Ashleigh Malchman

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Ashleigh Malchman
Player: @NoctusWulf
Origin: magic
Archetype: corrupter
Threat Level: 33
Personal Data
Real Name: Ashleigh Malchman
Known Aliases: none
Species: human
Age: 19
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 124
Eye Color: grey
Hair Color: dyed purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: Scottish/Irish
Occupation: spy
Place of Birth: Agincourt, Nerva Archipelago
Base of Operations: none
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: none
Known Powers
magical powers and spells
Known Abilities
deep knowledge of hexes and curses, energy manipulation and absorption
No additional information available.

Ashleigh Malchman is a character created in the MMORPG "City of Villains". Though not my first villain build, she is the more intriguing of all the redside characters I've made thus far, and is currently the one enjoying the most success in-game.





Ashleigh is a very outspoken individual, and is under the control of any whim or extreme emotion that passes over her at any given time. Despite her seemingly random and impulsive nature, she is a driven young woman and carries herself with the confidence of an accomplished magician or a powerful sorceress. She lives for the moment that lies before her, satisfying any given need with earnest and not bothering to take in the "big picture", as she'd rather not be bothered by the details anyway. Her waking hours are usually concerned with finding enjoyment in any form, be it from drinking, a good fight, physical contact with others, or improving on her already impressive book of spells.


Ashleigh has devoted the greater bulk of her young life to the study of magick--more directly, to the absorption, manipulation, and expulsion of life energies. She's able to warp the natural energies of herself and her foes to her will, imbuing them with her own manifest desire to harm or hex those who would do her harm...or even those who would simply look at her the wrong way.

Primary Set: Radiation Blast

The greater bulk of Ashleigh's offensive power comes in the form of energy assault. Harvesting the lifeforce of those around her or those in her path, she is able to manually control this energy into a variety of damaging blasts.

Secondary Set: Kinetics

While potent, the energy Ashleigh uses to attack her foes must constantly be fueled from others. To this end, she has learned a variety of siphoning spells and hexes to keep her powers going. She is able to incrementally take the energies from her foes and use them to her benefit, or to the benefit of those around, either by increasing their own physical power or even healing their wounds. In addition, Ashleigh has learned a small variety of wind-based spells. She's able to manipulate small currents of wind to cause enemies to be blown away from her, or to lift herself to low-ceiling flight or her allies to feats of wind-powered leaping ability.

Additional Powers


Ashleigh has learned a few wind-based magical spells that empower her to control localized gusts and air currents. Using this power, she is able to propel herself into flight. She sometimes is seen actually riding a broom, not due to any need for it to power her flight, but simply because the thought of a real witch riding a broom amuses her greatly.


During a mission to unlock the supposed "power of the Destined Ones", Ashleigh had summoned a sylph--a wind elemental--to herself, who was drawn to her magical prowess and her use of various wind spells. After offering the retrieved scrolls to the Powers, the sylph entered Ashleigh's body. Ashleigh is able to transform into a "sylph form" at will. This form increases her magical strength by almost double, as well as unleashes a variety of more powerful hex energy attacks, the strongest of which expels all of the sylph's energy in a tremendous explosion. This maneuver, however, immediately reverts Ashleigh to her human form, as well as severely weakens her.


Ashleigh is something of a living vortex for life energies, though only in a very minute way. Only the most adept in magical study would even notice this continual influx of lifeforce, and most people she comes into contact with are unaffected to any degree by this inherent ability.

In addition to drawing forth life energy from a target, Ashleigh is also able to become empowered or energized by the consumption of life fluids, such as blood or seminal fluids. The consumption of these fluids typically gives her the largest stores of energy with which to power her magicks. She typically prefers consuming seminal fluid versus blood, however, as the gaining of such usually involves mutual enjoyment, while consuming blood is typically less entertaining to her. Though her powers do not rely solely on drinking fluids, she has been rumored to have magically bound at least two or three unwilling male "donors" to meet her needs.

Weaknesses and Limitations

While a very determined individual, Ashleigh can be resolute and stubborn in many situations, especially towards figures of authority. She is almost completely incapable of living a life of structure and discipline, choosing pure anarchy, unchecked emotion and planning that is sometimes not well thought out. Due to this, she typically is either incredibly alluring or completely repulsive to people. Though she is a creature of enjoyment, she also recognizes her polarizing personality, and typically feels that people who don't like her have a problem with themselves, regardless of if she herself is at fault.

Character History

A Heritage of Power

Ashleigh Malchman was born in Agincourt on Nerva Archipelago, the daughter of an Irish mother and a Scottish father. Her father was a descendant of one of the many highlander clans of Scotland, while her mother was a practicing witch in the Celtic and Gaelic pantheon of Witchcraft. Imbued with her mother's mystical knowledge and her father's fighting spirit, Ashleigh proved to be a strong-willed and tempestuous young girl.

