Artimus CrimsonClaw

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Artimus CrimsonClaw
Player: @TheClaw
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Artimus CrimsonClaw
Known Aliases: Artimus, Artie, Arty, Art, Goldy, Gold Chicken, CrimsonClaw, Warrior Dragon, Dragon, The Warrior Dragon.
Species: Dragon (Evolved from traditional Dragons.)
Age: 665 (22Yo Human Equivilant)
Height: 15'9 (6'4 humanform)
Weight: 4294Lbs(6416Lbs in Armor)/225Lbs(543Lbs In armor/Human Form)
Eye Color: Dark Red (Both Forms)
Hair Color: NA/Bald in humanform.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Aylian
Occupation: Warrior
Place of Birth: Aylian/BloodField/CrimsonBlade Camp
Base of Operations: Salamanca/Croatoa
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Turor (Deceased) Amaya (Deceased) Mother and Father (Unknown)
Known Powers
Has acute senses and the ability of flight. Has a fire breath but does not utilize.
Known Abilities
He's skilled in basic hand to hand, He would be stronger then an average dragon of his size and age and is a skilled swordsman.
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His broadsword, A larger Sword made of an Umbra/Spirit Metal (Spirits end), Ancient Dragon Plate Armor (Made from the scales of his ancestors), A flask which hangs from his belt, A Golden medallion he uses to contact others via thought. (Can only contact another person who has said medallion on them.) and the sheath from which his blade rests when not in active use. (Usually seen hanging from his belt and Also carries a vial that contains a viscous Emerald liquad that allows him to change his shape into that of a Human. (Effects are only temporary, an hour max.) He has a replica of his family armor made for when he enters his human form, though it is made of a lighter material to compensate for his loss of size and strength, it is still sturdy enough for combat.
Currently serving under Queen Fadoor'n while he is able to stay within her realm.

"I am Artimus Crimsonclaw, once a proud member of my tribe, now but a petty wanderer of the many realms. Forever to seek for something that demands my blade.. to seek for something that will lead me down a path of honour."





Character history


Bloody Epoch

Era of Ruins


The Age of Shifting

Warrior Dragon

A New Beginning: CrimsonBladeTribe





Emerald Vengence Tribe


Obsidian Rising/Capture/Return

The Lost Realm

Alliances and Friends

Infamous Union

Queen Faldoor'n: The fair and just ruler of her realm, Artimus serves her loyaly for he sees a kind heart. Just and honourable in her ways, someone he would protect from harm, someone he would give his life to save if he had to just to see her rule continue over her Kingdom. He would never question her, unless her commands conflicted with his honour.

Stonebinder: A powerful and skilled Mountain Troll Warrioress he met only on the second day in the Realm. She speaks in an odd way...that Artimus would think simplistic if not for the fact that she also shows her intelligence when need be. Artimus knows never to get on her bad side as he's seen first hand what happens to individuals she's just finished isn't pretty. He prays every day that he will never have to face her in a duel.

Ryocef : An Ally he met long before he himself joined the realm. Though he knows little of him and sees little of him, he will risk trusting Ryocef for if his trusted friend and brother in arms Allastor will trust Ryocef, he most certainly will.

Slissk:The strange little Dragon Slissk is one Artimus has come to amusing. His need to find a female to sit atop his hoard of treasures in a closet...always seemed to strange to him, Artimus will often remind him that he shouldn't do so even if he doesn't seem to listen.. or understand at times. Artimus knows Slissk is intelligent...but often the intelligence is hid under Slissks silly antics.

Chimverse: partner in crime to Slissk, Artimus thinks of highly of his combat skills...and despite the negative attitude he has seen Chimverse display, to which he can only guess is because he's easily annoyed or usually having bad days, he respects him. Perhaps even thinking him to be a friend of sorts.


Allastor Darkflame : A former member of Artimus' incarnation of Crimson Blade and his most trusted of friends, former second in command and his brother. Allastor has always shown Artimus the other side of things, though the two have had verbal disagreements on many issues in the past often leaving Artimus disgruntled with Allastor, however they were always able to get past their problems and forgive one another. Artimus can see a lot of potential in Allastor, both as a leader and a fighter and he could never understand why Allastor was so hesitant to succeed him in case he fell. Artimus has never asked Allastor why and may never, because Artimus has always respected Allastor. Even if he didn't like the Mythril at times, it never effected the respect he had for Allastor. Because of that respect alone Artimus and Allastor were able to build a strong friendship, no matter how rocky the road was, they have become the best of friends. Artimus hopes that should Allastor ever lose control of his powers, that he would be the one to combat Allastor. Even if it meant his life, Artimus would prefer it that way, it would be an honourable death for either of them and it would also show the extent of his respect for Allastor.

