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Let the fallen rise.
Player: @hydrothermia
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Bane Spider
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Dieter Reinhardt
Known Aliases: Arano
Species: Homo sapiens
Age: 69
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 670
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black (Blond)
Biographical Data
Nationality: German/US Citizen
Occupation: Arachnos Soldier
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhodes Island
Base of Operations: Sharkhead Isle
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Viktor Reinhardt (father, deceased), Adelaide Reinhardt (mother), Vera Reinhardt (wife, deceased), Alexander Reinhardt (son)
Known Powers
Super Strength
Known Abilities
Shadow Maul, Mace mastery
Arachnos issued Bane Spider Armor, 5th Column Nacht Ubermenschen issued uniform, Bane Spider mace
Mind probes are greeted with feral static, as if he was just a bear. He controls the filter and will allow others to contact him through telepathy if he sees fit.






Formerly of The 5th Column.

Currently with Arachnos and freelance work.


He's usually hard and cold, he has seen many things in his lifetime, so he speaks from his vast experiences. He has a soft side that is rarely shown, for his mother and his only son, they are what drives him the most, even though he rarely hears their voices or words. His military upbringing requires people to respect authority, though he will challenge it if he believes one's leadership is wavering.

Character Overview

Aranoursine defected to Arachnos only recently from the 5th Column despite their fall to the Council years ago, he kept his allegiance to the 5th Column until he felt that they would never return and joined Arachnos as a destined one. Believing his out of date military training and "lycanthropic" appearance and abilities were useless as a destined one, he joined Arachnos recruitment program as an Arachnos Soldier in hopes of researching the information need to return to his human form so he can "retire", allowing him to enter back into society and reconnect with his son.

The 5th Column

Dieter circa 1957, 3 months before the Schattenbär program.

Dieter Reinhardt was born to Viktor and Adelaide Reinhardt just prior to the dawn of the Second World War. His father was a member of the 5th Column, the guiding hand again the United States home front. At a young age Dieter knew his father's involvement and was taught the ways of the 5th. By the time Dieter was 16, he asked his father to officially make him apart of the 5th Column. A proud moment for his father. Dieter entered the Schattenbär program at his own discretion 3 years later that involved scientific altering of the human body using various bear species native to the continental US. The procedure was a success; there was a drawback, the Nictus fragments used triggered high susceptibility to rabies on four of the five subjects. The 5th felt they couldn't allow the possibility of further infections to the Warwolves and they promptly disposed of the test subjects, all equipment, and program blueprints used for the project, leaving Dieter as the only surviving member of the Schattenbärs. When his mother had seen what the 5th had done to her son, she left Viktor. This made Viktor's mental state deteriorate and all he ever did was work on various missions that 5th required of him. His father ultimately lost his life when the Council overthrew the 5th Column's hold in Paragon City, RI.

Dieter was by his father's side when he lost his life. Keeping his cool, he used his "signature" Shadow Maul attack to take out ever single Council in the base. He meticulously stalked and lured them one by one for them to only hear the words, "For My Father and the 5th" in the shadows. The Council were quick to retaliate, snuffing out his wife Vera only a matter of hours later. Thankfully the location of his son wasn't in close enough contact to be considered a target, but he gave word to his son Alexander to keep an eye out. After this event Dieter left Paragon City in search of his mother. He was finally able to get a trace on his mother a year later. One night he entered her house waiting for her return. Once Adelaide became settled in her chair she heard a familiar voice in the shadows.

"Father and Vera are dead."

"Dieter?", Adelaide said.

"Yes, mother?"

"What about you and Alex? Are you still that hideous monster?", Adelaide said.

"He is fine, though I know it is tough for him to deal. Unfortunately I am, but I will find a way to return my former self."

"How?", Adelaide said.

"There is a new group that call themselves Arachnos, perhaps they have a way to reverse the effects."

"Please be careful Dieter, I do not want you to suffer more than you already have, or end up like Viktor.", Adelaide said.

"I will and return once it is done. Do keep in contact with Alex, he needs you more than I could ever give."

Arachnos Recruit

Spoiler warning: Details about a in-game story arc, follow.

"So, you come to me because you want to pretend you are a Destined One, eh? Want all the perks that go with being one of the few, the proud, the Tools of Lord Recluse?"

"I was one before I joined Arachnos."

"Well, I can see why you want it back, so I am willing to do this with you. You are going to owe me a lot of favors for my help, but we can cross that bridge when you are a bit more powerful. For now, you gotta put your name onto the list. You do know there is a list, right? Kalinda, one of Lord Recluse's seers, divined who the actual Destined Ones can be, and made a list. It's electronic so it shouldn't be too hard to insert your name onto it. I even have a virus you can upload that will stick your name onto all the copies on the Arachnos computer network as well."

"It's a simple job, and brings with it the benefit of being one of Lord Recluse's Destined Ones. Pretty good for a day's work, I'd say."

