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"She's quite a friendly soul. Just have to get past the unsettling demeanor and the constant feeling of dread she carries like a sack of drowned kittens."

Many thanks to Nicholai del Larkin for the first public reference to this extradimensional being from realms unknown, origin and history unknown. What is known is that this disembodied entity was brought into the Prime Material Plane by means not of her doing, for reasons not known to her. She hasn't revealed her true nature but considers humans lesser evolve. Regarding angels, demons and deities-- she critizes them as fools for acting beneath their station and involving theirselves in affairs of the flesh. She does acknowledges a higher power, "that that is" as she refers to it.

Possessing no living body, she seems able to construct herself an inorganic shell of an opal type material. She has exhibited a variety of powers depending upon the shell she inhabits (see below) but no matter the shell, she always seems to possess astral type abilities, including knowing and manipulating people's desires, fears, dreams and nightmares. That seems to be what makes her so dangerous a threat, without resorting to combat, her opponents had fallen to strange self destructive circumstances.

There seems to be 2 personifications of Ashen (differentiated by the color of her bodily shell), first appearing as grey Ashen (dark & kinetic manipulant abilites) in the Rogue Isles (referred to above by Nikolai de la Larken) then as white Ashen, first seen in Paragon City merged with the mad Kheldian, Epimanes.

As for her intentions, she seems primarily focused on the creature Dreamblood, being very disapproving of her involvement with mortals. Ashen has also declared that she would help speed up humanity's move to their next evolutionary stage but those that know Ashen do not take comfort in that declaration.

The grey incarnation of Ashen appeared to had gone into hiding in the Isles with the appearance of her white incarnation in Paragon City. White Ashen is the best known incarnation (see history below) but also has disappeared from public view and her whereabouts and activities are currently unknown.





Dreameater (and Blood Artists)

Opal Wolfsbane

Kain Ulmar?


Grey Ashen first appearred. Immediately a rivalry developed with Dreamblood. Convinced Nikolai del Larkin and Cyrocasm to act as guardians for the young villian Triste Nocturne (whom was already being protected by Dreamblood)

Grey Ashen joined Nikolai del Larkin's Club Midnight Obscura. He seemed to be the only person Ashen ever dealt with on a friendly basis.

White Ashen appeared in Paragon City. The rivalry with Dreamblood intensified when Dreamblood was able to turn people, (see enemies) including Cyrocasm, against Ashen.

Ashen gladly challenged Dreamblood and her allies. Dreamblood's alliance fell apart when they couldn't keep an united front against Ashen and fell one by one to self destructive fates. Dreamblood remained steeadfast alone and Ashen ambushed her with a Paragon City bounty hunter who killed her while returning her to Paragon City. Ashen most likely knew that the killing would happen.

Triste Nocturne apparently escaped the conflict and the Isles and to parts unknown.

NOTABLE QUOTE: Now I lay you down to sleep, Fear cruel Fates your soul to keep. If the nightmares should get you before you wake, pray a kinder fate your soul to take.

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