Archon the Mighty

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Archon the Mighty
Player: @Miyazato
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Rah'karr Tor
Known Aliases: The Archon, Archon the Mighty, The Mighty One
Species: Tor Clan
Age: 309
Height: 8'
Weight: 281
Eye Color: Orange Glow
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Tor Clan Warlord (former Archon of the Salandian Empire)
Occupation: Warlord
Place of Birth: Nu'voz, Salandia
Base of Operations: None
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Titanic level strength
Known Abilities
Expert in armed, and unarmed combat
Salandian Warrior Armor
Rah'karr Tor believes he is the strongest being in the universe, and actively seeks out new individuals to test his claims.



The might of Rah'karr Tor

Salandia is a planet located on the edge of the Milky Way.

It was once a beautiful utopia - but after the invasion by a space-faring warrior race, the planet has since been plagued with war and it's denizens have forgotten the true meaning of peace. The Tor clan was an ancient race of conquerors who had made claim to Salandia eons ago. They held the planet's populace in their iron grasp for ages. The native Salandians attempted revolts from time to time but were never successful. The Tor clan were too large and powerful for them to stop.

The Tor's built a new empire out of the broken Salandia civilization. Tor clan chiefs had positioned themselves as leaders, or "Archons", as they were called. They alone ruled Salandia, as well as directed invasions of other nearby systems. When Rah'nur Tor, known as Archon the Fierce, died, his offspring Rah'karr Tor succeeded as Archon of Salandia. Rah'Karr's first decree was a culling of all native Salandians as well as any Tor clan members who had relations or were sympathetic to the natives. This act shocked the populace, and when native Salandian and a select few Tor fought against his ruling, Rah'karr personally defeated each and every man, woman and child against him in a series of fierce gladiatorial styled competitions.

With that act, his great might was known throughout the planet and Archon Rah'karr was known henceforth as Archon the Mighty!

Imprisonment on Titan

Rah'karr's rule was far more tyrannical than any of the past Tor Archons. The fact that he was willing to crush any who stood against him, including his own clan, proved he was not only dangerous, but completely insane. Tor clan members who had seen his genocide began to shift in their age old prejudice of the natives. It wasn't until they had too lost their sense of safety that they saw and understood the true plight of the Salandians. The two races came together in a historic event which pledged everlasting peace between them on the condition that Rah'karr was overthrown.

With the decision made, the planet was soon plunged into the largest war it had ever known.

The victorious outcome, though hard fought, was ultimately achieved by the two united races. While he was unable to be killed due to his immense size and strength, Rah'karr Tor was subdued, and that would suffice. A peace treaty was signed by the two former waring races. Archon the Mighty was proclaimed the sole obstacle in reaching this peace and was officially exiled - and would be sent to the rock known as Titan to live out the remainder of his days.

Escape to Earth

Titan was a barren moon with no life. Rah'karr Tor sat pondering the decisions made that brought him to this point and wondered if he was in fact doomed to die alone and without honor. However he was resourceful and not one to give up. He could not fly back to Salandia - but there were other ways. The ancient Tor Clan was nomadic and would wonder the cosmos, traveling from system to system conquering anything they came across. One of the ways they traveled long distances was through worm holes. The Archon wondered if he could find one perhaps Salandia would once again be within his reach. Rah'karr fashioned a crude raft out of Titan rock, and launched it into the moon's atmosphere. With it, he floated past the gravitational pull of Saturn and began to drift - searching for a way back.

Eventually The Archon found the ever elusive worm hole and Rah'karr Tor flew in - not knowing completely where he would end up. Time inside the hole was compressed and warped. Without the safety of a ship's hull, a normal being would have been destroyed but The Archon's great resistance to harm protected him from the otherwise fatal way of travel. He woke on the other side, floating limp in space. directly in front of him was Salandia. As he entered the planet's atmosphere he began notice differences. The landscape, the architecture... how long had he been gone? The Archon eventually landed and began to investigate the area. The first thing he saw were six strangely dressed figures. They were not Salandians but agents of what he would soon know as Longbow. Minutes later the Longbow agents were dead.

The Archon soon came across a sign that his war-helmet translated as "Mercy Island". This was not Salandia.

He wandered off in search of answers....

Powers and Abilities




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