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Melissa DCourtenay.jpg
For a good cause, wrongdoing is virtuous. - Publilius Syrus, Maxims
Melissa D'Courtenay
Player: @CrashFF
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Melissa Aurore De Courtenay
Known Aliases: Sin, Angel, Mel
Species: Presumed Human
Age: Confidential
Height: 150-165cm
Weight: 55-60kg
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: French origin
Occupation: Unknown
Place of Birth: Courtenay, France
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Angelica Bardoux, great-granddaughter many times removed.
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


Character Name Change

Once known as the Angel Sin, Lady Melissa D'Courtenay has finally reclaimed her name, knowledge of self, and her lost life.

The History of an Angel Sin

The Crusades

Melissa d' Courtenay is the elder sister of Lady Elizabeth De Courtenay, born in May, 1123 in Courtenay France. With the declaration of the papal bull, Melissa renounced her family governance to join the knight Templar as a french Amazon, alongside other women who refused to part company with their husbands in order to fight in the 2nd Crusade. It was rumored that each Templar Knight carried a blessed holy weapon; possibly of magical ability..

Lady Melissa D'Courtenay disappeared from Damascus on July 26, 1148, with a full company of her brethren Knights. She and her husband were last seen in prayer, kneeling over the body of a fallen crusader. The crusaders retreated from their holy war in failure on July 28th, 1148.


In 1585, a sect of the Circle of Thorns, known as the Family of Sin, attempted one of the more devastating magical rituals in history. In addition to the summoning of spectral demon lords, they attempted to summon celestial and holy beings to bind and amplify their magics. Many of the attempts were successful, twisting their captives into distorted reflections of their former selves.

Melissa was one of the summoned, called under the banner of the Seraphim host as an Angel of the Malakhim. The Family of Sin summoned and bound her by her True Name, revealed to her only on upon her ascension as one of the Sera. As a result of her binding, her power was corrupted, feeding it off the dark energies within the souls of others, turning parasitic in nature. The Family of Sin gave her binding as a gift to an elder Spectral Demon Lord, referred to as the Reverend Sin in mockery, in order to gain its favor. The result was her near unrestrained rampages around the globe for nearly 2 centuries, earning her many names from the clergy, royalty, and arcane practitioners. Maritime people spent decades killing her at sea as she destroyed shipping and pirating vessels alike from the British West Indies to South America, claiming treasures for the Family of Sin.

Due to the parasitic nature of her powers, Melissa's...Angel Sin's powers only increased, while the control over her by the elder Demon Lord and the Family of Sin slowly waned. With Portal Corp's inception, The Family of Sin expanded their interests into claiming technological artifacts to enhance their own mystical collections, realizing the power of portal technology for their gains.

This is freedom?

As raids against Countessa Crey and Portal Corp increased, the Sisters of Sin were "born" into the the coven, exposing Angel Sin to an increasingly modernized world in their spreading of discord. Witnessing the change of the world, and feeling the degrading power of her bindng gave Angel Sin the will to break her bonds and rid herself of the Family of Sin. By stealing lorebooks from various factions of mystics world wide, Angel Sin was able to release the binding of her soul through relinquishing her name of the Sera, casting herself loose in the world with no given purpose to fulfill any longer.

The Reverend Sin was aware of his subordinate's freedom and attacked her viciously throughout the Rogue Isles, careless in the approach to his "pet" that he had put into magical combat for centuries. The demon that took the name of Reverend Sin was outright destroyed as Angel Sin siphonedthe darkness from within his soulless body, opening a void from within him that removed him from the plane of existence.

With the suppressing restriction of the binding gone, Angel Sin set her self loose on the Rogue Isles, not to destroy, but to survive. She had taken to stealing materials from everywhere to learn of the changes the world had undergone without her. Many dumpsters were found throughout Sharkhead Isle and St. Martial with mountains of papers, books, magazines, and various other random objects on a fairly regular basis. Reading newspapers and periodicals, however, had left her with an almost nonexistent understanding of slang, innuendo, and euphemisms used in modern speech for quite some time. Stumbling into the unique location "Pocket D," her vocabulary rapidly increased, but not her understanding of the usage.

Angel Sin had only desired two things in her continued existence in the Rogue Isles: Retribution for the wrongs cast upon her, and the wings once taken from her, to prove she truly gained her freedom.

Her wings

One of her greatest desires was to re-acquire her wings, not just as a symbol of status, but of her freedom. With one of her last forrays in the vast caverns occupied by the Circle of Thorns, Angel Sin was cornered and beat to death by a Behemoth Overlord demon.

