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BattleChain In Armor
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Melissa
Known Aliases: Amber, ChainGirl
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: US
Occupation: Working for Arachnos
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: '
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Super Strenght and More
Known Abilities
Modified Vanguard Armor, Chains
She have a weird definition of what is a "super power".



Melissa only ever knew her dad. He was working for different crime organisation, mostly teaching people to pay there debts or beating someone who was getting a bit too annoying for them. He was a normal human. No super powers, but that never stopped him to do a good job. He could even stand against small powered criminals. Melissa always loved and admired him, so at the age of eight, she decided she wanted to become just like him.

When he realized how serious Melissa was and knowing how she was, her dad started to teach her how to fight, slowly but surely. He also gave her all the tricks he knew about his job and told her everything there was to know about the Rogues. He still knew that it would be hard for a normal girl to survive against all the dangerous powered criminals that started to become commun. So he started to save money for a "gift" that would make sure she's always okay. Having a contact in Crey, he knew that if the price was right, he could get something from him. Not long before Melissa's 13th brithday, he got an offer for a big job. Very dangerous but lucrative. A rich man wanted some old but non-magical artefact the Tsoo had, for his collection.

The job went well and after receiving his pay, he rushed to his contact. The guy slipped a dose of an experimental Military Super-Serum they were making out for him, or mostly his money. Going back home, Melissa's dad secretly gave it to her in her drink. At first nothing really sepcial happenned.

About a week later. The Tsoo got him when he was going to a normal ever-day job. He didn't have a chance against the magically powered ninjas. He died without revealing where the artefact had gone, to make sure no one could learn about his daughter.

Melissa started to fight small street gangs. The serum was slow to change her and she was still only a bit stronger then a normal human, so she took the habits of wearing chains and started to be called BattleChain. They were usefull to hit hard or block hits. She also used drugs when she needed to take on tougher enemies. She still retains that bad habit to this day. Specialy with Superadine.
During the next few years the serum made her tougher and stronger. While retainning her small frame, she was in better physical condition then a strong healthy guy in his best years. It was still not enough for her though, so she saved money like her dad did. At the age of 17, she had enough to buy some nanobots on the black market from a guy who had a crush on her. Those would heal her wounds way quicker then a normal human could. With that and her experience, she got higher and higher, until she got caught and send to the Zig. She stayed there for a few months before being break out by Arachnos. She went back to do independant jobs for a good while until she got hired by Arachnos. She then also started to work for Vanguard for extra money and to make sure those rikti never get the earth. That's when she started to use a modified Vanguard armor to protect her against rikti blasters.

While doing a work for Magus Mu'Drakhan, she learned that she was one of them, that she had Mu blood. Joining under Scirocco's command, she started to learn a bit how to use it. She was quite talented with the lightning, but had more problems with subtle things or with flying. To that day, she's still working for Arachnos.


Her super strenght and toughness come from a military super-serum that her dad gave her when she was 13 years old.
She's a good hand to hand fighter thanks to her dad's trainning. Even without her other powers, she can easily beat normal criminal like Family, Hellions or Skulls.
She has nanobots in her that heal her wounds a lot quicker then a normal humman as well as helping with super reflexes.
For extremely difficult missions, she wears a modified Vanguard Armor.
She recently learned how to use her Mu blood to perform a few magical spells. Wich includes: shotting lightning, flying and concealing her presence.
Her mutation makes her run really fast.
Maybe more...


Melissa was born in Port Oakes. She don't remember her mother and know nothing about her since her dad never talked about it. Her dad was doing jobs for the Family mostly, "negotiating" with the bad costumers. He was tough, but nothing unusual. Often Melissa had to nurse him after a fight with one of those fire shotting Hellion. Sometimes he was even letting Melissa come with him, when he knew the job would be easy, or when he could bring a friend to protect her. Melissa always had a wonderfull relation with him and she was really admiring him. That's how she decided at the age of 8 that she wanted to do the same job. Knowing he couldn't change his daughter's mind, he started to show her how to fight and teach her the work's tricks. But he knew she wouldn't last long as a normal girl against all the super powered villains, he was already having trouble surviving and he was a strong 5'10 feets tall man. That's why he started to search for something that could help her out. He finaly found it in the form a Crey's military super-serum. He knew a guy in that could steal one dose for him, but the price was more then he ever had. So he started saving and upped his prices. Meanwhile Melissa was started to get really good at fighting, except for the fact that she couldn't hurt anyone with her 11 years old's strenght. Her dad then got a job offer for a really big hit. Helping some guys to steal a rare artefact from the Tsoo. Nothing really powerfull, but it was the last of the collection. He normally would have stayed out of it, but seeing that he could get enough money to finally pay his Crey contact, he accepted. The mission went well and he went directly to his friend. When he got back, he gave the serum to Melissa who was now 13 years old. A week later, the Tsoo ambushed him and he got killed. Seems the Tsoo that was teleporting away while being shot survived after all.

