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Player: Balbarus
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 16
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: The Shadow Patriarch, The Dark One
Species: Archdevil
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: White with a hint of infernal red
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Abyssal
Occupation: Lord of the Shadow Throne
Place of Birth: The Abyss
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: His bastard son Sammael.
Known Powers
Dark Arts.
Known Abilities
Flight, Shapeshifting.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.


Origin of Balbarus

Balbarus originated from Nessus, a fiery realm in the deep abyss ruled by devils and fiends. Nessus was split into several kingdoms each one ruled by an archdevil. Balbarus was merely a devil at the time and served the lord of Nybia, Shea'dan the Soul Eater. Shea'dan was a ruthless tyrant even for devilkind, his servants knew not the meaning of failure for even the slightest error would result in Shea'dan consuming not only their physical manifestation but their spiritual one as well, hence the name. Balbarus was one of Shea'dans most loyal followers and Shea'dan considered Balbarus his most trusted captain despite their disagreement on certain matters. Like many infernal realms, Nessus was governed by thousands of solid laws that no archdevil dared to break. Archdevils were permitted by these laws to treat their own kingdoms in any way they wished but the laws forbid them to openly war each other which caused a lot of cloak and dagger behavior and secret pacts being made to go around the laws. Balbarus was never in agreement with these laws and openly objected them by trying to convince Shea'dan to invade the other kingdoms and conquer Nessus, but Shea'dan like all the other archdevils had the same mysterious view of the laws, that they were not to be broken.

Fiendish Mutiny

"We cannot respect some ancient tome of laws like fools! We must gather the legions and crush the other devils and once Nessus is ours we can expand it to even reach the material planes!" Balbarus grew more and more agitated with time, fueling Shea'dans head with war mongering speeches. Shea'dan did not budge, he was a firm believer in 'Haelir' the ancient tome of Nessus laws. Balbarus truly believed that Haelir was nothing but an old book devised by someone or something to manipulate the devils of Nessus, so he did what he thought was the only thing he could do. Balbarus went through Shea'dans legions and gathered as many vile and twisted followers as he could and convinced them that Shea'dan was a coward unfit to rule Nybia. Balbarus and his new army of mutinous fiends then marched towards Shea'dans throne to confront him. "Ah my loyal Balbarus, i knew this day would have to come. That you would grow sick and tired of barking your war mongering hate into an ear that would not listen" Shea'dan spoke but Balbarus chose not to waste words for he knew Shea'dan was amassing his dark powers and swiftly struck towards the great archdevil. The battle was long and gruesome, Shea'dans powers were immense and he crushed Balbarus' minions until it was only the devil and a massive archfiend called Lukazi. Balbarus and Lukazi charged at Shea'dan who's strength finally had begun to vain, Shea'dan single handedly wiped out a legion of hundreds of fiends but the battle had left him worn out and weak. Thus Balbarus dealt his final blow to Shea'dan causing him to collapse onto the ground, Lukazi swiftly thrust his claws through Shea'dans chest as Balbarus approached the fallen titan with a sinister expression on his face. He knelt down and stared in Shea'dans eyes before punching his fist through the open wound on Shea'dans chest, pulling out his still beating heart. Balbarus consumed the heart and as he did he felt a surge of power rush through his bones, a portion of Shea'dans power was within Balbarus now and with it Balbarus rose from devil to an archdevil.

With Shea'dan fallen by his hands he knew that Shea'dans generals would not support his rise to power, despite Balbarus' archdevil powers he knew the remaining legion would hunt him down and with most of his followers dead he would stand a slim chance. So Balbarus and Lukazi left Nybia before the generals would become aware of the mutiny that took place.

Ascension to the Material Plane

Ages passed after the murder of Shea'dan before Balbarus made the decision to ascend to the surface of the material plane where he appeared several times carving a bloody path through the history of earth.

First Appearance, South Africa 1345 BC

Balbarus first appeared on earth in south Africa, his initial encounter with humans was bloodfilled. His journey between planes had caused a great hunger in him that could only be quenched by the slaughter and consumption of an entire tribe he came across. Soon after the slaughter news began to travel through the jungles by word of mouth of a great god, the natives began to worship Balbarus as the Blood God often sacrificing animals, men, women and even children in his name. His sheer presence in africa caused a decade of violence, murders and wars until one day the natives no longer felt the presence of the blood god.

Jerusalem 1 BC

During the trial and crucifixion of the prophet Jesus Christ of Nasaret locals began to tell tales of a horned stranger wandering the nights, they called the entity 'Malum Unus'. On the day of the crucifixion an old woman and a child were distracted from the execution when they noticed a horned stranger standing on a hill in the distance, the woman's heart failed as she collapsed to the ground. Since that day the name 'Malum Unus' has been whispered in Jerusalem in reference to 'the evil that observed'.

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