Arc Enforcer

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Arc Enforcer
Player: @Arc Enforcer
Origin: Science
Archetype: MasterMind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Sasha Violetta
Known Aliases: Arc, Sasha
Species: Possessed Human
Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 137 lbs
Eye Color: Pitch Black
Hair Color: Voilet (Purple)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Freeport, Bahamas
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Lilith Violetta
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Armored Power Suits, various military weapons, and non-military devices, and G.S.R.G.P.



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Arc Enforcer

Every detail below will tell the life and story of Sasha Violetta, AKA 'Arc Enforcer'. Arc Enforcer is a possessed human being who refuses being exorcised. She builds and maintains her own robotic army, and also making her own tech. The demon that possesses her controls Miasma and can use it to heal or destroy other humans,meta-humans,demons. She has access to two very powerful powered armor suits that can obsorb all forms of damage and attacks.



The demon is a very old and powerful being that possessed Sasha when she was 15, the age of the being is not known, only Sasha knows those details, but she refuses to tell anyone or anything. She can occasionaly summon the being out of her body, but only for a few hours for the being must either be in a host or in its home relm to survive forever. It has been through a total of 5 hosts, and every time it goes to a new host, it will show the host body what the last one did while possessed.

Powered Suit #1

The standard suit you will see her in is this suit, it is black and white in colors, with the occasional grey. It is virtualy indestructable, except for its 'Achilles hell' weak spot, which no being knows except her and those who have found it. To fly, it has to use a special nano-film and specialized rocket boots fot supoort the weight of the whole suit to fly. The pods on the wings are rocket boosters for extra speed when flying. The rifle used with the suit is a Linear Pulse Beam Rifle that has fire-power options which adjust the focusing lenses inside the rifle and allow it to either strike accuratly or strike hard on the intended target.

Powered Suit #2

The 'The Last Resort Suit' as she calls it, is a very experimental suit, in which it has a mind of its own. The problem with that is, it will kill anyone it sees, no matter if they are friendly or not. It has the ability to regenerate any damaged armor or missing armor plates. Its weakness is to strike repeatedly in the same spot with heavy blows or attacks to the point where the target location/limb is disabled and can't assist in it attacking . Its rifle is like the main suit's rifle, with two differences.One difference is, it has the ability to absorb any and all forms of energy/electricty and make the attacks cause more damage. The other is it has a overload mode on the gun, in which it builds up energy but doesn't fire it out, it will build up until it reaches critical mass, making it a hand held nuke, giving the suit its title as 'The Last Resort Suit'

Personal Robots

Sasha's personal robots can vary from small escort bots, to full attack bots which aid in attacking large groups of enemies. She will use the 'Assault Mk.1' as her body gaurd and personal escort in times of war and escalated tempers. Attack escorts and Aid drones are 'Tech 1' when called to the battlefield, they require in field upgrades to provide more support. Assault Mk.1 enters the battlefield at 'Tech 2'. When all are fully upgraded, their eyes will be a bright red and bright red pulsing light on their backs will show they are fully upgraded. For the Assault Mk.1 the red eyes will go from the center of the visual visor to the left and right, giving it full situational awarness.

Attack Escorts 1-3 These three little bots can do more than most people think they can. They will escort anyone or anything in the battefield from point A to point B with extreme caution and will always be on gaurd, They can escort anything from people to large tank convoys, they are mostly anti-personel, but can damage lightly armored vehicles. When they are upgraded to 'Tech 2' they will be equiped with another laser and given an advanced targeting system. 'Tech 3' will add one more laser to its right hand, giving it good anti-personel traints, and at this stage it is capbable of damaging lightly armor vehicles. Along with a even more advanced targeting and communications system.

Aid Drones 1-2 These two large bots are capable of lightly shielding personel and providing support roles in battle. They can repair any vehicle, robot, or anyone with robotic/cybernetic limbs. Once upgraded to 'Tech 2' their weapons are more effective and their supportive roles are also more effective. When at 'Tech 3' it is given at photon grenade launcher and the ability to call in small suicide drones called 'Seeker Drones' in which they will seek out a target, first ripping the flesh of organic beings before exploding. If the Seeker drones are attacking robots, they will just explode, considering their programing is to detect what the target is before deciding what to do.

