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Mio01 2012 CGcolor 300px b.jpg
Mio in Hazard-Guard field uniform
50 Technology Scrapper
Martial Arts/Invulnerability
Player: BGM
Activity Level: Frequent
Real Name: Mio Matsuda
a/k/a: n/a
Physical Identifiers
Species: Android
Sub-Type: Matsuda-type gynoid
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Height: 5' 9" (176 cm)
Weight: Classified
Build: Athletic
Complexion: Fair
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Pink
Distinguishing Features
Biographical Data
Birthdate: March 23, 2002
Birthplace: Minato ward, Tokyo, Japan
Nationality: American
Residence: Paragon City, RI, USA
Occupation: Leader of Hazard-Guard
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Registered heroine with no criminal record
Relatives & Associates
Dr. Kazuhiro "Kaz" Matsuda (creator), other Matsuda-type gynoids
Known Powers
Mio's synthetic body possesses superhuman strength, durability and reflexes and nanotech self-repair capability. She is outfitted with integral subcutaneous armor and a built-in RF transceiver for access to wireless networks. Magnetic induction grids in her hands and feet enable her to trace current flows in machinery and interface with computers, robots and other "smart" equipment by touch. She can increase her core processing speed in brief bursts, enabling her to enter a "bullet time"-like state. Her sensory capabilities include telescopic (x10 magnification), low-light and thermal vision, enhanced tactile acuity, and enhanced hearing.
Skills & Abilities
Mio is a natural strategist and tactician, a talented adminstrator, and the practitioner of a self-developed martial arts style which leverages the strengths of her synthetic body. She exhibits an intuitive grasp of mathematics and cryptography. Mio is fluent in English and Japanese.
Shield bracers, vernier boots
BGM mio logo.jpg



Android MI-0 (Mimetic Intelligence, Type Zero) was originally designed by Dr. Kazuhiro Matsuda at the behest of the shadowy G Syndicate. The notorious crime organization offered to bankroll Dr. Matsuda's research in synthetic intelligence and biomechanical engineering, but in exchange, they demanded that he use that knowledge to create unstoppable android enforcers and assassins for them. Unable to secure legitimate funding for his work, the brilliant but eccentric scientist reluctantly agreed.

MI-0 was well into development when Dr. Matsuda's conscience finally got the best of him. Staging a lab explosion to cover his disappearance, he fled to Paragon City with the prototype, who he proceeded to raise in secret as his teenage niece, Mio. Equipped with a limiter that restricted her abilities to human levels, the gynoid had no reason to believe she was anything but an ordinary teen.

Word of Dr. Matsuda's survival eventually made its way back to the G Syndicate. Operatives were dispatched to the United States with orders to recapture the fugitive scientist and his creation. In the struggle that followed, Dr. Matsuda was forced to disable Mio's limiter. With her full capabilities unleashed, Mio was able to turn the tables on the attackers, overpowering them with ease.

After the fight, a shaken Mio confronted her 'uncle', demanding answers. Dr. Matsuda had been planning to reveal her true nature to her eventually, but events had forced his hand. Seeing no other choice, he explained that she was not an ordinary girl at all, but a gynoid - a female android - and that the man she knew as 'Uncle' was in fact her creator. The G Syndicate had invested a considerable sum in her development, and now they wanted her back.

Once she had overcome her initial shock, Mio took these revelations surprisingly well. It was then that she decided to register with the city authorities as a heroine, a path which would enable her to fight for the things that mattered to her while exploring her physical and mental limits.

Early Career

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Personality and Alignment


Mio Matsuda has a strong competitive streak, and is driven to excel in life. She holds herself to high standards both personally and professionally, and is often her own worst critic. Though she is best known for her outgoing personality and playful sense of humor, she displays a quieter, more contemplative side in the company of close friends.

Mio photo for vv.jpg

Mio found the mantle of leadership unexpectedly thrust upon her after the abrupt disappearance of Hazard-Guard's former command staff. Never one to turn her back on a challenge, she assumed command of the organization with the blessings of its remaining members, quickly building a reputation for herself as an adept administrator and gifted squad leader. During field operations, Mio prefers to lead from the front lines. She inspires her comrades on the battlefield with her hotblooded spirit and never-say-die attitude, while her sense of responsibility toward her teammates acts to temper her own more reckless urges.

Mio makes no secret of the fact that she loves a good fight, particularly against a skilled opponent. Though she feels duty-bound to try to resolve conflicts non-violently whenever possible, she shows little remorse if negotiations break down and the gloves have to come off. Similarly, while Mio is fully capable of overcoming foes through subterfuge and guile, she would be the first to admit that she prefers a straight-up fight to "all that sneaking around", as it "feels more honest".

In battle, Mio is a a deadpan snarker extraordinaire and inveterate punslinger, firing off crushing blows and sarcastic quips with equal abandon. She is also the embodiment of the Determinator trope, known for persevering in the face of impossible odds and willing to push her synthetic body to the breaking point (and beyond) rather than admit defeat.


Mio would be classified as Scrupulous under the Palladium RPG alignment system. For those unfamiliar with Palladium's line of RPG's, this means Mio will:

  • Keep her word to any other good persons.
  • Lie only to people of selfish and evil alignments.
  • Never kill or attack an unarmed foe.
  • Never harm an innocent.
  • Never torture for pleasure.
  • Never kill for pleasure.
  • Help others.
  • Work with groups, but dislikes confining laws and restrictions.
  • Distrust authority.
  • Never betray a friend.

Powers and Abilities


Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Shield Bracers

The shield generator housed within these impervium bracers projects a localized force field covering the outside of Mio's forearm. These buckler-like energy shields enable her to safely block melee weapons that would shear through normal matter, such as monofilament and energy blades, as well as providing additional protection against most other forms of attack. The weight of the bracers puts extra force behind her fist strikes in hand-to-hand combat, while servomotors built into the finger joints provide enhanced grip strength.

Vernier Boots

Cast from impervium alloy, these armored boots are equipped with a number of small electrohydrodynamic (EHD) thrusters. Though capable of generating sufficient force to enable Mio to hover briefly or fly short distances (represented by the Jump Pack power in-game), their main purpose is to provide additional maneuverability when leaping. The alloy boots also put added weight behind her kicks, and enable her to deliver a devastating thruster-assisted jumpkick.

To be continued...

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