Bearnard the Beast

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Bearnard the Beast
Super Strength / Willpower
BearnardTheBeast CombatPose 01nLQ.jpg
Player: Bernard Wolfric Grant "Hammerhoof"
Activity Level: Moderate
Real Name: Byron Bernard Khan
a/k/a: Primary: "Beast"

Secondary: "Bernard"

Tertiary: "Bear"

Biographical Data
Birthdate: May 2nd, 1978 (24 Years)
Birthplace: Thunder Bay, Canada
Nationality: Citizen of U.S.A. and Canada
Residence: Paragon City
Occupation: Gym Owner, Personal Trainer, Registered Superhero
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Registered Superhero
Relatives & Associates
None Known
Physical Identifiers
Species: Homo Sapiens Canis Ursus
Sub-Type: Gene-Altered Humanoid
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: Middle-Aged; Younger
Height: 6' 5" (1.98m)
Weight: 654lb (297kg)
Build: Musclebound; Bulky, Heavy
Complexion: Mostly Fur-Covered (short, bristly)
Eye Color: Brown / Red
Hair Color: Brown
Distinguishing Features
Large, musclebound frame; muscle definition visible through fur. Fur composition similar to Ursus arctos: short, bristly. Thick, trimmed jaw-line beard growth. Minor mohawk hair styling.
Known Powers
Super-Ability Rated Strength and Endurance
Skills & Abilities
Beyond Normal Human Strength, Endurance, and Stamina.

Trained and Experienced Brawler and Wrestler.

Belt-Mounted Molecular-Velocity Intensifier Unit,

Throat Microphone Communication Device and Earpiece. Nanotech Contact Display Lens



(As seen in-game via "Info")

With a stocky muscle-bound build and a fierce bear-like face, it's no doubt that this beast is a brute of some kind. But when one sees past the gruff expression and acute gaze from under a heavy brow, one discovers a character belittling his massive figure...

Bernard is an Officer working alongside the PPD; part of a special division which analyzes the Rogue Isles and identifies possible threats to Paragon City. Donning his police uniform despite the location, Bernard helps enforce law within the Isles; an act quick to attract the attention of Arachnos. However, he has been offered a unique proposition in light of his strength and abilities: continue fighting lesser crime; whilst occasionally doing missions for Arachnos as part of a deal to stay in the Rogue Isles...and stay alive.

¤ Amiable, honorable, and valorous.

¤ Loyal to those who earn his trust.

¤ Dislikes cute, but admires beauty.

¤ Strong of mind and body, and rather protective.

¤ Usually willing to help others in need.

Role-playing Information

Bearnard the Beast / Dr. Bearnard Relation

In order to avoid confusion between characters which Grant emulates, please note that the characters Bearnard the Beast and Dr. Bearnard (the Beast) are often referred to as being the same person. Due to the Archetype restraint of not being able to be both a true Healer and Tanker at the same time, (and not wanting to waste four powers on the Healing Power Pool), Grant went ahead and made two separate characters. For the most part, Bearnard the Beast is Dr. Bearnard in his back-street brawling mood, able to use his physical strength to pummel his opponents senseless, while Dr. Bearnard is when he is in his lighthearted, relaxed and helpfully empathetic mood. There is a discrepancy however: as Bearnard the Beast, Bearnard has no healing abilities, and thus resorts to basic first aid techniques and knowledge, where as when he is Dr. Bearnard he suddenly has full knowledge of advanced medical practices. In order to avoid confusion, you may consider not trying to evoke his medical knowledge when he is Bearnard the Beast.

Role-playing Style

Grant first started role-playing in Yahoo! Chatrooms sometime in 2004. The style he was introduced to was paragraph role-playing, where each member of the role-play would, upon their turn, write a full-fledged paragraph (often multiple paragraphs) and post it. In it would usually be that person's actions, thoughts, reasons, interaction with surroundings, and other various things that the person would be thinking or performing if they were in their character's place. As such, Grant's style of role-playing may be seen as somewhat long-winded. He is rather prone to long emote-postings (/em <text>), in which he expresses his own thoughts, expressions, motions, speech, and actions. Often time he will use animated emotes to improve the interaction between role-playing characters; he will use various animated hand-gestures at certain points, have his character nod and simulate speaking, will appropriately shrug or draw back, and he will do his best to situate his character appropriately. If left standing when there is ample seating in an area, he will eventually take a seat, and expect his role-playing partner to do the same, inviting them if need be; all to generate a more in-depth feel to the role-playing atmosphere.