Assault Mk.1 As previously stated, the Assault Mk.1 whill come onto the battlefield as a 'Tech 2' robot. It is a Aid Robot with more armor and more built for an attacking role, than a supportive role. Its presence on the battlefield is big, one reason being, when it enters the 'Experimental Tech' or otherwise known as 'Tech 4' by some people, it can use both its Light Afocal Lasers and 'Sandfury' Rockets. Also at 'Tech 4' it is equiped with a flamethrower in its right Afocal Laser, giving it the ability to clear out small rooms and bunkers of any size. A quick note is that at 'Tech 3' it is given 'shields' in the front of the lasers, they are useful for beating down enemies that are either the same size as it, or smaller, they are also useful for taking down heavy steel doors, and walls to gain entrance to any building by force.

Mental Defenses(Major)

Since the demon inside her has been through 5 hosts, it is experiance in mental infultration, with that note, it has built up a strong mental defense, for both it, and the current host. Even when outside the host's body, the mental defense will stay up for both. When the demon detects any mental infultration happening, it will cloud up the mind, and prevent any sort of mind reading or mental takeover

Psyche Profile

Sasha will not act friendly with stranger unless she is introduced by friend, or has over-heard something she can relate to. She will only smile if she hear jokes that are very humerous to her, or when she is around friends, or working on new tech, or upgrading tech and it doesn't blow up in her face. She will mostly give off either a neutral vibe, or a slightly agressive vibe. Only when shes angry, will she give off a 'Leave me Alone' vibe. Unlike her villanous origin, she is a relativly nice person, if you require aid, she will glady assist any way she can, whether its helping you kill someone, or helping you get through life troubles. She doesn't consider her-self as a counseler, but when someone needs someone to talk to, she will listen, and help in any way she can.

Sasha has come to live in her base, which is stationed somewhere outside of the Rouge Isles, and it is mostly maintained by robots, but she has hired a few of the smartest, and strongest people to help maintain the base and the robots. She will also live on a Humongous orbital weapon/station known as the G.S.R.G.P., orbits the Earth at about 30,000 miles from the planet and does not actually orbit the planet, it is capbable of launching 10000mm HE artillery shells at the surface of the planet, only 1 shell of that size has been fired. The energy needed to fire the shell is so tremendous, that all the power plants on Earth would only make 10% of the total energy requirement. The station has its own Nuclear Reactor capable of making an impossible 3.2 tredecillion watts, Making it the hardest reactor to manage.


Sasha was born in Freeport, Bahamas on May 8, 1989. But she was not raised there, for her parents died when she was 1, her Brother was 10, and Sister was 14. Both her sister and brother lied about her Parents, saying they where kidnapped by the Authorities in the Bahamas. So she was raised by her brother and sister in West Palm Beach, Florida. Her brother had enlisted in the Vangaurd services when he hit 18, after he finished his education. Sasha and her Sister supported him when he enlisted, their family wasn't much to objecting against military service, nor were they objective to being pacifist. When Sasha hit 18 as well, and finished her education, she joined as well, to serve along side her brother, When the Rikti came, the were assigned to the same unit, and would take the battles very seriously, making sure they where up to speed with current battlefield events. After the Rikti War ,when they returned home to their sister, they found a note, with 1 million dollars in it saying "When you guys get back, please don't go searching for me, I have left the country, in search of the people who murdered out parents, split the million evenly." That was the day her brother told Sasha her parents wern't kidnapped, and she learned the true fate of her parents. 20 Days after that note, suspicious looking men came to their house to take them to a secret location for questioning, her brother resisted, while she tried to make him go, on that Very day, she say her brother murdered before he own eyes by men. She murdered the men right after that, from the rage of people killing her brother. Until she hit 15, not much is known about her between the ages of 2 and 14. When she turned 15, was the day that the old host of the demon had died, and he found a suitable body in Sasha, for she was the only human born from a Meta-human father, and Demonic mother, and since her mother was demonic, she had a slight trace of demon blood, and that was what the being was looking for, for he was looking to make slight demonics, into full demonics. She has yet to reach full demon, but the being is training her to become one, if she becomes a full demonic before she dies, he will leave and find a new host. Not much is known about her from the ages 18 to 20, all that is known is that she worked as a dealer in Florida's blackmarket. She was found by a offical, when they pulled up her criminal records, they found she killed 10 men, all of which were related to the men who killed her brother, after that, They gave her to Arachnos Soldiers, and they prosecuted her as a Villian.

