Arco Faust

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Faust displays his magic to some students
Arco Faust
Player: @Arco Faust
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Arco Vilheim Faust
Known Aliases: Arco, Marshal, Wizard
Species: Possessed Construct
Age: 208
Height: 6'1
Weight: 355
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American Colonist, now Rogue Isles
Occupation: Marshal of Arachnos, Mu Division, Teacher at Academie de Vindicta
Place of Birth: New England
Base of Operations: Grandville, Nerva Archipelago
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Long since dead
Known Powers
Incredibly adept control over frigid temperature and ice through magic, as well as some Mu spells and enchantments
Known Abilities
Very knowledgeable on magical theory and Circle of Thorns operations, has been shown to be capable of repressing demonic entities and influences from others. Has no need to eat, sleep, or breathe
Mu Vestments, enchanted to protect Faust from some attacks. Varied tomes, both created and stolen. Stolen Crey healing device
While a member of Arachnos, is not a bad guy

Arco Faust was a villain of mine long before CoV was around, in a custom RP setting. He's my first villain and it's been great fun to play him here. His backstory has fluctuated a bit due to all the playtime, but it's pretty solid today.



Servants of Valzar (disappeared)

The Last Vanguard (presumed missing)


Academie de Vindicta


The wizard known as Arco Faust can be dated back to the early 1800s. His interest in the Arcane led to him being shunned by others within the new colonies of America, but it suited him fine; Arco wanted to learn as much about the more mysterious forces in his world as he could. Things took a turn for the worse, however, when he crossed an early version of the Circle of Thorns.

The Longest Century

Strange robed men arrived at his cabin, stating their equal interest in magic, and requested that Faust join their group. Many promises for power and position were given, but something about them unsettled the wizard, and he politely declined. They didn't take no for an answer. Many more mages of the Circle appeared and assaulted Faust, subduing him with ease. When he was next aware, he found himself separated from his body, sealed within a strange crystal. He languished there for quite some time, until the Rikti broke into Oranbega, notifying the Circle's existence to a city above known as Paragon. A visionary named Valzar took this chance to steal into Oranbega, seeking it's secrets. He was surprised to find many crystals, with souls of unfortunate victims sealed within. They cried out to him for mercy, and he took what he could. Joined by his assistant, Reuben, in an abandoned building in King's Row, Valzar researched the tomes he had stolen for a way to bring these poor souls back to life. Finding a proper method, he bound their essence to statues (at their consent) and explained his motives. On that day the Servants of Valzar were formed, with Faust as one of it's leading members.

Service to the Cult

Valzar described to Faust and the rest of his new acquaintances a recurring dream of his. In it, the conflict between Good and Evil on Earth escalates to the point of the world's destruction. He had since been searching for a way to avoid this outcome, to no avail. The cult's mission was to find a means to either prevent the future, or create a world of their own, by any means necessary. Paragon, however, was far too enforced by law, and the group made their way to the Rogue Isles. Faust soon became Valzar's right hand man in theft of magical artifacts, spell components, information and the like. A discovery was made on Thorn Island, of a spell that could create an entirely new inhabitable world, though the power for such magic was immense.

Spider Surprise

Once they learned of his plans and possessions, Faust was dogged by the Legacy Chain and Circle of Thorns alike. Through some miracle, he survived encounter after encounter, as the cult worked to achieve the requirements listed in the tome. Eventually, the cult drew attention of Arachnos' Mu, followed by Scirocco. The Servants prepared for battle, but found Scirocco was not looking for a fight. He identified the book as the Malleus Mundi, a legendary book of incredible power, one that only shows itself in history when needed. In exchange for veiling the cult's actions from Arachnos, Scirocco required a specific page of the book. An agreement was met, and Faust gave his services to the patron, finding their goals to be similar.

Current Day

The Cult in which Faust was once a part of had disappeared months after this exchange. Many are not sure what became of it, perhaps eradicated by another faction, perhaps the spell went awry, no one is certain. Those close to Faust know, however, that the Servants succeeded, and are no longer present in this world. Faust's reasons for staying on Earth are to see this world to it's end, having already assisted Valzar in achieving his mission to save some of Earth's inhabitants from a possible apocalypse. His actions and partnership with Scirocco have led him to become a Marshal in Arachnos, a position he uses to protect others from their watchful gaze. What treachery he has committed has yet to be discovered.

Taking note of a special university he saw within Cap Au Diable's region, Faust contacted the headmaster with interests in teaching younger superpowered beings about the ways of magic, the Circle of Thorns, and the dangers of seeking too much arcane power. He has been accepted, and it is yet to be seen just where this path will lead him.


Magus Mu'drakhan: The two wizards are at odds in their views of how new members of the Mu sect should be recruited. The Magus believes in forcing others into it, one way or another. Faust would rather investigate and ask a possible candidate, leaving the decision up to them.

Nemesis: Faust has been a target of one of Nemesis' operations more than once, in an attempt to clone him and place a fake in his position.

Longbow: Agents have tried many times to arrest Faust and drag him back to Paragon for questioning on the Mu sect and Scirocco.

Circle of Thorns: While the Circle makes few attempts to recapture Faust anymore, they are still a prevalent force that will attempt to ruin his plans from time to time.


Faust has a strong affinity for ice magic, having no feeling in his constructed body himself. It is also known that he possesses some Mu spells, given to him by Scirocco. Being a construct, Faust does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe.

Weaknesses and Limitations

While being given an enchanted Mu vestment for protection, Faust is still very fragile and vulnerable to fire and physical assault. He also has trouble with wild, unpredictable foes and a poor grasp on today's technology. He cannot feel, or smell, though this doesn't bother him.

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