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Player: Pale Enchantress / @Cegilune
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Threat Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Komus Thiasus
Known Aliases: Tristeria, Bacchante, Bacchanalia, Cirq Diabolique, Elvenkonge
Species: Maenad
Age: Around 3000
Height: Around 8'6"
Weight: '
Eye Color: None
Hair Color: Varies
Biographical Data
Nationality: Grecian
Occupation: Philanthropist
Place of Birth: Thebes
Base of Operations: Paragon City and Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Engaged, Polyandrous, Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Komus is a chef without equal.


Depraved Decadence

Deep down everyone was looking to lose themselves in their own hedonistic passion. Why did people insist on keeping up a facade in public when deep down they all really wanted to just destroy and consume? This New Years Eve, 1959, Komus Thiasus would be helping the people of Liverpool abandon their useless conventions and give a beautiful heartwarming embrace to 1960. One of his "clients" has put a large estate in his care for just this purpose. The celebration would start with the arrival of several hundred guests and soar to over a thousand revelers as men and women from all around felt the inexplicable pull of Komus' spirit upon them. Even the caterers who saw this as a night of hard work would be unable to resist abandoning all their worthless morals and ethics in mindless pursuit of their most concealed and selfish desires. Komus really enjoyed helping others find their true calling.

It was a shame that Stephen was going to be absent from his bacchanalia, but his presence would be felt. Komus hummed one of his favorite ballads to himself as he fed his lovers heart through the grinder to season the beef for one of the dishes everyone would be enjoying that evening. Komus reflected happily on the wonderful things they had shared over the past many years. "Stephen, sweet beautiful Stephen, nothing can last forever." Komus said looking into his lover's dead glassy eyes.

The authoritative voice of a mature female called out from the courtyard, "Komus the Thiasae!" Whoever she was she knew how to pronounce his name and creed properly. As he neared her Komus sensed she was accompanied by dozens of other humans, each with some moderate command of mystical energy. Komus gracefully bowed to the woman and her retinue. She narrowed her eyes as she looked at him. "You have profaned magic to fuel your lusts for far to long, maenad."

Komus grinned wide, very amused by this unprecedented development. "If I would have known the Legacy Chain was coming I'd have set up another pavilion." Komus spoke in a mixture of excitement and mockery. The pavilions were where Komus would mentally direct the celebrants as drunken feasting turned into an orgy of lust and violence. He gazed out at the assembly of mages wondering what desires they all repressed because of misguided morals.

For a Lambent of Light named Petyr the chain was the only family he knew, and hearing he Maenad berate them made Petyr furious. He had to teach that unholy thing a lesson. A ray of plasma should melt his pretty face off just fine.

Beth, a Savant of flame, had always wished her best friend Jayce would be more then just her friend. He couldn't really be so blind could he? No, he had to know how she felt. He just liked to tease her. Well if he was going to play that way she would simply have to take him by force.

Hayden was tired of fighting, he just wanted to take his own life. Mitchel didn't even want to be there. Was some follower of a drunken god really the biggest magical threat they knew of? Everyone quickly became occupied with acting on their emotions and doing so right away.

The embodiment of power that was leading the attack against Komus realized that her wards were not keeping Komus from making everyone descend into madness. She had to do something. The Maenad was immortal yes, but if she could just disrupt his power for a moment they could bind him like they planned. Perhaps that was the answer.

In the dramatic performance of her lifetime she pulled together her confidence and spat out her words. "There is no love inside of you Komus. You are empty inside. Your God doesn't exist, and no matter what tribute you give him or what you embrace he will never come for you! Never!"

Her words were an attack on Komus' very essence. He looked hatefully at her and chided. "Prepare yourself to meet him!"

Komus tore her limb from limb and ate her heart, but his feast was not to last long. In his rage he has lost his confidence and his spell broke. Within minutes he was encased in stone and trapped miles beneath the surface of the earth.

The chain assumed he was contained for good. They were very wrong. There was a source of hedonism, carnage, and mayhem upon the earth that pulled his tomb slowly toward it. In less then 50 years he awake in a city unlike any other. There humans lived in constant fear of malign powers they could not comprehend. Their only protection was the thousands of vainglorious hoodlums that fought constantly to appease their own blood lust. The Maenad found a home in Paragon City.

Komus' Traits

Theme Song


Komus truly believes he is acting in the best interest of all. By his philosophy all desires should be followed through to their most extreme outcome. "The spirit knows best what the gods want it to do." Any form of restraint is abominable. Murder, Cannibalism, Rape, Suicide, they are all perfectly natural outcomes. He does not see living to old age as desirable, nor does he realize the irony in he is "helping others" by convincing them to be selfish and carelessly insane.

With a life worse then that of a slave, Komus was miserable in Thebes. The ideas of obedience, self-sacrifice and hard work seemed so worthless when there was nothing better that could come of it. The cult of Dionysus preached a doctrine of self appeasement and rewards. For most of the followers of the God it was about taking a day off on occasion to enjoy life and not worry. For Komus though it was salvation from a life that welcomed death as a blessing. His fanatical devotion to his god eventually turned him into a male maenad. A rare thing indeed.


Pulse of the City: Any city Komus lives in slowly becomes more chaotic. The inhabitants lose interest in their jobs and family. Everyone becomes more focused on instant gratification and all delight in trying new and dangerous things. Crime rates raise. Parents abandon their children. Friends betray each other. This alone makes any crime fighter that knows of him wary.

True Immortality: If killed Komus reforms at an other place. He also possesses vast bodily regeneration capabilities, this does not extend to his nervous system however so wounds that have healed over will still effect him for a while longer. This is assumed to be a blessing from his god.

Lord of the Bacchanal: Komus' limited psychic powers are greatly enhanced on anyone who is intoxicated.



Arbiter Death - *Dreamily* "He is like a handsome prince from a fairy-tale."

Xandros Pan - "He and I are practically brothers. We see eye to eye, but he does not realize the joyous fruits that exist outside of intoxicated carnality."

Guardian Ryder - "A sweeter nymph there never was. One day I shall collar him and make him my beast."

David Gallagher - "Humans really are the most wonderful of all creatures. I am so glad I could help him. He will follow me until the day he dies, and then I will carry him with me."

Grimaulkin - "We had a some good times back when he was an eunuch. I hear he got better, but not a better eunuch mind you. He is terrible at that now. He seems a bit upset at me about something also..."

Mistral Sentence - "As good a mount as ever there could be. He ascribes to vigilantism, which is more tolerable then other brands of stupidity."


Violet Sanders - "Fun to watch horrible to play with. She has a fine brain, but she is blind to her own moral deficiency."

Xa' Phan - "Such a kindly man, Such a pretty face, but his choice in friends? Ugh! I rest my case...."

Artificial Intel - "The most perverted robot to ever exist. Yet robots are useless to me. I bet he also has a small memory stick."


Other People Speak of Komus


Dr VonHavencrabs: Hey, she's no different from the transgendered flesh lepers of Poxius XII.

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