"Once you finish, you should start seeing the benefits of your work immediately by seeing Kalinda herself for some Destiny-related jobs."

"Simple enough."

It was a cinch for Dieter, bases are something he's accustom to navigating even through the toughest of foes.

"Ah, you're back. And just in time, too!"

"It turns out there was an operative that entered the Zig to bust out the Destined Ones. This Private Jenkins had a hard copy of the list, something that is obviously unaffected by my virus. It's the original 'without Aranoursine' edition too. I know where he is currently dispatched, so you can find him and get that list from him. The list is too long, and he is too stupid to know your name isn't on it, so just getting the list from him will do. He carries it around as some sort of memento of a successful mission, so beating him up should be sufficient in getting them back."

"He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is a trained Arachnos operative. Use caution."

Use caution, Dieter thought, you've got to be kidding me. I haven't run across a decent fight against Arachnos. He was right Jenkins was a push over.

"Well done. That should do it with extraneous copies of that list. You should destroy that before people start to ask questions. Well, look at that, the insignificant one actually has some potential. You might want to talk to Fortunata Hamilton, but before you do that go talk to Brick Johnson in Port Oakes."

Spoilers end here.

Work in progress.

A New Scent (I)

Dieter hears his helmet comm click on. "Aranoursine this is Operative Kirkland. I've got a problem I'd like you to clean up."

"I'm listening."

"Council werewolves have been running rampant as of late out in the Pit here in Sharkhead, mind clearing some of them out. It seems we've been having trouble culling their population. You have a fair amount of experience against them don't you?"

"Yeah, you don't have to tell me where they are I can already smell them. I could use some target practice though."

Still the stagnate mange smell as usual. Dieter said to himself. You'd think they'd have been able to teach them new tricks or at least better hygiene, but apparently they didn't change the procedure from the 5th. Maiming another group of ten night wolves taking in one last breath through his nostrils before taking a break. What's this?

"You shouldn't be having anymore werewolf problems for a while Kirkland. I smelt something different."

"Should I be worried that you smell something different from stinking animals?"

"No," Dieter said paying closer attention to the air. It's definitely a wolf, but not like a 5th or Council one. I think I should look further into this, maybe some long forgotten program.

Dieter followed the erratic pattern of the smell hopping from ferry to ferry trying to find a centralized spot that it permeated from tracking it down to Cap au Diable. It keeps going back to Aeon University and there is more than one, but not wolf, fox and hyena?. Dieter makes a note in his mind. Periodically positioning himself in the woods to keep a close eye on university he watched and waited for hours at a time only to leave when he was asked of.

Aeon's Diagnosis

His constant monitoring of Cap au Diable's Aeon University gave Dieter the opportunity to search for a way to revert to his original human form. Dieter making an appointment with Dr. Aeon to see if he could do anything to alter back into a human form. Dr. Aeon and his scientists took blood samples, EKG's, X-rays, Cat-scans, and various other tests for Dieter's request. "It'll take a couple of weeks to get any results and maybe even a month to get a handle on any reversible effects."

Dieter returns to the laboratory six weeks later hoping to find some ray of hope. "Dieter, from what information we got back, the Nictus fragment has bonded to ever molecule in your body and turned into a homogeneous blend making it impossible to remove. Essentially creating an unbroken DNA strain and chromosome count with human, bear, and alien origin," Dr. Aeon recounted reading over the results.

"That's not good enough," Dieter said angrily punching the cement tiled wall creating a large cracked indention.

Dr. Aeon noticing Dieter's reaction immediately put up his personal force field. "Look, I'm really sorry, this is beyond what I've ever seen. I know very little of 5th Column scientific procedures. You could try the Midnighter's Club, they've recently discovered a time rift can take you back to Roman times. Maybe you can find some answers there."

"What do Romans have to do with anything?"

"Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. Oh and before I forget Ashley McKnight will be the one you need to speak with."

"Very well, thanks for your time Dr. Aeon."

"Time is the only thing I have," Dr. Aeon trailed off as Dieter left the laboratory.

Travel to Cimerora

Spoiler warning: Details about a in-game story arc, follow.

"You've proven yourself trustworthy enough. The password 'Si vis pacem, para bellum', that will give you entrance to the the Midnighter's Club and access to the city of Cimerora. Imperious and Senator Decimus Aquila will bring you up to speed as to what is going on," Ashley McKnight told Dieter.

Arriving through the Aspect of the Pillar Dieter is greeted by Senator Decimus Aquila and tells Dieter to go around and speak to some of the prominent people in Cimerora. "Now then, since you are aware of our situation I can only hope you will be willing to help us, but before you do I'd like you to meet Marcus Valerius. Here is my seal of approval. Please give this to him as well."

"What do you hand me? From Senator Aquila," Marcus questions.