Role-playing Personality

Bearnard is a beast. And the best way I can think of explaining his personality to you by pointing towards an outside reference, is pointing to, Beauty and the Beast's Beast. He may be bestial, but he is very kindly, amiable, and honorable. If you treat him with respect and kindness, he's going to do his best to honor and respect you in return. If you are rude to him, disregard him, slight, insult, slander, or do any number of things to attempt to foul his image, he will not be happy. His style is to treat everyone as equal, and if you break that equilibrium by proving yourself to be selfish, dishonorable, cowardly, vain, or any number of other similar things, he will find reason to dislike you. If, however, you are sincerely kind to him (or sometimes even insincerely, so long as you have a good way with words), favor him with compliments or praise, honor him by making some reference to his own being, you'll boost his image of you a great deal, and he will probably get along on very friendly terms with you from there on, until, perhaps, you do something to lower yourself in his eyes.

Personally, Bearnard is looking for a young and amiable woman to share interests in; a very Beauty and the Beast scenario, really. If you happen to have an interest in helping others, say by being an Empathetic Healer or other such thing, you will be recommended very highly to him. If you are a fierce fighter with a blade or skill, he will also hold you in very high regard, and chances are you'll be high in his favor even without bestowing much of the compliments that are suggested to improve his opinion of you. If you find interest in his bestiality, as a sense of strength and security, and take pleasure in his kindly personality, then he should be very much welcome to make an introduction with you at any time (so long as it doesn't delve into the world of erotica)!

However...if you think he's cute and fluffy, and you're a three foot tall Sprite with fairy wings and long pointy elf ears, cat ears, and a tail, or a skinny under-dressed japanese school girl--and you continually babble references to his cuteness and cuddliness...then he'll still respect you, but chances are you aren't quite what he's looking for...sorry.

And as an after thought, I dislike arrogant jerks. Pretty blanket statement there--if you're too cool, and more bad-ass than everyone else, and are modeled after a japanese anime-based malnourished scrawny pathetic anorexic little 13-year-old who has the strength to lift a building and crush cars with a single punch and can jump a billion miles in the sky just from a frightening disregard to gravity and you're constantly gabbing off about how you know everything from knowledge of a dead language you've never even heard of to the creation of the universe...alright, I'm snorting rather furiously at the moment--this stuff gets me worked up. Anyhow, if you're arrogant, in-character, out-of-character, whatever--I ain't gonna like it, approve of it, or go along with it. If you come up to me and taunt me, then I'm not going to waste a second paying attention to you. As a great body builder once said as one of the most memorable characters in the action-movie universe: "F#&% you @$$hole." (Not knowing Virtue Verse policy when it comes to swearing, I'll leave it semi-filtered, but you get the gist).

Role-playing Expectations


Parentage and Early Years
Byron Bernard Khan, most frequently called Khan before his becoming a superhero, was born in Thunder Bay, Canada. Bernard was named after his American father, a bear of a man from North Dakota, who had served in the United States Marines for several years of his life before eventually being honorably discharged and traveling further up north in search of a pleasant place to call home. His father, Byron Khan had eventually entered the small town of Minnedosa, Canada, and there met a charming woman whom he quite quickly fell in love with. She was witty and clever, quite kindly, had an attractive figure, and knew practical skills that Byron very much respected. She was full of energy, and always willing to try new things, and Byron, wanting to make the most of the several decades he had left to him, offered himself as something a little bit more than a close friend. Agnes Carmian accepted.

