Aztec Priestess

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Dance of the Dead
Aztec Priestess
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 21
Personal Data
Real Name: Ixipltatli of Tlazolteotl
Known Aliases: Goddess of Vice & Filth
Species: Human
Age: Centuries Old
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 115lb
Eye Color: Glowing Softly
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Aztec
Occupation: Priestess
Place of Birth: 15th Century Mexico
Base of Operations: Xochicalco
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Her Tribe
Known Powers
Gifts from the Gods
Known Abilities
Healing, Resurrection, Summoning
Shall you confess your sins to be eaten?



Centuries ago, the beautiful Aztec Priestess, Ixipltatli (or avatar) of Tlazolteotl, gave her heart to her people as a sacrifice in order to remove the sins or "filth" of her tribe. Dressed in ceremonial garb including a pair of bat wings which she associated with "filth", she laid upon the altar scattered with red roses. An Aztec Priest performed the ritual of removing her heart with a ceremonial jeweled obsidian dagger. As he claimed her heart for the tribe and plead to Goddess Tlazolteotl to eat the sins of their people, he took a bite of the pulsing organ and then passed it around for others to partake. In honor of her great sacrifice, the Priestess' remains were preserved as a reminder to live life without "filth".


Through a magical rite performed by Aztec descendant, Mercad Calypso, the beautiful Ixipltatli of Tlazolteotl has risen. She returns driven to devour the "filth" of others, and in doing so gains in her powers of domination and magic. This Aztec Priestess believes that with each sacrifice her Gods will return her once again to her original form.


Those who choose to affliate themselves with this Priestess from the past, will do so with a willingness to serve the return of the Aztec Empire and it's rituals. She affiliates her self with none other than her tribe, unless it is only in order to gain captives for sacrifice to the Gods.


Ixipltatli can be merciful to those she has come to know, or ruthless when it comes to feeding her insatiable appetite for human flesh. Her actions may seem indecorous to some, but when it comes to pleasing her Gods she may come across as being overzealous. Her dominant nature is softened by her magical charm and beauty, and she will use it to get what she needs to complete her full resurrection.


Centuries of ritual and magic course through her being. When resurrected, she returned with the powers "gifted" by her Gods. Tonatiuh, the fifth sun god, gifted her with the ability to conjure and manipulate fire in order to contain her captives of sacrifice, while the flower Goddess Xochiquetzal granted her with the power to conjure thorns as weapons to poison them.

Ixipltatli now uses these powers to contain her victims of "filth" in rings of fire and smoke long enough to inject them in the throat with a small amount of poison to silence them before she consumes their sin through sacrifice of their flesh. Merciful as she is, Ixipltatli may often allow the subject to speak of their sin prior to the injection.


Ixipltatli has acquired some abilities since her recent resurrection, while bringing others with her.


Centuries ago, Ixipltatli learned the art of healing through the use of medicinal herbs. After her resurrection she has soon learned that healing modalities have changed. During a visit to the local hospital, the Priestess obtained what she likes to call her "magical wand of healing". Contrary to her apetite of the flesh, she never looks a gift horse in the mouth. She's more likely to heal those who are aiding her rather than consider them for sacrifice. The Priestess' little wand is very effective in healing minor wounds or even damage to circuitry, she has even been seen using it on herself.


Through a twist of fate, Ixipltatli has the innate ability to awaken fallen warriors. Throughout the years, fallen warriors were delivered to the Priestess at the Temple of Tezcatlipoca. It was her decision, based on the fallen warrior's sin, whether they would be returned to live, or returned to be sacrificed to the Gods. She uses this same power today to awaken those who have fallen in an effort to aid her.


Similar to resurrection, the Priestess has another unique innate ability. Through a quick magical rite, Ixipltatli can summon a willing servant to aid her. A true "Gift of the Gods", she also uses this magic to transport herself from city to city looking for sin to eat.


If left unfed for any great length of time, Ixipltatli's powers may weaken. As a result, her body begins to decay. For it is the powers in the flesh that sustain her. A well-fed Priestess is a beautiful and powerful one.


