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Arcanum Aquisitions and Investigations (AAI) is a three division group, working under the mysterious man known as The Hierophant. They work in three directions to protect this world from dark magic (Circle of Thorns and other groups & people) and the misuse of magic in general.


The Leaders

The Hierophant

The Tower

The Divisions


The Justice division of AAI is the police force. If a warlock is threatening the city with a dark summoning ritual, those who work under Justice are dispatched to stop the warlock. The members of this division specialize in subduing and sometimes eliminating those who would misuse magic. If the PPD is in a sticky situation with demons and their summoner, Justice is dispatched to lend a hand. They constantly are fighting Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns, and other various magical enemies as part of their duty.

Only The Hierophant and The Tower know the identities of those who work under Justice. It is a measure of security for the entire organization as well as the safety for the families and friends that these hard working magic police are not known in identity to the media. They simply, in the media, act under the force of the Arcanum and they answer only to their Commander and the Hierophant, who will sometimes accompany them on their missions.

Justice is the rank in-game for those who would be better acting as a police force for the magical society. They are typically the ones to be sent in first in any magical situation before Temperance or The World go in to clean up and take up artifacts for storage. They handle situations before they go down the drain and make sure the misuse of magic is stopped, sometimes at whatever cost is needed without hurting the city.


Temperance is the detective agency division of the Arcanum. If something seems fishy or someone is having mystical problems that need to be investigated, they are hired to investigate. They typically work closer to the PPD and other heroes then their Justice allies, and are known for their deep work. They do not stop until everything is solved, and if things are going to sour, that is when they have the right to act or even call in for Justice to come in and help them out. They also work to keep the eye of the media from finding the work of Justice in some situations. However, it is their main job to investigate anything that may be fishy that could point to demons, ghosts, and so forth.

They work closely with the World too, calling them in if there is an artifact in play. In terms of The Hierophant and the Tower, their files are usually given to the Hierophant for review of cases as well as anything that may require him to step into the situation. It is only when things need him that they do this, as it stands.

Temperance is the rank in-game made for those who would be better suited as detectives / investigators of situations that may be magical when it first looks like it isn't. They are known publicly, more so then their allies in Justice, and act under the eye of the media more so then The World or Justice. They are also, at times, sent in after Justice to help clean up or investigate to make sure if there isn't something bigger going on.


When it comes to artifacts and mystical items of all sorts, World is the division that handles storing them and studying them. If they need to, they will fight to retrieve them, but they typically go in after Justice or Temperance members if they find artifacts during their work. World specializes in being able to neutralize artifacts and get them into better hands -- the storage within the Arcanum -- and make sure they are not touched by misusing hands any longer.

Unlike the other two divisions, they answer directly to The Hierophant, and if they are not busy with studying artifacts and getting them locked away, they act as his squad during his own missions and if needed, they will handle the media and PR. They are specialized in tracking and guarding magics, usually but some fighters become part of World to be ready in case things need to be punched and the likes of that.

The World is the in-game rank for those who would specialize in artifact retrieval and studying, and at times Public Relation & the Media that tends to find the Arcanum's workers. They are going to typically be defenders, controllers, and dominators, but the other ATs are most certainly welcome. They are like Temperance, and do not hide their identities unless they so choose to.

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