The Complex Beta A Project

This project she intiated a year after being thrown into the Arachnos R&D division. It was originaly created to make a A.I. capable of monitoring all soldiers in the field without the use of radios. Head sets with right or left eye visors, depending on what the soldier wanted, would receive info from the Complex, depending on your location, and unit you would receive different orders and information. Sort of like a data center, but human interaction was only done by unit leaders, generals, and maintenance staff. It was failed after the fact that it needed two crucial peices of the project were missing, the resources to make the entire A.I. housing, and trasmission towers, for they needed 50,000 tons of metals and 4 tons of wiring. 5 months after the ideas' original creation, it was cancled. But she still has the plans for it, in a folder, hidden somewhere in one of her two bases.

The GSRGP Project

This is another project she made while in the Arachnos R&D division.The project was to make a orbital weapon that could devestate ground forces and bases, known as the G.S.R.G.P. station. G.S.R.G.P. is short for Geo-Stationary RailGun Platform. This one was built in sercrecy by her and a few people she hired. Arachnos is clueless on the project, and thought she was working on a smaller version of the Complex Beta A Project. This one is the gigantic station she will occasionaly visit.

Rouge Isles

Sasha was not used to a war torn, gang infested place like the Isles. When first got here, she didn't have anyone to trust, or anyone to protect her. So she joined to Arachnos, hoping for protection, which she got, at a price, she had to come up with at least one usfull project idea to Arachnos that would help them with fighting and/or communication. She came up with Complex Beta A, which they thought was a good idea at the time, but when they looked at the requied resourced to build it, they turned it down, but after that they gave her protection from all the gangs, infected, snakes, and Longbow. Until the day she left them, she was pretty well protected, when she left Arachnos, she was vulnerable, so she made a few robots to protect her. The early ones were more like sentries than robots, for they just stood there. When she finaly made it to where to they could escort her around the Isles, she had an idea. To make more and fight the gangs around her house, and to protect her from any Arachnos soldiers that tried to arrest her and execute her. When she found Pocket D, she felt happier about the situation at hand, because she had a place to go and meet new people. She met a person called Gen. Nemkus. He was very kind to her, and she finaly had someone to go to when she needed to talk to someone. That was also when she joined a group a mercenaries called 'The Elect' That was the only time she felt comfortable around a group of strangers and actualy liked the company of other people.

Birth of Arc Enforcer

A few weeks after making the robots to fend off the gangs and Arachnos, she descovered a ability she had for robotics and technology. So, after contacted a few contacts she still had in the Black Market industry, she got a bunch of metals and a lot of current and older tech and began building her first suit. It could not fly, nor was it well armored, but it protected her from the small arms fire. It also wasn't a powered suit, so it was roughly her size so she could control everything. A year after the intitial birth of Arc Enforcer, she had full, battle ready robots, a powered armor suit that could defend her from heavier attacks and and possibly tank shells. A month later, she made the practicly 'Idestructable' Powered Armor Suit and the experimental 'Last Resort' Suit. She also rebuilt her robots from the ground up, and made them what they are today, and she is still upgrading her suits and robots. She also made the base that sits far enough away from the Isles. She hired some people, who now work there and keep it runing. Although memories of her brother and sister will never leave her, she will not stop moving forward. She keeps momentos of both of them. Her brother's Dog Tag and a trinket he bought for her, which was supossed to be worn around her neck, but it became to small, and she now wears it around her left wrist, along with the Dog Tags. A momento she keeps of her sister is another triket she got from her which is a necklace that still fits her, it is a Saphire surrounded by Rubies. The triket from her brother is a small F-117 'Nighthawk' fully Chromed.


Nanites These nanites have a multatude of uses, one of the most common are, repairing anything mechanical or technological. Repairing bokren bones, thats right, nanites capbable of enerting the human body and fixing broken bones or artifical limbs without consiquence. And ifiltration of enemy tech, robots, or mechs, and either disabling them, or completely destroying them to prevent further use in battle.

Handheld Healing nodes These nodes are easily transported and can heal herself, and others in need. They will shoot out a green beam/light at the personel in need, and imediatly begin healing. These are useful for quick aid in the battlefield and can ultimatly change the fate of someone who is dying. They have also been known to revive downed, or even dead allies.