Ixipltatli has plead to the Gods to restore her completely to her former self. They have offered to transform her, but it doesn't come without sacrifice.

Sacred Transformation Ritual I

The Priestess has been found conversing with a dark harbinger of death, Lord Galous. In exchange for his delivery of a lovely pure heart, and his assistance with the ritual, the Priestess has agreed to sacrifice one of her own to serve this dark lord.

Ixipltatli went through great lengths to prepare the Temple for this night, cleansing the area with smoldering herbs and concecrating her ritual dagger. It would be a memorable feast.

The evening of July 1st, 2007, Lord Galous contacted Ixipltatli and informed her that he had found "the one" Ixipltatli met Lord Galous and the young woman outside of the Temple's portal. The Priestess looked the girl over and completed a quick medical scan to ensure that this "donor" had no diseases to be concerned about. Ixipltatli asked the young woman several questions to ascertain whether or not her heart was pure, and it was.

As soon as the three entered the Temple, Lord Galous summoned his minions around the altar to begin drumming. The young woman had been convinced earlier that she was invited to a "party". Shortly after our arrival, another guest showed. It was Twin Starr, one of Lord Galous' servants, a guest the Priestess had not expected. Starr began questioning the Priestess and making the young woman very nervous. Ixipltatli would have to do something quickly in order to calm the young woman enough to convince her to step up on the altar and make haste with the ritual before Starr said any more.

Ixipltatli went to the wine cellar and brought back glasses of wine, one glass was laced with a very relaxing herb that would not affect the heart or blood of the young woman, but it would knock her out just the same. The Priestess beckoned the young woman to the altar where they began to dance the Dance of Death. The young woman drank from the sedating concoction slowly becoming unsteady on her feet. Soon she fell to her knees, the glass of red wine fell from her hand and splattered upon the altar. The young girl murmered a few words and then slumped over in a heap. It was time.

Starr started to yell out atrocities, but Lord Galous quickly silenced her as he came to aid the Priestess in holding the young woman down and tilting her head back in proper ritual positioning for sacrifice. Ixipltatli began chanting in her spoken language as the drumming increased in rhythm. Her words were that of making an offering to her Gods in exchange for the return of her body.

Ixi held her dagger high in the air and then slowly lowered it just above the young woman's heart. The Priestess drove the dagger in and with quick force she exposed the heart as she pulled back on either side of the chest cavity. The young woman let forth a curdling scream as the warm blood splattered on the front of Ixipltatli. She lapped with her tongue at the few drizzles that managed to find her lips. Like an unsatiated animal, the Priestess grabbed the woman's heart chanted and held it high in the air before bringing it to her lips. Ixi sunk her teeth into the muscular beating flesh as she enjoyed the feeling of the droplets of blood dripping from the corners of her mouth.

Lord Galous released his hold of the young woman and asked the Priestess if he could have the lifeless bloodied heap. Traditionally those sacrificed are used for the evening's tribal feast, but Ixi made an exception. The Priestess then shoved the young woman's body down the ritual steps at Lord Galous' feet. He immediately began a ritual of his own, he would restore the young woman and take her for himself.

Ixi casted her eyes to the roof of the Temple, she could feel the Gods stirring inside of her. They were pleased with her performance, and in a fleeting moment and a flash of light some of Ixipltatli's body was restored. The Priestess took a look at her hands. She could see that there was some light pink zombie-like skin instead of bone. Looking down at her legs, much the same. Her upper arms and stomach seemed to show of more restoration, so she decided to bandage up her arms and legs.

Anxiously, Ixi yelled out for a mirror. Lord Galous conjured one up and handed it to her quickly and then returned to his ritual with the young woman. Ixi gazed into the looking glass and smiled brightly. She paused for a moment to thank the Gods once again before returning to the mirror for another examination. While looking at herself in amazement, she knew that it would become even more difficult now to maintain her beauty and to further restore it completely.

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