At the age of seven, her family was caught in the crossfire of a fight between the Circle of Thorns and some Mu. In the resulting magical chaos, her parents were both killed, and her home was nearly reduced to rubble. While sifting through the ruins of her old house, Ashleigh came across a large, hidden book--a book of shadows, kept by her mother. Inside, she learned that her mother was a descendant of the Tuatha de Dannan, the fabled Gaelic conquerors of most of Ireland, and that she had been keeping a book of powerful spells that outlined the ability to draw from all life to defend the caster. Taking this, her only physical memory of her parents, Ashleigh fled Nerva Archipelago and headed to Mercy Island.


Homeless and alone, the young girl kept herself busy with reading her mother's book of shadows from cover to cover. As she did, she slowly became able to learn the spells within. As she grew older, so too did her understanding of her mystical nature. Slowly, she became enraptured by her burgeoning abilities to the point of near-obsession. She learned that she was able to draw the most power from angered targets, or from satisfied or physically pleased ones. To this end, she was able to remain an approachable and alluring young girl, though her penchant for starting a fight and her occasional temper ensured that those who she dealt with were aware that she was not one to be crossed. It was through her reputation as a powerful young sorceress and as a girl who knew how to have a good time that she began to carve a small niche in Mercy Island.

Striking Out

At the age of 19, Ashleigh grew tired of the small circle of friends and contacts that she had grown accustomed to. Her desire to experience new things and her love of stirring up fun--and trouble--would lead her out of her small territory in Mercy and into the rest of the island, where she decided to work on her magickal powers upon the local populace--particularly the Snakes and the Arachnos soldiery, as they were the most obvious figures of authority.

Finding Allie

During her many ventures into Pocket D for some downtime, Ashleigh had come into contact with a woman who identified herself as Allie, known by the sobriquet Reiteration. Allie, a mutant able to shapeshift into practically anything and able to make additional copies of herself for combat purposes, greeted Ashleigh with an uncharacteristic level of warmth, which struck Ashleigh immediately.

The two remained in contact via commlink, and even had a couple more run-ins at the Pocket D. One day, Ashleigh was given a note penned by Allie professing her true feelings and her hopes to be a couple. Ashleigh quickly responded via e-mail, and shortly after the two met up in the club again and began to almost instantly allow themselves to fall in love with one another.

The Attempt to Ascend and Mistress Chaos

Through her work along the Isles, Ashleigh began to carve her niche and grow in her power and ability, as well as fall deeper in love with Allie. Despite all that was going for her, however, she slowly began to believe that her human form was imperfect, and feared she would hit a ceiling of magical ability. In a bid to gain more power to better defend herself and her new girlfriend, she sought out someone who could help her achieve her ascension, either through demonic means or otherwise. In her searches, she met a woman named Mistress Chaos. Without really consulting Allie, Ashleigh offered the Mistress her soul and servitude in exchange for being given power.

Mistress Chaos turned out to be just as cruel as her name would suggest--during their first real moment alone, the Mistress demanded obedience from Ashleigh. Being one to not take too kindly to orders, Ashleigh outright refused and threw insults at her new mistress. She was subsequently punished, both instances of which had caused her to die, though she did not pass into the ether due to not having a soul and soon revived after her blackouts.

Allie had gotten wind of whom Ashleigh had made a deal with, and immediately confronted Mistress Chaos. During the banter amongst the three women, Mistress Chaos let slip of plans to build an army for her own personal use once she had "ascended". Due to this new information, as well as the incredibly violent and murderous treatment she had received, Ashleigh escaped from the Mistress' clutches and fled. Allie began working with her own personal contacts, hoping to find a lead that would allow the pair to restore Ashleigh's soul.

Ashleigh's Soul

After her escape from Mistress Chaos, Ashleigh's soul was offered up as a bet between Chaos and another woman, named Vi. Chaos lost the bet, and Vi obtained Ashleigh's soul. It had just so happened that Vi was the pet of a woman named Dortie, aka Cynical Pink, a friend of both Allie and Ashleigh. During a meeting amongst the three women, Dortie granted Ashleigh a shard of her soul, which stymied Ashleigh's gradual slide into a robotic state. The search for the remainder of Ashleigh's soul continues...

Trivia/Random Facts

Ashleigh came from my desire to come up with a different approach to the radiation-slinging blaster other than "mutant exposed to x amounts of radiation/gamma rays/science explosions". Kinetics came up as the most obvious and RP'able choice stylistically. Further character concepts came from my own practice of Wicca, and from the hentai Bible Black.

Ashleigh's theme song is "Fake It" by Seether, from the album Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces.

In terms of character personality, Ashleigh is the most like my blueside main, the Midnight Kestrel, without actually being an alternate of her--a proposition that I've tried on several occasions, all of which were met with either personal disinterest or spectacular build failure.

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