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Atlantis is a roleplaying villain group located on virtue. It was founded on may 30th 2008. It is unaffiliated with the Empire of Atlantis supergroup.

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Founder: Balaque
Side: Villain
Motto: "Quell Atlantis", translates to "hail/glory to Atlantis"
Leader(s): Balaque ((ooc leader))
Logo: Tidalwave
Group Colours: Black and aqua blue
Levels: All welcome
Play style: All welcome
Roleplay: Heavy RP
Timezone(s): All Welcome
Recruiting: Active.
Contact: @abo
Website and forum are on their way!



We the Atlanteans cohabited on Earth with our brethren the humans for eons. But then came the great wars and humanity drove us from our ancient underwater city. We took to the stars hoping to one day return when man had matured beyond its barbarism. But space has a bleak vastness and our people grew restless in its cold depths. So We fought amongst ourselves; our numbers dwindled as our people grew cruel and malicious. The ancient republic fell giving way to the rule of the tyrannical sovereigns. But hope still remains, the senate and the throne have come to an impasse resulting in a fragile peace. So we have returned to claim our birthright and unite with our ancient home once more!

Making an Atlantean

Atlantis female costume 1.jpgAtlantis male cost 1.jpgAtlantis female costume 2.jpg

Newly made atlanteans begin in one of the standard uniforms. Varying uniform colors are acceptable.


Head: Full mask when using fins. Standard if using hair.

Chest: Tight Enforcer.

Belt: Jewel.

Gloves: Finned and banded.

Pants: Tucked in and enforcer or the shorts/skirts option.

Boots: Finned and banded.

Skin Color Atlanteans are restricted to the following Skin colors. Atlantis skincolors.jpg


Atlantean names are typically out worldly variations of human names. For example: Micheal could be Mishoul, Jack could be Joulack, Sarah could be Sorouh. Or just make up a name.

Atlantean Political Structure and Character Denominations


Atlantis originally adhered to what can only be described as an advanced tribal structure similar to that followed by many indigenous human tribes around the world. Originally it worked as a participatory democracy and all members of the great city debated and voted on crucial matters. A consul or chief was routinely elected to help organize and enforce the laws the people deemed vital.

Unfortunately during their exile among the stars the Atlanteans lost their enlightened ways and eventually became a republic and then degenerated into a kingdom under the command of the ruthless Sovereigns.

Currently balance of power among the Atlanteans is equally split between the Sovereign, his supporters and the Atlantean Senate.

The Sovereign

The Sovereign is essentially the king/queen, due to his/her control over a large military force he/she is able to exert a large amount of control over Atlantean politics. During the height of their power the sovereigns had near complete control of the senate, that has recently changed.

The Senate

All atlanteans are part of the senate and can vote when crucial matters are being debated. Thier are typically two major factions, the praetors who support the Sovereign and the comminians who oppose his control.

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