Arbiter Matrix

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Arbiter Matrix in his normal Arbiter uniform
Arbiter Matrix
Player: @Arbiter Matrix
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Wolf Spider Huntsman
Threat Level: 50+1
Personal Data
Real Name: Allan Matrix
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 36
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 173 lb.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Arbiter
Place of Birth: Atlas Park, Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Atlas Park
Marital Status: Wife deceased
Known Relatives: Parents deceased, siblings deceased, son deceased
Known Powers
Gun and Mace
Known Abilities
Standard Grandville Arbiter Armor(gold shoulderplates and kneeplates), Standard Arbiter Automatic Rifle, Arbiter helmet including: Earpiece, on-board computer, access to Arachnos drones, etc., Standard Arachnos Arbiter Mace
No additional information available.

((Please note this is very out of date. So.....yeah. Some stuff's gonna sound dumb.)) Arbiter Matrix is a very complex man, though he may seem like your average dedicated Arbiter. He was born and raised in Atlas Park along with his two parents, three brothers, and two sisters. He married a woman the same age as him when he was 29, and he had a son when he was 30. During a tragic accident, his entire family was killed. This left him emotionally scarred and furious. He eventually joined Arachnos at the age of 35 and very quickly rose through the ranks to Arbiter. His superiors commented on how he was extremely intellegent and brutal, like a cold and calculating murderer. He has since achieved the ranks of: Huntsman Arbiter, Crab Arbiter, Bane Arbiter, and he is now currently a Grandville Arbiter, the highest rank an Arbiter can be.


Life before Arachnos

Early Life

Allan Matrix was born in Atlas Park as the oldest of six children. His parents were both 24 when he was born. His father Maximillian and his mother Linda both loved children very much. As such, he had a wonderful childhood and, unlike some children, loved his parents and siblings very much. His teachers were always very fond of him and he was extremely intellegent. His grades were straight A+s throughout his school career. He was a very popular and athletic boy as well. Because of his outstanding learning capability, he finished college, his with a master's in mechanical and electrical engineering when he was 26. At the age of 27 he began dating a woman named Bella, whom he married at the age of 29. They had their first and only son, named Jason, when they were both 30.

Family's Death

When Matrix was 35, two of his brothers who were twins were accused of Grand Theft Auto, the murder of 13 people, and arsony. Of course, not all of his siblings had been as smart and successful as Matrix. His two twin younger brothers, Maximillian Jr. and Nathan were trouble makers who dropped out of highschool at the age of 17. His youngest brother, James, was a shy and quiet boy with few friends. His twin younger sisters, Natalie and Tiffany, were both only average intellegance and were considered "sluts" by their classmates, and in their later life, by their coworkers. As such, his family seemed to be bad people. Keep in mind that his family owned a whole warehouse which was converted into a mansion, with a great view of the statue of Atlas, so they all lived in the same house. The PPD had found "sufficent evidence" to convinct Maximillian Jr. and Nathan of all their accused crimes. They refused to go in with the police several times, so the longbow assigned a hero to go in with them and take Maximillian Jr. and Nathan by force if they didn't comply. He was a new hero, and horribly inexperienced. Foolishly, and unknown to the rest of the family, Maximillian Jr. and Nathan had brought out pistols to defend themselves. The hero and police walked in, only to come under fire by the twins. The hero's powers were fire and he panicked. He used his strongest fire blast. The house was all weak metal and word furniture. It immediatley began to collpase. Matrix smelled smoke and yelled. He found his wife and son and they ran for the exit. He was holding their hands and running when a wooden beam collapsed and fell on top of his son. He cried out in anguish and tried to help his son, but before he could be freed, he was burned and suffocated. Matrix ran with his wife and they were near the exit. One of the police yelled out "We've got runners!" and the police began to shoot at Allan. His wife jumped in front of him and saved his life, but she was shot 37 times by a variety of pistols and shotguns. As she was quickly bleeding out, her last words were for Matrix to go, then she died. Matrix yelled in rage and picked up one of a dead police man's pistols. With brutal efficency, he begin putting one shot in each of the police men's madula oblingata, an instant kill shot. The only survivors of the whole event were Matrix, the Hero, and two officers. Matrix knew this would not go unseen, and the escaped hero and officers would get backup. In a remarkable display of athletic ability, he climbed to the top of a near by building with the fire escape, and began leaping across rooftops. He came to a longbow base and on the roof found a confiscated Arachnos flyer. He then knew what he had to do. He took the flyer and headed for Grandville.

Arachnos Career

Arachnos Recruitment

When Matrix arrived at Grandville, he was directed to a landing pad. To the surprise of the Arachnos soldiers who directed him, he was just an average civilian. They immediately pointed their guns at him. Matrix is no fool, so he knew that if he was to join Arachnos, he should wait for them to bring him to a superior. After several minutes of standing around while the soldiers made contact with superiors, he was brought to an Arbiter. The Arbiter questioned him. After Matrix revealed his name, the Arbiter looked him up in the Arachnos files. He told Matrix he would send them to Arbiter Daos for approval of recruitment. At this, of course, Matrix smiled fiendishly, for he had accomplished his goal.

Arachnos Bootcamp

Surprisingly to other soldiers, Matrix was an incredibly good fighter and tactician. Other soldiers knew he came fresh off the street, and it humiliated his training officer that Matrix was smarter and better than him. As a result, Matrix was quickly moved up to Huntsman training. He easily outgunned all the other soldiers there too. So, he was moved up to Crab Arbiter. It amazed even the veteran Crabs how good he was. So after surgically removing the backpack, he was moved up to Bane training, an incredibly high honor. There, the only person who even came close to Matrix was the Commanding Officer. So he was officially made an Arbiter. He was an incredibly good tactician and fighter, and usually a field Arbiter. He has led several undercover missions, seige missions, and defence missions. He was promoted to Crab Arbiter at threat level 26, then to Bane Arbiter at level 36, and finally, to Grandville Arbiter at level 45.

Missions Led and/or Participated In

The following missions are in order from most recent at the bottom to oldest at the top. Longbow infiltration 1, Longbow infiltration 2, Bloody Bay defence 1, Longbow infiltration 3, Bloody Bay defence 2, Longbow search and destroy 1, Longbow infiltration 4, Siren's Call assault 1, Longbow search and destroy 2, Siren's Call assault 2, Longbow infiltration 5, Longbow search and destroy 3, Warburg defence 1, Warburg defence 2, Hero assassination 1, Hero assassination 2, Hero assassination 3, Warbrg defence 3, Longbow infiltration 6, Longbow infiltration 7, Longbow search and destroy 4, Hero assassination 4, Hero assassination 5, Hero assassination 6, Hero assassination 7, Extended Longbow infiltration 1, Extended Longbow infiltration 2, Extended Longbow infiltration 3

Known aquaintences

Maleya and several of her children, Operative Valos, Operative Bishop, Ghost Widow's Shadow, Annaba Windsong, Black Scorpion, Captain Mako, Lord Recluse, Arbiter Daos, Arbiter Karos, Null Mind, All other operatives in the Arachnos Espionage Division

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