Amber in Scirocco's shadow

-Early Work-
Knowing her dad would want her to be happy, she didn't let that destroy her. She started to befriend local teenage gangs. She started to pick fights with guys, winning thanks to her trainning and her dad's last gift. Soon she started to wear chains to protect herself from the cheap losers that would draw a switch blade in the middle of a fight. Besides, you hit harder with chains and they are pretty. That's where her alias come from, BattleChain, She started to use drugs when she knew she might lose
She always though it was funny to see her boyfriend flee when a Hellion or Skull came to pick a fight with them, while she would stay and win. Of course, those who flee get dumped, that's her rule.
Just like her dad did, she saved her money to be able to eventually buy something that would make her stronger. When she got 17 years old, she had enough to buy some nanobots from a guy at the black market that had a crush on her.

-The Zig-
During a shop robbery she did with a gang she was in, Skulls showed up. The fight lasted, giving the time for Heroes and cops to arrive. So BattleChain ended up in the Zig. Her time there wasn't that horrible. She knew how to fight without her super-strenght and how it works in a place full of criminal. And of course, everyone is more cautious in the Zig then they would in a normal prison. It's hard to know if someone is no longer under the effect of the inhibitors (mutants that evolved pass it, high tech robot that isn't affected, etc) and someone under the dyne is a lot more dangerous then someone with a hidden knife. Speaking of Dyne, that's where she started to learn of it in details and gave it a shot. So BattleChain was okay there, aside from the lack of liberty that was making her crazy. But she made a few friends and she was even able to get pouncing easily, wich would have been a lot more touchy if she had been a guy in the guy section rather then a girl in the girl section. After a couple months, there was a breakout and she escaped with Arachnos. She didn't join them right away, at first she was working solo, finaly enjoying her liberty, and even did job against them.

-Recent Work-
She joined the Vanguard association. It's a good way to make money and she's making sure those aliens don't steal her home.
After doing missions for a few Arachnos soldiers, she finaly got in, as an independant. Today she's still working for them. She got placed under the orders of Scirocco. When she was working with Mu'Drakhan, he told her she had Mu bloods in her. During a mission with Scirocco and other Mu Mystics, she picked up a fight with her boss. They both ended up pretty hurt, and BattleChain bluffed him into thinking she could take more but was didn't see the point of continuing. Of course, one of the Mu that was knocked out at the beginning of the fight saw that and went to gossip about it. Lord Recluse summoned both of them and secretly made BattleChain Scirocco's egual. She'd still be in his faction and they'd have to work together, but they weren't to fight like that again while in missions or the consequence would be bad. They were both too usefull tools for Arachnos to be lost.
There relation got a bit better with time, both respecting each others, and Scirocco started to show BattleChain how to use her magic potential. She became really good at lightning spells, but she still have a bit of problems with flying and she can't conceal her presence perfectly.

BattleChain is still working for Arachnos. Getting bored with the lack of challenge most of the time, she started to secretly sneak in ParagonCity disguised as a hero, BattleFist. Vernon von Grun illegally entered her in the hero database. For now it should do. Fighting crime is a new way for her to get good fights, specialy since she can't use Dine when she's there. She tries the best she can to keep her identitie secret, but she's not the best at being subtle. She enjoy fighting trolls since she usually get free Dyne. Still, she doesn't take that too seriously.


