence from the gods. He spoke of how she was always following their plan perfectly to the letter, and everyone saw her with pride. He also spoke the first reason for him not wanting a female mate. Tilik was emamored by one of the males from one of the clans over, which he visits for magical lessons. He spoke of three or four males meeting an a small cavern discussing their wish to be with mates with a male Yaw, but the gods not wanting that.

Amethia had two choices to make. The first, telling the guards of this group that wishes a change, or helping her only sibling visualise his dream. That night, Amethia Prayed to the Gods of the Yaw. She was given a vision of the cities waring with one another over the change of the culture, and also saw a vision of them waring with the males that wish it to change. For the first time, She was undecided on which path to follow, both led to war and more fighting.

After hours, Amethia entered most mechieviously into the Temple of Isulimi. She meditated there until she was found at morning by the temples followers. She had made a decision thanks to Isulimi giving her blessing. She traveled with Tilik and taught the males, who are not allowed to use magic, to use a magic only males can learn, the Magic of balance, Known to the Yaw as the magic of the cosmos.

Even at the present day the males learned, and more of them came to listen to Amethia's preachings and teaching of the magic of Balance. Only one male was ever banished for practicing it, Tilik, Amethias brother. He used the magic to counterspell a spell that will cause a male to mate whether he wishes to or not. The person who was attempting to make Tilik mate was his own mother, Haillem. She banished him forever, only to return on days of celebration.

The teachings of Amethia grew official when the council of the Yaw, formed by the Cesar of Rome all that may years ago, decided that males should be able to use magic, but only for protection and to aid females. The males that learned the magic of Balance went to one Clan each, and joined with the clans current accademy to teach what is known now as Roman Magic. Unfortunately, Tilik will forever be banned from the Yaw society, never to know his dream had come true.

Amethia eventually set off to find her brother, bringing herself to the Rouge Isles, and right to the Shadowfire Coven.

Hisotry after the character was made

ALice Hellfire, the more friendly leader of the Shadowfire Coven began disgussing using the extensive tunnels of the Yaw for transport of magical items to the other contentents of the world. This was agreed upon, with payment of easily farmable marterials in the surface world. The Agreement was bound by marriage of a Member of the Shadowfire Coven and A Yaw, which led to much debate, after ALice had chosen Mellissa Stone to be the one betrothed. The Yaw, thinking that it would be wise to put a marriage with a Yaw that knew the surface world best, made Amethia the other side of the marriage. Unbenownced to both sides that Amethia was ina relationship with Alices sister, Christina.

This led to a series of renegotiations to make both betrothed happy with their choice, eventually leanding to two marriages, one with Christina and Amethia, the other with Melissa and Zami Zass (Amethias younger sister).

The Yaw culture sumarised

The Yaw are a hedonistic race, if humans or demons thought of a fetish, it probably exists in the Yaw culture as an acceptable form of fofilling lust. The Yaw live underground so far bineath that they're below the water of the atlantic and pasific ocean. Before the Yaw had magic, only they could travel their caverns and withstand the heat, but at present time, they have developed cooling systems and magic to keep the entire tunnels under a acceptable temperature.

The Yaw have many of what they call 'mutations' to their appearance, the average yaw looks like a blue skinned, white eyed, green haired, extremely long horizontably pointed eared humanoid. However, some can have small ears, like elves, some can have ears like fairies. The hair of a Yaw can be Purple and blue as well, wlthough both are rare. the most rarest kind of Yaw is called the Nurio mutation, which has Purple skin and feathered wings. IF a nurio has anything else diffrent about them they are considered to be extremly rare and beautiful, like Amathia herself.


the Yaw have three gods, each representing a part of each Yaws soul


Her name is a direct translation to "healing mother". she is the goddess of health, women and of long life. SHe if the most poular of the Gods during this time period


His name is a direct translation to "Wounded Father". He is the God of battle, injury and men. He is omostly prayed to by warriors, and some males


His name is the direct translation to "Child". He is the god of birth, death, and children. He is prayed to for a successfull birth, children, and at the end of every day to wish the next day be as good. He is the second most popular of the Gods during this time period.

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