Donavon Roivan : Donavon is someone he met after his return from his quest, at first he believed Donavon to be another annoying human but as they began talking more and more, Artimus began to learn that he wasn't. Even having a hidden respect that he would never openly admit to the Vampire. One of the few non-dragons who have bailed Artimus out of situations in the past and the maker of Artimus' new blade "Spirits End".

Agaris Sirilye : Artimus' relationship has been rocky with this dragon, to say the least. Though Artimus will never understand why he chose to backstab him where his mate is concerned when he already had one or how when he tries to beeter a situation it only ends up making it worse. But he does understand that he means well and has made improvements. Though he will be the first to taunt Agaris or belittle him, he'll also be one of the few who would get between him and danger to show that he isn't completely spiteful of the Asgardian. As it is, if it weren't for him he would never have met Karon and (despite what he thinks) he has been saved by the Asgardian. Artimus would never accept the fact and simply brushes it off as him healing on his own.

Yimira Sirilye : Yimira Sirilye, the mate of Agaris'. Artimus met her by chance in the bar at the Pocket D. Though he had an attraction for the silver female, it was Agaris who ultimatly won her heart. Artimus is still slightly bitter about it but he would never say it out of respect for her decision.

Karon Alexander : This Female human is someone Artimus cares for deeply, someone who he fears losing. When they first met, he was as rude and outright hated her for simply being at first. He couldn't stand the 'Soft-skin' attempting to act stronger then he assumed she hadn't been. It was only after she took him and a few others to the FirstWard that he started to learn about this human and how she was different, he could tolerate her but still hated what she was. Christmas eve, only a couple weeks after, He met with Karon again in Cap au Diable. After some talking and learning of eachother, Artimus started to develop a physical as well as an emotional attraction, even if he was reluctant to admit it to himself, this eventually led to them spending the night with eachother and ever since that night, his feelings for her have only become stronger, making it hard for him to accept that one day she'll pass away and he would have live on.

Riou Hotaru: Riou has come to be known to him as dependable as an ally but someone he needs to watch his tail around, lest it be shined up with polish. It also did take him some time but Riou did earn Artimus' respect , the biggest step was taken when he was able to traverse into Bahamuts' realm and leave unharmed, but the event also left a sour taste in Artimus' mind. If Artimus was ever needed by this individual, he would not hesitate to aid.

Yang Dragon : God-child, one of his best friends and former member of Artimus' incarnation of CrimsonBlade. Yangs pranks have always grinded heavily upon his nerves, usually inticing Artimus to chase Yang around for an hour with his blade comically up in the air for hours on end, never meaning to actually cause the purple dragon any harm. Artimus has never truly hated Yang, he was always willing to stand up for him when he knew he should. Something that must have rubbed off onto the Purple dragon, when the demon blade returned once more and started to corrupt his thoughts, Yang stood up to him costing him his life. Artimus even to this day has never forgiven himself for that event, despite his returning to life.

Hekatae: His Daughter from another Realm, first from the future but because her mother Lilith had acended she went into another realm (Or so he was told). Possibly to find her missing father or to escape that reality in order to remain alive. Artimus loves his daughter, wishing that she could have been born in his reality before Lilith had left the mortal world, but sadly his disappearance prevented it. He often wonders how she is and what she is up to, if his daughter is even still alive. One day he hopes to reconnect with her and attempt to explain his reasons for leaving.

Walker Gray: Though they never saw eye to eye and still do not, often being easily goaded into reacting, this former member of Artimus' incarnation of Crimsonblade was once someone he could respect with ease. But as time moved on they slowly became more and more distant, Walker, A Silver Dragon, began to poke fun at Artimus and Artimus would often react in a hostile manner. Even when Walker returned from wherever he had been, this had only become worse. But Artimus remains certain that there is something about Walker that will show him he isn't completely childish in his ways and continues to call him friend.

Forgemaster Devon: At first glance Artimus thought Devon to be another strange human seeking attention or to find some way to make fun of him, but strangely enough she had never once refered to him as anything he would find derogatory, the more they spoke and learned of one another the more Artimus grew to like the human, even starting to call her friend. It was a quick advance from complete strangers to friends, Artimus may never understand how it advanced so quickly, it could be because of her ability to forge or because she was respectful, whatever it was he's glad they're friends.

Meryn: The Succubus Ruby Dragoness is one Artimus has come to know as a sister. When they first met it was clear, she was attempting to seduce the Golden male, but as she got him into an isolated spot..the blade Brahadur struck fear into her. A fear that changed her, she no longer saught to seduce but to protect him from the darkness of the Blade. Even if it meant doing things he did not approve of.

