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Cats do what cats please....and is what I do best.
Ariani Dusktail (True name)/Anara Duskspeaker (Elf form)
Player: @Dark Screech1
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster/Defender
Security Level: 2
Personal Data
Real Name: Ariani Dusktail
Known Aliases: '
Species: Rakshasi (Female Rakshasa)
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'0" (Rakshasa), 5'0 (Elf)
Weight: 110 lb (Rakshasa), 101 (elf)
Eye Color: Cats eye green (Rakshasa), Aqua Marine (elf form)
Hair Color: White tiger mane (Rakshasa),Gold Blonde (Elf form)
Biographical Data
Nationality: '
Occupation: Inn Keeper,Mage, Priestess of Bahamatus
Place of Birth: Tower of London, London, England
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Kor'coth Dusktail (Father-Deceased), Veara Dusktail (Mother-Deceased)
Known Powers
Soul magics,Dream Magics, Shapeshift to and from elf form,Divine magic,Healing, Holy light beams
Known Abilities
Advenced Alchemy Skills,Sorcery,Fluent in Draconic,Elvish,Infernal,Abyssal,Common
Elven clothes,various talismans,a gold braclet and anklet, rakshasa clothes, Sorceress robes and staff,adamantine long sword
She seems to like to use her elf form. So you probably will meet her and mistake her for an elf.

Born to exiled Rakshasa parents in the Tower of London. They hoped and hoped that their daughter would someday see light which was never seen in the cells of the tower.They disguised their baby daughter as an elven baby and used their magics to transport her to the safe elven settlement on the border of England and Scotland. A friend of her parents and her husband took Ariani in as their on naming her Anara Duskspeaker (Which is close to her true name interestingly enough.). As she grew up she felt that she didn't fit in with the other children her age in the settlement. At the age of 13 (In Rakshasa years.) her adoptive parents told her that her parents where rakshasas and that they sent her to the couple to save her from the excution by beheading her parents recieved.

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