Angel of Perversion

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Angel of Perversion
Player: @Pale Enchantress
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller/Widow/Mastermind
Threat Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Alloces
Known Aliases: The Lover Beyond the Veil - She Who Must Be Obeyed
Species: Undead
Age: Estimated 1800 (Appears in his late teens)
Height: 7'2
Weight: '
Eye Color: Usually Green
Hair Color: Usually White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Byzantine
Occupation: Slave of the Neverborn
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Assumed Bachelor
Known Relatives: No Living Family
Known Powers
Magic (Psycho-metabolism, Telepathy, Psychic Vampireism, Sexual Vampireism, Cold Manipulation, Necromancy, Scrying)
Known Abilities


In Life

The abandoned wooden shacks that rotted in the most decrepit area of the port's shanties were shunned even by the beggars. The liquid filth was home to a wide variety of vermin and pests. The few taverns and porters that did business in the area paid no mind to disposing of their trash and refuse among what was left of the buildings. Some people however had no choice but to live in them. As much as the homeless needed the charity of others they were quick to take from each other if they could. One man and woman could not exist among the other people. They were both blind and deaf or nearly so. On their own they could find foul sustenance among what others discarded. They stayed hidden to avoid being victimized. The one time they knew they had to find another was when the female was ready to give birth.

It was no happy occasion to have another mouth to feed, and yet the pair were too fearful of others to allow their child in any one elses hands. Unlike his parents the child was quite canny and in full possession of his visual and auditory senses. His screams went unheard as pests and vermin crawled over him inside the lightless box in which he existed. His first words were things said to beg of others. He would often to go the other parts of town to prostrate himself before others hoping to evoke enough sympathy to acquire from strangers what he could not from his parents. Earp had been what his parents called him. It wasn't even so much a name as it was a sound that was easy for them to make. He was a cute baby that despite being underfed grew into a beautiful boy. In a pediastric relationship with a rich gentleman, his handsome looks became his salvation.

In his patron's household he became a sponge for knowledge. He was given an education, fine clothes, and enough food to never be hungry. Letting his mentor use his body seemed odd at times but the human connection at least filled the cold he felt within. Earp even became friends with his masters children and was often paraded at gatherings for his unconventional wit and exotic beauty. Years of contentment passed until foreign troubles called his patron away. The mistress of the house would not let him stay anywhere on the property and so Earp went back to the streets and stayed once more in the light less squalor his parents did. In his extreme depression he didn't even see the diseased condition his parents flesh was in. He contracted their leprosy and his beautiful body and face putrefied. In time he was forced to a leper colony. His face and genitals withered and ruptured in painful pustular fits. The one reason others found him worthy of love, his body, was decaying right before his eyes. He exhaled his last labored breath alone and unwanted.

In Death

By the time the young man died he was looking forward to death as the final end to his suffering. He hated the world which had done this to him. Even the tales of heaven sounded sour to him. He had enough and wanted the true release of utter oblivion. It was this great hatred and longing for destruction that drew the attention of the Neverborn and prevented him from achieving his release into nothingness. Several of the gods who formed reality and the living world loved their creation so much that they sacrificed their own existence to give it form and stability. In doing so they became hideous abominations without form who's consciousness stretched all across creation. They exist in constant pain, unable to die as long as the reality they made exists. They took Earp's tormented spirit and gave it flesh sculpted into deathly perfection. They renamed him Alloces and gave him more power then he could have ever dreamed of. He is their Lover Beyond the Veil, a pawn in their eternal quest to bring all reality to nothing.

Parade of Atrocities

After he was reforged as a slave to the Neverborn, Alloces spent centuries in constant pursuit of fleshly delights and rich sensations. His omnicidal owners anticipated this and in addition to giving him his signature icy beauty that imbued his touch with that of oblivion itself. The bounty of Alloces lovemaking was literally death. Even immortals and were not immune to being blotted out by the icy touch of oblivion. The fact that his insatiable appetite managed yo wipe out entire kingdoms across many dimensions didn't even cause the Nephwrack pause. In his endless pursuit of pleasure he would even animate the corpses of those that perished to continue his carnal acts. It took nearly a millennia of constant indulgence in the most depraved forms of pleasure and pain for The Lover Beyond the Veil to calm down. When he did he become even more devoted to the cause of the undead gods that owned him. "When pleasure ends, nothing of value remains", he will say is the most valuable lesson of all. Once he could no longer enjoy indulging his base needs he wanted the finality of true death even more. What more is there to exist for aside from watching all reality crumble and pissing on it's ashes before he himself is torn from existence.

Theme Song: Lenore

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