She was almost always working solo for serious missions after her "street gang" phase. She don't like to have to rely on others, she's not good to work with team and she certainly don't want the others to see her weaknesses. Though she's not really secretive about it. She still made a few friends:
White Wendigo, a big tall man covered in white fur. He keep saying he's not really bright, but he always makes senses when he talk. Part of why they became good friends his probably cause they are a lot alike. They're both strong and tough, and they use pretty much the same tactic. When she's with him, she know he's not in danger if she's not. He's the one who teached her how to push back humans with a powerfull HandClap. In return, BattleChain showed him how to rip a chunk of rock from the ground without it crumbling. Really usefull to throw at enemies. It's been a while since she saw him.
She then joined the group called branded. Mostly because her girlfriend was in it, but also cause she likes the two leaders. After two months she had to leave due to friction with Woefull. Her attitude changed a lot from the beginning, she started to became paranoiac and when she asked Amber to leave Arachnos, she left them. After that she could have been saw a lot with Tessella, one of Ghost Widow's elite guard. But eventually there was a big fight between the two.


She's not really good at normal social intereaction.
She can be really extremist in her reaction or feelings.
She's really straightfoward.
She's not stupid, but she ignores a good number of things someone normal would know, since she didn't really go at school. Her knowledge about movies and books can be lacking,specialy for the things she should have seen in her teen age, but she's good with the new things.
She can be really heartless or cold with people she doesn't know, not thinking before doing something that could hurt them. Like she wouldn't mind killing a cops or a random hero, but she'd hate to kill a friend.
She doesn't like/trust demons.


The serum and the nanobots awakenned her mutant potential. Without being a mutant, she would only have been able to run as fast as an athlete. She can run at roughly 125 miles per hour. Nobody is aware of her mutant status, not even her. It's viewed as a side effect of the serum.
BattleChain have a really weird definition of what is a super power. Science or technologie doesn't count cause they are tools. Magical skill and mystic abilities are magic. So pretty much only Human with Mutations or demons/aliens have power. She believe she don't have any powers and will often say it, wich can annoy some people cause she clearly have lots of them.
She always sleep deeply, not worrying about getting killed. Her dad always told her that she'd get killed if she's not fully rested for her work. Her toughness and healing capability also make her less worried then a normal human would.
The "signature" hero and villain she meet in combat alone are: Silver Mantis(a few times), Infernal, Lilitu, Mynx, Scirocco, Ms Liberty, Synapse and Positron. The results were different for each of them.
She was really happy when a hero told her she hits like a truck.
She's not a psychotic murderer who will just kill any innocent she see. She's just don't really care for the people she don't know and she fallow her dad's step.


1. It's one of my first characters I have made, and I wasn't really thinking about Role-Play when I created her. Her origin is Science/Technology. Then I took the patron powers and started having people RP with me. So it added Magic to it. I've been having problems finding how can she run that fast, until I realized that I could make her a Mutant. I liked how ironic that idea is to me, since BattleChain is always saying that she doesn’t have powers. If you consider the hand-to-hand training, she's could also be Natural. I liked the idea of having her have a bit of everything, even if it’s really small for most of it.
2. BattleChain is not really well known. Information about her is not overly protected, you'd have to search in lots of different places, because no one is really interested in her. If you plan to know something about me, beside the "she's tough", "she works for Arachnos" or "she's strong and shoots lightning", please send me a tell or email first. Depending on where you'd get the info, we'll agree on what you know.
3.If you actually heard about her IC, during game play because of any of my friends that’s okay. Since it's been a month I RP her and often, it's starting to be possible that someone heard one of my conversation or a friend talk.
4. This page as been changed 4 times. Anyone who feels like checking for update can just check at the number instead of reading everything every single time.
5.Hero/AV soloed. That have nothing to do with BattleChain IC, but i need a place to write them so i don't forget. ^^;
Mynx: Even level, shivan used.
Valyrie: -3 level, no shivan used.
Synapse: Even level, shivan used.
Nemesis: Even level, shivans used.
Dietrich: Even level, shivan used, minimal insps used.
Sea Witch: Even level, no shivan used.
Aurora Borealis: Even level, no shivan used, cheating amound of purple insps. =(
Agent Indigo: Even level, no shivan used.
ARCH-A: Even level, shivans used, minimal insps used.
Infernal: Even level, shivans used.
6. BattleChain is pretty much a retired character, at least for the RP. If you seem me playing her, it's probably just for badging for OOC. I might write a story with MA saying what happenned to her.

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