During their time together in Minnedosa, Byron and Agnes spent a great deal of time traveling out into the wilds, camping for weeks on end. Agnes was constantly engaged in learning various survival skills that Byron openly shared with her, and in return she often taught him how to accept simple things in life. Though he himself had ventured from his home in search of a peaceful life, he soon found that it was going to be much different than the life of a Marine. Gradually, he became more settled, aided by her willingness to bear with him through one or two difficult times. Eventually, Byron became the ideal man in Agnes' eyes, and the two married. Soon after the marriage had taken place, one year after their meeting, they moved east, passing through Winnipeg, and continuing on until they came to Lake Superior, and the city of Thunder Bay. The city proved an exciting place for both of them--there was so much to do, see, learn, and experience, that neither of them knew where to start. For a while they contented themselves with merely getting used to the city surroundings, but eventually they decided to involve themselves entirely. Though it was slow going at first, their life style began to rapidly speed up, and thanks to Agnes' training him, Byron had found himself able to accept his new situation in life. They both enjoyed the city a great deal, and though they continued to frequently travel out of the city for camping trips and other activities in the wilds, both were able to call Thunder Bay their home.

After two years of enjoying the city life, and developing a growing enthusiasm for all sorts of things that the city offered them, Byron and Agnes eventually came to the decision that they wanted to take their lives to the next level, and become parents. A year later, and Byron Bernard Khan was born.

Bernard was born somewhat larger than most other infants (4.6 kg / 46.8 cm), and only a year had passed before Byron and Agnes knew Bernard took from his father in looks somewhat more than his mother. Agnes was nevertheless proud, and was glad that she could be certain her son would be as strong and capable as his father. Byron knew the boy would grow up to be a good, strong sort as well, but also knew that Bernard would no doubt also gain the empathetic and accepting nature of his mother. Both were convinced that Bernard would be able to make his way in the world, and they raised Bernard with all their ability.

At the age of ten, Byron was four and a half feet tall, and over ninety pounds. Byron took special care in making sure that Bernard would grow up as strong and healthy as possible--a personal ambition he had gained from the Marine Corps. By the time he was thirteen, Bernard was five feet tall and well over a hundred pounds, and was old enough in Byron's mind to learn the importance of being physically fit--something Bernard took to heart just as his father had. Weight lifting became a daily routine from thereon, and Bernard quickly grew to be a large and imposing figure. True to their earlier thoughts however, Bernard was kind and amiable, always knowing right from wrong. During his education, Bernard was something of a role-model, always helping others, but also being somewhat quiet at times. Bernard was studying human nature during these quiet moments--something his intuition suggested he do, a practice no doubt inherited from his mother's curious nature. By the time Bernard was in college, his father had left his old job of helping manage a construction firm, and had gone into business for himself. His mother had done similar, and together Byron and Agnes started a physical fitness center which they both held ownership of. It was a sign that they were going to be comfortable in the city for some time.

But Bernard had also developed the adventurous nature of his mother, and the bold and dedicated traits of his father, and took a college scholarship opportunity to travel to the home country of his father: the United States of America. Bernard arrived in North Providence, Rhode Island, and resided there for two semesters, before taking an additional trip to somewhere much more interesting: Paragon City.
Arrival in Paragon City
After spending a mere month in the Paragon City limits, Bernard realized that this was the life-style he aspired to. Still in college, Bernard used the opportunity to study a field he had never before been interested in--nor even knew existed. While superheroes in Canada did no doubt exist, in Paragon City they were commonplace, and could under no circumstances remain unnoticed. His studies enlightened him to the enormous superhero force that had been in action since at least 1823, fought an entirely different side of World War II that he had never known of, and formed various super-powered factions and corporations that still exist today. During his travels in and around Paragon City, Bernard began to become acquainted with various super-heroes who watched over Paragon City.
Bernard's human visage

Bernard found himself longing for something more than his pursuit of education, and soon began looking into active careers within Paragon City. The culmination of his strength training and fighting prowess eventually led him to the Paragon Police Department in Steel Canyon, and he was introduced to Detective Rogers, a thirty-year P.P.D. veteran who took a modest liking to Bernard, and helped him get started in police work. After his introductory training, Bernard performed general patrol duties throughout Steel Canyon. In the course of his duties, he not only successfully prevented several robberies and cases of petty theft, but also helped secure one or two super-villains. Even without any super powers of his own, his skill managed to keep him from being overwhelmed by the various powers exhibited by the Outcasts and Hellions, as well as various thugs-gone-rogue who used their powers and abilities to fulfill personal ends. Despite being talented at police work however, Bernard eventually began to feel that he could be doing even more to help Paragon City recover. By now, he was a police Sergeant, and well-looked to by other members on the force for his strength and bravery, but the advice from some of the senior officers led him to decide that a more active role would suit his abilities and drive for justice much more effectively than serving the force. To this end, Bernard decided that he wanted to become a super hero.

