Arachnos Reunification

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Arachnos United Coalition


Shadow Spiders

Once a former division of arachnos, they left the organization two years ago. Efforts to reintegrate them into the existing command structure have failed. They are now considered a Rogue Arachnos group.

5/24- A covert force infiltrates a Vanguard base. The base is destroyed. Based on the one living witness and available evidence the Shadow Spider organization is blamed. They lose all backing from Vanguard.

5/25- The Arachnos Unified Coalition unanimously votes for war against the Shadow Spiders.

6/1- Chief officer Weiss is captured traveling from Grandville by Arachnos forces.

6/2- A sabatuer within the Shadow Spiders carries out bombings.

6/8- Forces from Fort Hades and Unit 731 attack a Shadow Spider supply base. The base is destroyed. Several wounded and one missing.

6/14- An operative of the Shadow Spiders is lured to the Giza and subsequently captured by Arachnos Forces. Attempts to negotiate a truce using the hostage failed.

6/21- After several days of torture the execution of the Shadow Spider was carried out. The Shadow Spiders stormed the Grandville Square to recover the body of their Operative to be met by the Ambush forces of Operative Bishop. Their forces were defeated and were forced to flee.

7/01- The shattered remnants of the Shadow spiders, unable to defend themselves against Arachnos, made alliances with the heroes of Paragon.

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