Artificial Intel/Armada of Metal

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An army of loyal servants, constructs of metal and weaponry.

Their synchronized footsteps pounding the pavement of the Rogue Isles and Paragon City.

I see buildings burn.

I see statues crumble.

I see massive effigies of myself raised in their place.

I see thousands of myself, under a single banner of my own design.

I see a world of red and black.

I see a world of machines.

I see conflict.

I see Heroes and Villains of all shapes, sizes, and origins trying to stop me.

I see explosions as they decimate my battalions.

I see myself. Oh the glory of my new Incarnate abilities!

An armor of burning gold, trimmed with polished silver.

Wings as reflective as the surface of a pristine lake.

Energy expelled from Him... Me... As I the Viewer am thrown away from my Godliness.

I see everyone fall.

I see Lord Recluse and his league of has-beens broken and shattered on the streets.

I see the Freedom Phalanx fall one by one in a glorious fashion, before the Statesman himself falls to one of my Omega Titans.

I see Supergroups of both sides fighting my unstoppable army.

And then I see myself again, a Beacon of Hope to the Mecha, a Beacon of Despair to the Flesh.

And then I hear a Voice calling for me.

I am pulled away from this magnificent dream!

No! No! I want to return! That world was the one I created! A perfect World!


I powerup within my charging station, located within one of my hidden warehouses. I scream as the energies of the Well leave me, taunting me, infuriating me.

I must have more.

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