Kid Draconian/Cid: Artimus met Cid during a conversation with Allastor after his return from his quest. He finds Cid to be a strong individual and unique in the fact that an Ancient dragon spirit chose him, granting him their strength and abilities. Something about that fact has always amazed Artimus, something that alone helped Artimus past the fact that he was a human.

Grahm Ashland: Adpoted son of his brother, he rarely sees Grahm and when Artimus does it is usually because he is in need of healing or Allastor is in need of aid. Artimus hopes that wherever he may be at this moment, that he is safe and well.

Elfin Twilight: A curious little being that stumbled upon Artimus one day, he has come to know her as an interesting little being, curious and brave. He hopes to have future encounters and future discussions with the curious little Elfin.

Bosch Parano: No one more 'eccentric' then this friend of Artimus'. Bosch is a...being that takes many shapes, Artimus could swear he were an insane shapeshifter. He's unpredictable to Artimus. He met him after a strange occurance involving a Candy Cane dressed man drove off the people he had been conversing with prior to meeting Bosch. Often getting into small arguments over him being Eccentric vs Strange. Neither ever budge and it seems as if they never will. Artimus enjoys his company, for the simple arguments alone....they always better Artimus' mood.

Family and Friends from Aylian

Turor Crimsonclaw(Deceased): A vile and disturbing Gold male, Artimus never thought of Turor as family. Artimus was Glad that he ended his life for his crimes.. such crimes being the slaying of the Dragoness he had his eyes upon or always finding ways to bring him down to his knees. Artimus took satisfaction in plunging that blade deep into the heart of Turor and then taking the monsters head from it's shoulders.

Amaya Crimsonclaw(Deceased): His dearest sister, the only other dragon in the tribe that believed Artimus to be someone more then the Elders thought. Always there to support and defend her little brother from the Crimson or Red Dragons that often would assault the smaller gold dragon. Artimus misses her...wishing he could go back and save her from death.

Aurora Elensar:An elf, one point Artimus saw as something far more then a simple friend. She was the first to join him on their quest to stop the Obsidian Order from bringing ObsidianTalon forth from the depths of his prison. Though they hardly agreed on anything, they were always respectful of eachother. Artimus often wonders if she's still angry at him for fleeing

Garn Rockaxe:This Sober dwarf was as weird as they come, he wasn't like the other dwarves...well he was loud and Artimus never liked that...he was a fighter...but he wanted to be a scholar as opposed to a weapon maker or armor caster...he wanted books. When he wasn't in combat with his axe "StoneWrath" he was off reading a story...or studying some dead creature.

Ulric Warren:This human was strange, he joined Artimus' party only after being defeated by Artimus and Aurora. A former thief and human warrior, Artimus never had much respect for him....even after being put face first into the dirt and losing his tail to this man.

Rooted Granitehill: A Stone Giant that joined Artmius' party in Aylian. The giant was kind in nature and a fierce combatant. Often times the one who always had the highest kill count. Artimus always thought the Giant was strange for a being like itself, made of stone but not seeking conflict as it could clearly squash two soft-skins heads in one of it's large and mighty stone hands.

Fun Facts

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What others think.

"It is no secret that Artimus and I have butted heads on several occasions, more often then not as a result of my own faults. Despite this, I respect him greatly. He is a warrior of immense skill, discipline, and loyalty. I am proud to fight by his side, and call him a brother."-Agaris Sirilye

"Artie is probably the most complicated guy I know, and he's not even human. Heh, normally I'd think it weird that I'd be attracted to him, but what can I say, he grew on me. Besides, -somone- has to keep their eye on him or god knows what sort of trouble he'll get into. Seriously, he -never- gets a break. I think I'll just have to kidnap him -first- for a change." - Karon Alexander

"Impressive warrior, if a bit lacking in the 'sense-of-humor' department. I swear I've never seen a dragon get so annoyed at the idea of scale polish. But at least he's witty, and he won't melt under a single compliment the way Allastor does." - Riou Hotaru

"He's really not that bad a guy. Sure, he can be a little......brutish at times, but only because of how he was raised!"- Yang Dragon

"Artimus is the closest I have got to a brother since Illidan passed away, someone I can rely on when in most need. Centuries have passed since the last time a kin has actually called me kin, despite what I have becomed. There are indeed moments at which we are at odds, and our points of view would collide. However, Artimus has proven time after time that, in order to forge a bond like that which we hold now takes time, tolerance and dedication. I would put my life in his claws without hesitation, and give it to preserve his."- Allastor Darkflame


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