Another early image of Bernard, here representing his costume as Bernard, the Paragon Beast. This was before the genetic alteration that made him a real Beast
Bernard took an extended leave of absence from the P.P.D. in order to further his knowledge of what becoming a superhero would entail. Returning to the University of Paragon City at Steel Canyon, Bernard began designing his superhero alter-ego, whom he nicknamed ‘’The Paragon Beast’’. At first, Bernard conceptualized a second identity that he would assume in order to fight crime. As time went on however, he began to feel a lot closer to his hero alter-ego than he did his student self. Thus he disregarded dual-personalities in favor of simply becoming a hero all the time. He began to feel somewhat detached from his name as well, and instead of being Paragon’s beast, he decided he would become his own. Using the facilities and services offered by Paragon City’s biggest super-hero costume design company Icon, Bernard designed a mask which resembled something of a bear and wolf hybrid; adding also some elements of a bull as he also incorporated short horns to the mask’s structure. Satisfied with the bestial appearance of his new identity, he donned his new face, and set out to perform his super hero deeds.
Introduction as a Superhero
For nearly a month, Bernard the Beast took to the streets. He found that while Steel Canyon was much closer to his home, one of the primary locations which needed heroes was Atlas Park. The respected home of Paragon City seemed almost desecrated by the Hellions, and Bernard spent most of his time fighting criminals there. Whether his targets were gun-wielding thugs or even super-powered criminals, Bernard’s skill served him well, and he turned in a significant number of law-breaking gang members before he eventually returned to Steel Canyon.

As hard as he worked to help end the criminal infestation of Paragon City however, the opposing numbers seemed limitless, and gradually Bernard began to feel that his skill alone was an inadequate force against the multitudes of super-powered villains corrupting the city. One night however, during one of his midnight patrols, he came across a disturbance: a group of Outcasts in the process of mugging a student of Steel Canyon University. Immediately he leapt into the fray, an idea that seemed fairly typical at the time, but soon presented itself to be not such a clever plan. Bernard was well scolded by fire and burned by ice by the time he managed to throw his last foe to the ground, and was aided by his rescued victim to the nearby Medical Center. The victim as it turned out, was a scientist named Kyle Monroe, who specialized in the field of genetic engineering. Kyle described his general field of study while Bernard went through medical treatment, and Bernard was very much intrigued when Kyle mentioned one or two circumstances where certain engineering procedures caused results not dissimilar to super-powered mutations. Inquiring further, Bernard began to develop an idea: if he were somehow mutated into acquiring super-powers, then perhaps he might be able to aid in defeating the equally super-powered villainous threats to Paragon City. Kyle advised him not to, however, and for several weeks Bernard resumed his nightly vigilance.

Two months following that incident, Bernard was contacted by Kyle, who revealed interesting data pertaining to several recent experiments on humanoid subjects. Bernard was told things such as “increased strength, endurance, and intelligence”, with limited side-effects or malignant mutations. Interested, Bernard arranged a meeting, and observed some of the experiments first hand. His interest grew.

During the next ten months, Bernard was given constant updates by Kyle on various developments involving a procedure Kyle called, “Genetic Alteration”, a method of altering the Deoxyribonucleic acid (or DNA) within an animal, and causing rapid changing of cellular growth and structure. It was a unique method of modifying human genetic code, as it was not a mutation, but instead a scientific procedure that would result in evolution over an extended period of time. While unstable at first, often causing severe malformation and growth, the process was eventually enhanced; not perfected, but able to be performed with only a modicum of risk. Bernard explained to Kyle what he wanted: strength and toughness that would allow him to combat super-powered threats on even ground. Kyle informed him that it was unlikely the process would be able to give him rival super-powers...but in terms of strength, it would come very close.

