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Godiva blinked her big eyes and peeked out from under her blanket. Mindy was gone, like almost every morning. Godiva didn't know where Mindy went most days but it was ok because it was wonderful when she came back. Godiva crawled out of her bed and sniffed around.


~Mindy forgot to leave a puppy pad! On no! I really need one!~

Godiva whined as loud as she could and barked a few times, hoping someone was still home that could let her out. No such luck. Godiva wondered about that phrase "no such luck". She knew what it meant but how did it come to mean that? How did any words come to mean what they meant?

Godiva was proud of herself for knowing so many words. Mindy could tell her what to do and she understood it! If only she could get her throat and mouth to handle them, she could actually talk to Mindy... and Bob and Susan but they didn't count as much as Mindy. Every day, she spent the hours that Mindy was away trying to wrap her mouth around words. No such luck. Not yet anyways. She learned words from the tee vee, too. Even words that Mindy got in trouble for saying

~Oh Poop!~

There it was, the word and the action, she couldn't wait anymore. She found a low traffic corner, the lest offensive spot available. Then she went and hid under her blanket again.

A few hours later, Godiva peeked out again. It was still there. It sat in the corner and mocked her. Made fun of her inability to wait until someone came home. She tugged the blanket with her teeth, pulling it back over her head, and went back to sleep.

"Godiva! Godiva where are you"?

~MINDY!!! Mindy's home!!... ... ... uh oh~

"Godiva, why are you still hiding in your bed"?

Godiva peeked out at the girl she loved so much and opened her small mouth

"I had an accident".

Mindy dropped the small fuzzy toy she had been waving in front of the chihuahua. Godiva stepped over the low edge of her doggy bed and picked it up, wagging her little tail.

"Godiva? Did... did you just talk"?

She dropped the toy

"Did I"?

Mindy let out an ear piercing screach that made Godiva jump back several feet

"I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to poop on the floor but you didn't leave any puppy pads! I tried to find a spot it would be out of the way"!

Godiva's tone somehow cut through Mindy's natural shock at hearing her pup talk and she realized the poor thing was honestly upset and scared.

Mindy looked around and found the "accident" Godiva was so worried about.

"It's ok, Baby, I forgot to leave you a pad, but... Godiva, you're talking! When did you learn to talk"?

"Weeeellll.... I've been working on it for a while. I've known words for a long time but I just couldn't say them. I even think in human words now, instead of doggy. I think something happened when I was sleeping today, something changed and I can say words now... but I still like to bark"!

Godiva turned several excited circles and began yapping with joy.

Telling her parents that Godiva could talk set off a major bombshell in the Jones household. Their first instinct was to keep it quiet and see how things developed. They explained to Godiva that it was vitaly important she not speak in front non-family members. Godiva was happy to comply but other things proved more difficult to hide.

Within three days, Godiva had doubled in size and she was begining to walk upright. Her forepaws were slowly growing fingers and an opposable thumb.

The the letter came. A letter from Crey Industries. The Joneses had no idea how, but it was clear that Crey knew about Godiva.

Bob Jones was in middle management with G.I.F.T. Reading report after report from various Heroes made it clear that Crey was entirely corrupt. It was time to go talk to Antonio Nash.

Fortunately, Godiva was not the first animal to mutate into a humaniod form that G.I.F.T. had seen. They had a system already in place to handle such a situation. On the down side, it meant that Godiva had to leave their home, and Mindy, for an indefinate period of time.

Godiva was not happy. When they told her she was going to see a doctor and couldn't be with Mindy for a while, she yapped so loudly that every glass object in a ten foot radius shattered. Even Godiva was stunned by the effect of her bark and after thinking about it for a few minutes, thought that it might be best she spend some time with the people at G.I.F.T.

The weeks at G.I.F.T. were grueling and not without certain obsticles that had to be overcome. Godiva kept growing, until she stood more than three feet tall on her hind legs. Her body continued it's metamorphasis into a hybrid of human and canine characteristics. To make things even more complicated, she began exhibiting super powers, as well. Crey made several attempts to get her. They even tried some legal jurymandering to force G.I.F.T. to hand her over to their care. This effort was chiefly derailed by Godiva being declaired a Fully Sentient Being and furthermore, a Citizen of the United States with the Full Rights and Privledges thereof.

Weekly visits with Mindy kept Godiva from losing her mind and barking her way out of the G.I.F.T. labs. Godiva's barks had grown in power to the point she was now classified as a Sonic Blaster.

And then, she was free. The white coats determined that they had learned all they could about her condition and had no more reason to hold her. But they did want her to check in with them periodically. Antonio Nash even asked her if she was interested in becoming a registered Hero. She certainly had the power for it.

Godiva's tail whipped rapidly from side to side as the Jones House came into view. She was so excited and happy that she could hardly contain herself.

"Gonna see Mindy! Gonna see Mindy! Gonna see Mindy!"

The Government driver chuckled to himself at her enthusiam. As soon as the little blond girl came running out of the house, Godiva leapt from the car before it had even stopped.


Godiva turned rapid circles and did a series of backflips before leaping into the little girl's arms. She was almost as big as the child and they both tumbled to the ground. Mindy laughed as Godiva continued jumping around her and licked her face.

"Guess what, Mindy? Guess what guess what guess what guess what! Imma Hero! I caught bad guys! Tony sent me after Helllllllions".

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