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Barnyardia Is one of the Other Realms. It is a Realm inhabited by Anthropological animals of several species. The realm itself is a single world as best as can be determined, the world being termed Barnyardia as well for simplicity. Barnyardia has only one massive land mass, akin to the Pangean continent of ancient Earth. On this continent are several political unions; such as kingdoms, city states, and even empires and free states. Of the inhabitants of the world the most notable are the Porcine, Bovinus, Pen'guin, Amf-hibias, and Plantasians. The world is not unlike Earth with a climatology ranging from Equatorial Tropics, to Saharan like deserts and Tundran wastelands.

Major Figures

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Political Unions

Kingdom of Porcia

The Kingdom of Porcia is home to the Porcine people. Anthropomorphic pigs, they learned magic early on and embraced it. Magic became the center of their culture as much as it became a tool. The Porcine speak the common trade language that has come to permeate the entire world, as well as retaining their old language of Ancient Hoggese. Hoggese is mostly an academic language and one of ceremony but is still a required knowledge for those hoping to pursue greater magic than that which is used on a daily basis.

The capital of Porcia is Bo'aar. It is a well defended city with three separate walls and gate systems. The city was erected on the site nearly 3000 years ago. The location was chosen for its defensability, having the mountains to the north and the Bay of Cun on the west. The founder of the Kingdom of Porcia was King Duroc Swinus, and it has been his descendants that have ruled since.

Free Cities of Bovinus

The Free Cities of Bovinus are home to the Bovinus kin. A Proud people, they developed slower than the other races of Barnyardia. It was not until the year 1157, that a delegation of Porcine stepped into help the slowly developing people. Through a combination of magic and technology the Porcine were able to bring the Bovinus into their modern age. As such 99% of Bovinus have some sort of Cybernetic or other technological apparatus attached to them.

The Free Cities have no true capital nor a true monarch or sole leader. The largest of the Free Cities though is Herd, it is here that the Council meets to decide the actions and laws of the Free Cities.

The Empire of Night

The Empire of Night is home to the Pen'guin. Far to the north this land was unknown until within the last 200 years. The Pen'guin are a mysterious and mystic race. They do not practice magic nor have the developed advance technology. They have instead turned their achievements inward, making them fierce warriors and combatants.

Amf-hibian City States

Plantasian Gardens

Plantasians are humanoid plants. They range in species from common house and garden plants to the more bizarre cacti and jungle plants. One thing that they all share in common is they retain the need to root at night. They have arranged their Rooting Beds into clusters forming gardens. It is these gardens that represent the homelands of the Plantasians. They are loyal to their garden in the same way one would be loyal to a country. The political system of the Plantasians breaks down from Garden to Field to Bed. In this way the Plantasians have a very tribal outlook on life.

Urson Empire

Ursonites are located towards the western edge of the Pangean like continent. The Empire is dominated by Ursines that are anthropomorphic Pandas. The culture is similar to a mixture of Shogunate Japan and Imperial China. A large bureaucracy run government with a god decended Emperor and a strong warlord leader. Although the pandas are the primary race in Urson, there are barbarian tribes living in the mountains that appear more grizzly or large brown bear. Magic is a prevelant theme of the civilized areas it is notably controlled by the priestly class. Honor, courage and physical prowess are honored among the upper class with the bureaucracy, the priesthood and the army being the primary occupations of the nobles. The barbarians recognize magic as a force but feel it is more in tune with nature and therefore magic is another force of arms for combatants not just priests and scribes. It is only recently that contact between the Bovines and Urson have occurred.


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