Over a year later after their meeting, Bernard met Kyle once more, with the intent of submitting himself fully to the procedure. Within the earlier months, Bernard had explained in greater detail what he wanted; that he did not just want the core attributes associated with genetic alteration, but also a degree of aesthetic modification. He had committed himself fully to his profession at this point, and was determined to become a super-hero; but instead of wearing a mask, he decided he wanted to be part of that mask. If he was fighting crime like a beast, then why not simply become one?

Bernard the Beast, sometime near the conclusion of the gene alteration project

For nearly a year, Bernard remained comatose as the procedure went on with extreme caution. While the process was well understood, Kyle and his assistants had never performed their work on a human subject before, obviously never having had one willing. Taking their time to both study the causes and effects of genetic alteration on a human subject, as well as to perform what modifications Bernard had asked for, the team’s knowledge and experience expanded, and new techniques were developed mid-project. With no set date as to when Bernard would regain consciousness, the team took as long as they could to experiment and study, and with each passing day Bernard’s body began to evolve in relation to the modified gene structure. Having started the process weighing one-hundred thirty-six kilograms, and measuring nearly two meters tall, Bernard’s body steadily grew at an accelerated rate, along with his physical makeup. His head grew slightly larger, and became more elongated, as he grew a muzzle, and a canine jaw. His ears grew long and pointed, his brow deepened slightly and his even his teeth grew rapidly, two tusks growing in place of upper canines. His physique, already lean and muscular to begin with, also grew, at one point forcing the science-happy researchers to institute a new sleeping unit. And, of course, he also grew fur. As an eleventh month of study and experiment came to a close, Kyle finally announced the project as concluded.

As Bernard was reanimated, the scientists made certain that the gene sequence would not be disrupted, should the mental processes of the subject be unconditioned to the new physical form and genetic code. To their relief, the human brain proved exceptionally capable at adapting, and Bernard’s mind seemed to take it in stride; perhaps demonstrating a link between the mind’s power over the body. At this point, Bernard opened his eyes for the first time, as a Beast.

Several weeks of recuperation, physical therapy, scanning for side-effects, and other similar procedures confirming the health of the subject commenced, and it was a unique time for Bernard. Becoming accustomed to his new physical form required some creative thinking: though his mind had adjusted readily to the new genetic code, his conscious awareness was still attached to having a body significantly smaller in comparison. Bernard’s weight rounded out at nearly three-hundred kilograms, and his body-fat percentage came to a total of 9%, remarkably lean considering his nearly year-long incarceration. Gradually, Bernard became adept at using his body, and indulged himself for several days in establishing new weight-benching records. However, as his resting phase came to an end, Bernard once more became focused on his goal of fighting super-powered crime. Naming Kyle a brother and life-long friend, Bernard set out to perform his first deeds as a true super-hero of Paragon City.
Deeds as a Superhero
Having become a true-to-heart super-hero, Bernard began spending his time doing more than just nightly patrols. Feeling that his bestial status separated him from his nightly vigilantism, and instead placed him in the realm of public super-hero duties, Bernard took to listening to his old Police Scanner, using it to aid the P.P.D. in upholding the law, and clearing thugs out of the streets of Paragon City. As his presence in Steel Canyon became more and more noticeable, various parties took interest, such as The Midnighter Club. Contacting him, The Midnighter Club requested that he aid in developing a cure for The Lost; humans being mutated into Rikti through an unknown process. Over the course of three intense weeks, Bernard proved himself a capable Hero, and was initiated as a Midnighter Club Member after successfully helping test a magical device designed to eradicate the Lost strain.

Shortly after this, he traveled to Talos Island, where his super-hero ventures continued, aiding in safeguarding several banks, and neutralizing multiple strongholds belonging to peace-disturbing factions such as The Council and the Sky Raiders. After he felt he had done what he could to help the Talos district in its fight against crime, Bernard moved on to one of the more dangerous zones of Paragon City: Brickstown. Here is where the Zigursky Penitentiary stands, and unfortunately even today is a bastion of criminal activity. Bernard’s most strenuous days were spent within Brickstown, fighting escapee criminals both mundane and super-powered, as well as pushing forward against an ever fierce offensive by Crey Industries. Dedicated to the last, Bernard showed no sights of abandoning Brickstown, but was eventually contacted by the Portal Corporation who asked him for assistance by traveling to a place known as Firebase Zulu. Pulling back from Brickstown, Bernard spent nearly a week performing missions in the Hazard Zone before finally returning to Paragon City limits, by arriving on Peregrine Island. As he left one portal for another however, an unexpected thing happened, and he was transported by an unintended portal to a much different realm…