"Ah. I see. Decimus is a trusted adviser and friend to me. Perhaps it is time to acquaint myself with you. It is my blessing to meet you, sir. I am not as gifted with words as the Senator, but I need your help so I will be brief. I need soldiers who fight to keep the seed of all our power from a very dangerous foe, a demigod from Hades who seeks to steal this power from humanity and use it for himself and his ilk. These are dark times here in Cimerora and my allies are few. To prove to me that you are a person whom I may trust, I would have you fulfill a task for me."

Nothing seemed to out of the ordinary from most of the tasks Markus had planned out, rescuing Cimeroran civilians, taking down some of Romulus' generals, or fellow soldiers captured by Romulus' men. Markus mentioned the "Dark Ones" and crystals, Dieter thought that was a little odd and almost familiar. He shook it off and went to clear out these crystals. To Dieter's surprise part of himself seemed to be calling out to this place, discovering shadow cyst crystals. "Very strange, it is as if they are not foreign." Dieter is not sure what to take from this, so he goes to Imperious and asks, "Do you have any idea who or what is behind helping Romulus?"

"I can't say that I do, but if I may inquire that you help me bring down Romulus, and maybe you can know what you are searching for," Imperious suggested.

Dieter agreed, but only to further understand why Dr. Aeon had pointed him into this direction. Dieter joined a small band of others that were willing to help Imperious and set off on their way to free Cimerora's sibyls and their Oracle Sister Solaris. Dieter's eye dart from Cimeroran traitor to Dwarfs and Novas and back to Solaris again. Sister Solaris stared into his eyes and said, "You are not here for us, but for the others. They are beyond the beachs and two golden pillars of power stand beside them." Dieter could only stare back as he led her to the alter for the divination. What does she mean?

Dieter sat on those words as they continued to clear out the large concentration of shadow cyst crystals. Their next move had them board a ship and go to a remote beach and defeat Romulus and his generals. Past the thousands of Cimeroran soldiers through the small mountain pass, the Vespillos Pass as Daedalus called it, Dieter understood the Oracle's words. There before him were two golden giant MK II Wolfpaks and embedded on the mountainside the metal, concrete, and the emblazoned banner of the 5th Column center. "Can it be?" Dieter's optimism left him quickly, he had given up on them and had joined Arachnos, but he himself also knew if the 5th had any regard for his long standing loyalty they would've sent for him. Feeling betrayed and angered turned him into a wrecking machine, ripping Mekman and Wolfpak alike into a junkyard of metal parts, cracking armor and helmets across the concrete platform. There stood Requiem and Romulus. "Requiem is mine, the rest of you can have Romulus."

"We're supposed to be a team here!"

"I have unfinished business with him, if you respect me at all you will heed my request," Dieter said glaring into the hero's eyes.

As Dieter charges to Requiem says as he grabs hold of one of his fists, "Do I know you?"

"You did, need I mention the Schattenbär project," smashing a bane spider mace into Requiem's stomach.

"But you were all dead, disposed of," spraying Nictus energy at Dieter.

"All but me," Dieter and Requiem struggle against each others hand in hand.

"I thought you died with your father all these years ago," as they breath heavily on each other.

"You thought wrong," breaking their arm in arm lock as Dieter smashes Requiem into the ground.

Their words stopped and only their battle continued. Both going to their final blows, both connected but only one remained standing. Dieter with his mace hovering over Requiem's neck. "You think you've accomplished anything by doing this," Requiem spat.

"Only enough to say this is my official resignation from the 5th, but I will return. I still need something from you."

Requiem only laughs, "Finding me again won't be so easy, there are so many more strongholds that I can retreat to, I'll be sure to make you search for an eternity to resolve what YOU need." With that Requiem teleports and vanishes from sight leaving Dieter and the others looking at the mounds of defeated soldiers and robots.

Spoilers end here.

Work in progress.

A New Scent (II) / Shattered Mask

Work in progress.


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Bane Spider Soldier

Bash, Mace Beam Blast, Build Up, Poisonous Ray, Pulverize, Shatter, Placate, Crowd Control

Bane Spider Training

Bane Spider Armor Upgrade, Cloaking Device, Surveillance

Training and Gadgets

Combat Training: Defensive, Combat Training: Offensive, Tactical Training: Maneuvers, Mental Training


Combat Jumping, Super Jump


Swift, Health, Stamina


Boxing, Tough, Weave



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Creator Notes and Trivia

Aranoursine has gone through many changes. The first incarnation was known as Codiac in City of Villains beta rolling him as a Dark Melee/Energy Aura brute, it ultimately failed due to the sub par performance of Energy Aura. Eventually rerolled as a Martial Arts/Ninjitsu stalker known as Tenebris Ursine, rerolled a third time as a Dark Melee/Regeneration stalker and finally an Arachnos Soldier when I12 went live as he stands now.

Costume Attire

Work in progress. (4 of 5 costumes are complete.)

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