The demon's final blow shattered her chest as it's hand punched through her back. The behemoth overlord dropped her body to the floor; it's demonic voice echoed through the caves in laughter. As the cult's mages and guards turned away from her, the light from their torches faded, and one by one they began to clutch at their bodies, a dark wisp seeping from their very cores to gather over the crushed body they were leaving. As the cultists staggered to get away, Angel Sin's body rose from the damp floor and her eyes flared to life once more. She spread her arms wide and called forth the nether, opening rifts that tentacles of viscous darkness seeped through, wrapping around the nearest being they could reach, strangling their prey before dragging the bodies back through the rifts.

The Behemoth overlord returned to the cavern which he had left her broken body in to see the cultists being torn apart by the nether, and once more rushed to attack the Angel Sin. She called the darkness to impede the giant demon, and it did.. the dark mists swirled around the raging outsider, slowing it to nearly a halt before more rifts opened around the creature. Tentacles poured through the rifts by the dozens, restraining it by the arms, legs, tail, and neck.

Angel Sin taunted the caged demon, saying that she wished to return the favor she had been done. The dark mists that had flooded the room began clearing as they seeped into the demon's body faster and faster. The tentacles tightened and pulled on the demon's appendages before sinew and muscle gave way, removing limb after limb from the demon.

In her final triumph, Angel Sin ripped the wings from the demon's back in disgust as the light returned to the cave. Nothing was left alive. In her longing for wings of her own, dark mists crept forth from her hands, covering the demonic appendages in her hands before they faded from her grip.

It wasn't until hours later that her body was wracked with pain and she went to see someone she knew to undead Dr. Von Dread. He revealed the wings to her as they grew and retracted within her, though they were the wings of the demon, and not the angelic wings she had wished for.

A Change of Life

She once believed that punishment given to those deserving of it would clean her soul of the corruption cast upon her by the Circle of Thorns and allow her to return to her afterlife. Unfortunately, it continued to corrupt her until the day her own powers attempted to consume her during a battle with the Freedon Phalanx. When her body finally fell, and her breathing stopped, she was presented with a vision of the life she sought. The man she saw appologized for the wrongs committed her, returned her wings, and the knowledge of her birth name and life, declaring that she would take up his mantle, as one of salvation. He could not fully remove the touch of darkness upon the holy magics that coursed within her, instead molding them to draw energies forth from Purgatory; the Netherworlds.

The Fall of Valerie DeCarlo

Valerie "Squeaker" DeCarlo was a fellow member of Inevitable Evolution, and was plagued by a dangerous entity known as Kayliss. To rid the world of Kayliss, Valerie wished to end her own life. Angel Sin gave her the option to Fall and return, without Kayliss, and she accepted. Coincidentally, Valerie's "Fall from Grace" did indeed involve a plunge of several hundred feet to the pavement below them, into the waiting hands of Cray Crab Spiders.

The soul of Kayliss refused to release its hold on Valerie until Angel Sin pulled it apart using the primordial energy of the sould in the netherworlds to heal Valerie's broken body and remove the parasitic curse of vampirism from her in the process. Oddly, Valerie's small wings remained as part of her. Where Angel's healing would have normally stripped away marks and ailments unnatural to the host: "Returning a body to the way it remembers being healthy."


Melissa D'Courtneay, under the name Angel Sin, was once a part of the defunct villain group "The Family of Sin." For a number of years she made her home within Inevitable Evolution as well. Present from its infancy to the latter days of waning popularity and mocking beratement. She stayed a short time with the Phoenix Insurrection as well, born of the youth of Inevitable Evolution, before finally moving on and making her own home - a large stone manor house built in the hills between Port Oakes and Cap Au Diable.


Melissa's personality is one of minor quirks. She once reacted with a dispassionate and clinical view of the world around her, while being utterly clueless to modern euphamism, slang, and innuendo of most types.... These days, she's very compassionate towards acquaintences, friends, and family alike. She loves to tease her granddaughter about her risque clothing and lifestyle, and often switches between speaking French and English; both intentionally and un. She is still wary of most demonic presences.


Melissa D'Courtenay can feel the consciousness of the soul, and disembodied spirits as a side effect of raising the dead for centuries. This is part of what makes her so effective both in healing and resurrection, though she requires a sacrificial donor for the energy to bind a soul with it's deceased body for resurrection.

Her vision is an oddity as well. She is able to see life/soul energies in vibrant colors, which is how she distinguishes between a person and a spiritual posession. She cannot, however, explain those colors, as she does not have anything to equate them to.


Melissa harnesses the darkness of souls in the world and from within Purgatory. She can open netherworld portals to hold opponents, and strip dark energy from the sould to heal comrades in arms. Recently, she has begun to call forth the fears present in her targets to incapacitate them.

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