Bernard combating Crey within Zigursky Penitentiary alongside Longbow forces during an attempted breakout. Crey Industries ranks high on Bernard's list of enemies

Arriving somewhat baffled in Ouroboros, The Pilgrim did his best to explain to Bernard the function of Ouroboros, and how in some way or another, he, Bernard, was connected to it and its purpose. For several tiring days, Bernard shifted in and out of time and space, reliving past events belonging to both him and others, always striving to preserve balance. As the days passed however, it became clear that whatever his purpose, Bernard simply wasn’t able to cope with time travel. Whether it was some strange effect of his DNA not matching his past gene sequence, causing some kind of rift in the chronodimensional flow of things was left unanswered. Shortly thereafter, Bernard traveled though one final portal, taking him back to Peregrine Island.

Compared to the strange chaos of the Hazard Zone, and the multi-chronodimensional madness of performing duties for Ouroboros, Bernard felt at home on the streets, and took to considering Peregrine Island his city sector of choice. For weeks, Bernard performed his super-hero duties admirably, utilizing the ferry service between Peregrine Island and Talos Island to aid new super-heroes in their own duties. Eventually, Bernard felt he had found his place, and even began assisting the P.P.D. in some of the more hazardous missions assigned. Becoming fast friends with Detectives McLord and Selnum, Bernard began doing missions that the P.P.D. typically didn’t want associated with super-heroes, preferring to be recognized as a human-only force for justice. As time passed however, Bernard began to be emboldened by his newfound place as hero and officer combined, and took to having his old uniform redesigned (and rescaled) by Icon.

For several months, Bernard was content. His fame grew somewhat, though he attempted to keep as low a profile as possible due to his aberrant connections with the P.P.D., and his desire to help others never dwindled, dedicated to fighting crime in both Paragon City and Talos Island. Eventually, he became settled enough in both cities to start a business. In Talos Island he used what influence he had to gain access to a complex in which he began installing various workout devices, ranging from basic exercise machines to professional equipment. Thus having the building space and machinery necessary, as well as the assistance of a few other strength-determined heroes he had met during his career, Bernard opened up a gym, calling it Talos Physical Training and Fitness, in dedication to Talos Island’s super-hero patron, the legendary Talos himself.

Several more months passed, as Bernard divided his time between his super-hero duties, his passion for physical training, and his drive to help rookie heroes in their determined quest to end the villainous threat surrounding Paragon City. But one day, his routine was broken, and life subsequently changed by rare circumstance. Called upon by FBI Agent Angus McQueen of Founders’ Falls, Bernard was tasked with a singular mission, dangerous beyond measure, and requiring a deadly combination of intelligence and strength…
Arrival in the Rogue Isles
Despite there being many super-heroes with the espionage capabilities required to handle such a delicate task, Bernard was chosen for his connection with the P.P.D., which, while quite low, had not remained unnoticed by all. And indeed there had already been many heroes given similar missions to infiltrate the Rogue Isles. Bernard was, however, to take a somewhat alternate approach.

Bernard was tasked with the mission of infiltrating the Rogue Isles as a villain, and working his way throughout the islands in an effort to learn more not only of the criminal threat outside of Paragon City, but to discover various ties and connections with the Rikti and The Lost that might have been invisible from within the barrier walls of Paragon. The latter was personally asked of him by Agent McQueen himself, whose background in dealing with The Lost was well known, and who had something of respect in light of Bernard’s work with The Midnighter Club in discovering a cure. Despite the new life that he had seemly just begun between the Peregrine and Talos Islands, Bernard accepted.