Candever Mk.18 Revolver This revolver shoots specialized rounds that have to be hand made, they look like .357 magnum rounds, but they pack a bigger punch than a .50 cal round. The rate of fire for this small yet deadly revolver is very slow do to the fact that the barrel is 6 inches and acts more like a railgun than a regular side-arm. It sits in a holster on the left side of her waist.

Candever Light Adjusted Laser This is a pulse laser rifle that she uses when caught off gaurd, and can not get in the suits fast enough. It has enough power to stun, but not damage, that said, its like a stun gun. Its useful for when she needs to run away from the situation so she can quickly get into her suit.

Powered 9 in. Combat Knife This combat knife is unquie, in that, it has energy/electricty flowing through it. Its quite useful against both organic, and non-organic targets. It will cause an initial wound, if its a stab, a electrical shock will go into the targets body. If its a slash, the electricity will enter the body at the exact moment the blade cuts the body. When attacking a robot/mech if will release an E.M.P. into the body of the target and in most cases, shut it down for a few minutes.

Bionic Enhancements

Un-known to most, she is not full human herself. She has small implants that keep her alive and moving.

Right Shin Her right shin is all mechanical, it is encased in metals. It used kinetic energy to keep her up on her feet and allow her to move around with ease. She has encountered a slight problem with it, when ever she was in battle, when an explosion happend near-by, she kinetic energy inside the housing would bcome unstable and she would not be able to walk around for a day, or even a week, depending on the consussive blast from the explosion. She fixed this by adding a inner housing for the small reactor that created the energy. This inner housing deflected the concussive blasts and allowed her to move around right after. If you put your ear to her right shin, you can hear a slight buzzing noise.

Hands Her hands weren't damaged, or destroyed at all, she just decided to add some protection to her hands incase the tech she was working on exploded, her hands wouldn't be completly blown off. The pannels on the hand gaurds can do two very importan things. One is to call her robots to the battlefield and control them in battle, this also means she can monitor their status in battle and watch to see if any malfunction occurs when in battle. The other is they can be used as melee weapons, they panels will slide forward and start making a buzz sound, she calls them 'Energy Buzz Saws' because at the same time the buzz starts, energy starts spining under the panels at a high speed, allowing them to cut into most materials.

Feet When outside the suit, she wears large boots and give her the ability to fly. Both her hands and feet allow her to fly without the need of the suit. The boots make her fly by the use of the rockets under the feet. She does not feel the heat from the boots when flying, but when she lands on something that is cold and has small traces of moisture on it, steam will form and continue to form until no moisture is under the boots.

Spinal Cavity Her spine was damaged when her early power suit collapsed and broke a few vertebrae. Suprisingly she could still walk but had trouble with hand-eye coordination and could not make her re-placement. Luckily, she found someone who could and paid him to make a small implant to allow her to make a full spinal replacement. A few weeks after getting the implant, he made the replacement and had a doctor put the replacement in. She added a few details to it a month after se could walk again to allow her to fully control the power suits, it started out with 4 power couplings on her upper spine, and 4 power couplings on her lower to allow her to control both the upper and lower torsos of the suits. Once she added the wings, she put 2 more power couplings on the upper spine to control the wings as well. These couplings act like artificial nerves, they intercept and duplicate muscle movment and make the hydrolics with the suit mimic the action being performed.

Physical Appearence

She has two major apperances. One is her normal human form, this is what she is mostly seen in. And most of the time she will be in that form. The only way to tell she is demonic is her ears, they are not normal human ears, and the ends of the ears show through her hair. Her other appearence is her demoic form, when she transforms into that, all her implants stay, for its only her skin and clothing that change. She is still becoming demonic, but she as reached the stage where she can transform into her own form. And her form will change from time to time as she grows closer to being full demon. Once she is full demon, her form will change less, and less often until it the form is how she wants it. After that, she can not change the look, she can change the clothing.


Gen.Nemkus- One of her first and oldest friends on the Isles, he is one of the only few people who can calm her down when she is hot-headed. She considers him a close friend, and perfect ally in a fight. He is the nicest person she has ever met.

--Arc Stories 20:46, 7 May 2011 (CDT)

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