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For all your insurance needs...Armorclad!
Player: @SusieBot
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 7
Personal Data
Real Name: Grant Roberts
Known Aliases: n/a
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 6' 2"/6' 8" (In armor)
Weight: 210 lbs/740 lbs (In armor)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: Actor, Super Hero
Place of Birth: Annapolis, MD
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon, Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: John Roberts (Father), June Roberts (Mother), Meghan Roberts (Sister)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Armorclad Defense System
No additional information available.



A less-than-successful mission.

The Armorclad Insurance company was founded in 1892 by Maxwell Prendergast, a canny businessman who had made a fortune in munitions. Predicting a worldwide end to aggression in the 20th century, Prendergast funneled his fortune into the world of insurance. Though his predictions never came to pass, Prendergast's new enterprise -- Armorclad Insurance -- developed into one of the United States' premiere insurance providers.

With the emergence of super-human criminals and crime-fighters in the mid-20th century, insurance became a hot business in Paragon City. Many reputable insurers wouldn't touch the city, and a brief insurance crisis in the mid-1950s left several companies bankrupt after superhuman-related incidents. Armorclad CEO Arnold Prendergast, after a protracted fight with the Armorclad board of directors, began offering insurance against super-human incidents. A bold (and potentially fatal) move, Prendergast had a plan -- he lobbied the local, state, and federal government to sponsor his insurance plan, on the grounds that average citizens deserved to be protected from super-human related expenses. For twenty years, Prendergast got paid twice -- once in the form of outlandish premiums paid for Armorclad super-insurance, and again through government subsidies.

In the early 80s the well ran dry due to government belt-tightening, and Armorclad was forced to compete on even footing with other insurers in the Paragon Area. For nearly thirty years, the company barely broke even, forced to cover its expenses through traditional property, auto, and life insurance, and steadily losing money on any super-related insurances. In 2007, the current Armorclad CEO David Prendergast had an insight -- could the company actually save money by sponsoring a super-hero? A super-hero focused on protecting its customers, and aware of the costs associated with destruction of property? How much would customers pay for this service?

Enter Armorclad, the corporate spokesman for Armorclad Insurance and personal protector of its customers. Customers that purchase the Armorclad Invulnerable plan are connected to a network of sensors, monitored 24/7 by Armorclad security experts. In the event of an accident, hostage situation, or break-in, these experts will dispatch the armored super-hero Armorclad to the scene! Equipped with the nigh-indestructable Armorclad Defense System, and supported by a team of technical geniuses, tactical experts, appraisers, and adjusters, Armorclad will eliminate the problem while minimizing damage to life, limb, and property.

Seeking a charismatic and compelling personality for the Armorclad role, Armorclad Insurance hired Grant Roberts, a Navy SEAL turned stuntman and actor. Barely able to get enough roles to keep his SAG card, Roberts leapt at the opportunity to be Armorclad. After extensive training by former Longbow officers and expert insurance adjusters, Roberts was deployed on a trial run as Armorclad!


Grant Roberts is contractually obligated to portray Armorclad as forthright, honest, friendly, and concerned. Since he is connected via multiple sensors to the Armorclad Command Center, he is acutely aware that all of his words and actions are being monitored. Thus, whenver Roberts is in the Armorclad armor, he is "on".

In private, Roberts is quiet, but funny. He is a homebody and a fitness nut. Prior to his role as Armorclad (and his access to Armorclad Insurance's state-of-the-art training facility), he worked out on a home-made obstacle course in his backyard. AI has moved Roberts into an apartment in the city, but he maintains his home in the mountains for the rare weekend away.


Armorclad Defense System

The Armorclad Defense System (ADS) is the brainchild of Seamus McMurty, an expert in mechanical systems and chemistry, and Takeshi Shimamura, a physics genius. The two met while attending MIT, and used seed money from the Institute to start Logical Strategic Components (LSC), a think tank for next-next-generation arms and armor. LSC developed the initial systems that became the ADS.

ADS is an amalgam of numerous armor technologies, unified into a single system. The multi-layered armor utilizes the following systems:

Armorclad Command Center

Armorclad is connected at all times to the Armorclad Command Center (ACC), a room on the top floor of Armorclad's corporate offices. This room is powered by the best simulation and analysis hardware and software in the world, and staffed at all times by a team of seven: Two experts in the ADS systems, two tactical experts, an appraiser, an adjuster, and the Armorclad Commander. This staff is responsible for deploying Armorclad to the scene of an incident, assisting him in dealing with threats, and minimizing damage to facilities or persons under Armorclad protection.

The Armorclad Commander has the final word on all decisions related to the Armorclad Project. Grant Roberts has no authority to override his decisions, and he is acutely aware that he will be fired if he does not perform to the utmost in his role as Armorclad.



I love Armorclad's costume -- it was the driving force behind the character, though the concept has developed sufficiently that I now find him interesting as a concept. While the "Armored Superhero" concept is done to death in CoH, I think Armorclad is sufficiently interesting-looking that he differentiates himself from other armored super-heroes.

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