Bernard arrived in the Zigursky Penitentiary as an inmate, and incarcerated as a super-powered threat to Paragon City. He was classified as a natural Brute, and confined among similar inmates. As part of his mission, he spent nearly a month within the prison, giving him time to adjust his mindset to that of a villain rather than a hero; though difficult, he eventually managed to reach the middle of the spectrum, allowing him some neutral access to various resources within the prison. Shortly thereafter, as anticipated by Agent McQueen, a breakout occurred. While becoming disturbingly frequent within the past years, the P.P.D. and FBI were increasingly curious as to what Arachnos wanted with prisoners taken from the Penitentiary, eventually convinced that it was for the purpose of building an army of the greatest and strongest criminals throughout Paragon and the Isles; for what intent or purpose remained unknown. Thus Bernard kept his ears open for any hint as to what might be the case, but despite his hardest efforts, he became enwrapped in one of many breakout schemes, resulting in his becoming an escaped prisoner, and fleeing Paragon City aboard an Arachnos Flier. Bernard’s mind was a blur, having spent the last month practically brainwashing himself, adapting to this sudden lifestyle proved challenging, and in the end he simply went with the flow, arriving at Fort Darwin a lethargic and befuddled Brute. Cast aside by Kalinda, the primary Arachnos Fortunata of the Fort, Bernard went instead to a mercenary named Matthew Burke, who offered him advice in basic survival. Interested in forming an acquaintance with Burke, Bernard performed several missions in which he followed orders in the manner of a typical Brute. Soon after, he moved on to Mercy itself, and then Port Oakes.

From thereon, things moved at a quick pace, and gradually Bernard’s wits came back to him. For nearly a month he did nothing but act like a mercenary Brute within the Isles, before eventually finding a method of communicating with Paragon City, and contacting Agent McQueen. Briefly describing his position within the Isles, Bernard was again tasked with his primary objective: gathering information on The Lost and the Rikti. To fulfill this end, Bernard joined the Vanguard; a singularly simple task given his previous objectives. Using his strength alone, Bernard managed to root himself firmly within the organization, quickly becoming a recognized Member of Vanguard.

Bernard as he walks down a street in St. Martial, bravely sporting his police uniform; custom tailored to be somewhat more representative of his Rogue status

As his ventures throughout the Rogue Isles continued, Bernard found himself beginning to become involved in fighting Arachnos. It seemed to be nothing but the tides of fate that drove him to perform such deeds, but in the end, it caused him to be put in the limelight for a moment too long; just long enough to attract the attention of the higher ranking Arachnos echelon. Arbiter Rein, within the center of Spider City in Grandville, summoned Bernard, who bravely accepted the summons. It was a rare and disturbing moment for Bernard, as Arbiter Rein seemed to know all about his mission within the Rogue Isles, and even more disturbing, seemed not to mind. What the Arbiter was truly interested in, was Bernard’s potential as a Brute. Even though Bernard had played mercenary solely for the purpose of survivability within the Isles, he had shown remarkable skill in doing so, his super-human strength and willpower demonstrating fair potential. Though Arbiter Rein sensed instinctively that Bernard would not consider joining Arachnos, he cleverly instated within Bernard a logical reason for performing certain tasks given to him by the Arachnos Organization: if he did not perform these tasks, then Arachnos would kill him.

It was an effective method of granting Bernard some immunity to Arachnos, as well as giving him a plausible reason to stay in the Isles. So long as he occasionally did missions pertaining to Arachnos factions, he would be permitted to stay alive within the Isles, and gather information to send back to Paragon City. Encouraged by his good fortune, but cautious nonetheless, Bernard found within himself someone whom he had never before realized was there: someone neutral, with morals to be sure, but able to decide when and what morals to act upon. For the first time, Bernard had found the Rogue within him…
Current Life
An image of Bernard taken within a city in the Roman Cimeroran Peninsula
At present, Bernard continues to roam the Rogue Isles, gathering information for the FBI and P.P.D. on the various super-powered threats the Rogue Isles have to offer. He also performs missions for Vanguard, and has recently been called upon by The Midnighter Club once more, in conjunction with a unique mission involving chronodimensional traveling similar to what was tasked by Ouroboros. While not looking forward to it, Bernard’s sense of duty has nonetheless persuaded him to accept such missions. Frequently Bernard will visit Pocket D, a pocket-dimension in which there is a club where Heroes and Villains alike can have a drink together without Armageddon starting between them. He even occasionally hires various contacts to take him back to Paragon City, where he visits his Gym and helps fight crime as an average super-hero, before returning to the Isles as a Rogue. He currently resides in the Aeon City District of Cap Au Diable, and can sometimes be found in and around Talos Island and Atlas Park.

