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Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

((WARNING: This story contains gratuitous amounts of violence, blood and gore to the imagination. This is not the perverted A.I. you knew before. This is the Super-villain that he truly is outside of the D. Longbow based characters can use this In-Character at free will, as well as all characters who have access to Longbow information. Just Roleplay the story from their point of view.))

///Comment from Prototype B493D09G AKA The Artificial Intel 03262010///

It's strange, even now my old files seem to be repairing themselves. They are repaired, they automatically open, and I am subjugated to past recordings before the incident. They come and go, but still... It disturbs me. Have you ever been in the fight with a twelve foot tall bipedal shark slash coralax with a very bad grasp on grammar, only to be interrupted with a previous memory? Getting punched by a one ton mammoth of sharkskin and teeth while loading through a file is not fun at all.

///Access Log of Prototype B493D09G///

I was frightened.

To wake up in the sewers, surrounded by men and women in red and white carrying guns and prying at your chest, attempting to get at your insides. What was I supposed to do? Who were these people? Who was I? I decided to do the only rational thought process that I could do at the time. I killed them all. They died easily, these people. I remember so clearly, grabbing the one who was making the most noise, screaming and yelling into my visor. I grabbed his jaw and ripped it off. He bled. He bled. He bled. He bled. He continued to scream. The other men and women went quiet and backed away from me, drawing their weapons. The jaw-less man was already dead, choked on his own blood, face submerged in the sewer water. I could see it. The fear in their eyes.

I was panicked.

I tried to stand up, to run away from them, to find a place where I could be alone. The woman opened fire upon me. I acted out of... Instinct? Programming? I still cannot tell which was which. I hit her square in the chest. She flew through the sewers, into the darkness. I did not hear or see her after that. The rest of the squad opened fire. They were screaming. I could understand them.

"What the fuck is that thing?!" - The one with the sub-machine rifle yelled, over the hail of his bullets. Bullets that did not tear through me. Bullets that reflected off my armor.

"It killed Lisa, whatever it is, just kill it before it kills us!" - Screamed the one with the flamethrower. The flames that streamed over my metal body. Heat that merely melted my coloring.

I was furious.

I rushed them. I jumped through the air, my feet swung at the man and split him in half. Directly in half. In half. I could see his organs, even name them from what files I still retained. There were the intestines, portions of the tube-like digestive track mangled between the body. His stomach split open, spilling the contents onto the sewer's concrete passage. His eyes were blank. Blank. The eyes before they hit the ground. Another one. Dead.

"Holy shit!" The man with the flamethrower screamed, as he turned to try and run.

I was afraid.

I was afraid of what this man might do if he runs away, what may happen to me if he speaks to more of these men and women wearing red and white. I aimed a hand at him, as a small bolt of red energy formed in my hand, launching itself at him, encasing him in a protective shield. I walked up to him. Blood dripping from my handsBlood dripping from my handsBlood dripping from my hands. He screamed wildly inside the protective field. I laughed. I was happy. Happy that I had this man who was prying into my armor, prying at my weakness's, prying at my memories.

I laughed.

The shield fell, and he sat on the ground. My satcomms detected a particularly disgusting combination of molecules in the air. I grabbed onto his throat, hoisting him into the air. He stared at me, the pheromones secreted by fear pouring from his body.

I pitied.

I dropped the man, who kept staring at me. I backed up away from him, turned around, and bolted. I ran. And I ran. And I ran.

///Access Log End of Prototype B493D09G///

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