Attributes, Traits, and Abilities

Bernard's Attributes. As a Natural hero, his abilities may be considered extraordinary


Bearnard is big. Six and a half feet may just be over the average height when compared to the average six foot tall human being; but if his height isn't imposing enough, his shoulders are almost three times wider than the average human being as well. Barrel-chested, and with well-defined muscles visible even through his somewhat thick coat of short, bristly hair, Bearnard gives every indication of being exceptionally strong. His abilities are quite obvious in this respect: super human strength and endurance, coupled with an impressive amount of stamina allow Bearnard to enter a fight and stay in the fight for an exceptionally long period of time. Educated in fighting techniques by his father, Byron, and trained rigorously in brawling and wrestling techniques offered by various super-heroes (and as of late, super-villains as well), Bearnard has become quite proficient in a variety of fighting styles, and is well-versed in applying his strength to various situations. Whether it requires him to be agile, defensive, offensive, or a frenzied berserker, Bearnard has the capability to excel.


Being quite tough means that Bernard is capable of defending himself on many fronts, whether from elemental, psychic, melee, or ranged attacks. These attacks need not be limited only to the battlefield however; attempts at reading his mind are similarly classified. There are some personal techniques in dealing with such various modes of combat and manipulation however.

Elemental: Defending himself against Elemental attacks, Bernard is most equipped to deal with, but most hesitant to challenge against. An inherent dislike of flame, water, and electricity due to relative side-effects (such as singeing of his fur and hair, his fur and hair getting wet, and his fur and hair getting irritatingly fuzzy) mean he tends to avoid conflict against such magically empowered foes. Nevertheless, his ability to excel in combat is in no way diminished, and his willpower enables him to withstand such forces long enough to pummel his spell-casting enemy into an unconscious rag-doll.

Psychic: One of Bernard's more peculiar defenses is his immense willpower. Bordering on being considered meta-human, his ability to resist psychic influence and remain diligently focused on his tasks is remarkable, though his defense to psychic assault is substantially less. Neither he nor his close friends have been able to find an exact reason as to how he is able to resist psychic intrusion and manipulation, yet remain vulnerable to targeted psychic attacks, but such is the case. Resilient to mind-reading, Bernard is likely to be unaffected and ignorant to untrained attempts. Individuals with greater power and control however, may be able to read some of his less protected thoughts.

Physical: In response to tangible threats, Bernard is most at ease. Being a walking powerhouse has its advantages, and in physical combat Bernard can usually come out on top. Because of this, he is relaxed and focused, even in the face of immanent physical danger. Against super-powered super-strength foes, his manners become a little more engaged, in response to the greater threat level, however his focus remains vigilant. Even against foes with material weapons (instruments such as swords or blunt weapons), Bernard can focus on deflecting, disarming, blocking, or simply dodging such attacks.

Ranged: Whether physical or magical in nature, attacks that come from range aggravate Bernard more than melee attacks. Being a herculean beast apt for melee combat means that his focus is such, and not dedicated to ranged attacks. His ability to fight at range is limited to a police revolver he carries from his days of police service in Paragon City. His defense against ranged attacks is limited to his willpower which, while extensive, does not serve as a physical barrier between himself and projectiles. Against firearms he is resilient, but not invincible. All together, his dislike of ranged attackers is extensive.

Psychological Profile

Bernard's Psychological Profile. While he tends to exhibit more restrained behavior, he can still act in ways contrary to his usual self, albeit in a less extreme manner

Equipment and Inventory

Bearnard's equipment; his throat-microphone and earpiece he uses to communicate with other superheroes at range.
Belt-Mounted "De-Frictionization" Molecular-Velocity Intensifier Unit: Despite the rather fancy name, the purpose of the device is quite simple: Travel. With this device mounted on, in, or around his belt, the press of a button will allow him to accelerate the atoms nearest to him, providing an opening in space through which he can move with an extremely limited amount of friction. The result is that he can leap amazing heights and distances: using his powerful legs to push himself forward, and using the device to reduce friction around him, he can to sail through the sky with unparalleled ease and agility. The device was created and manufactured by Dr. Kyle Monroe of Steel Canyon University Department of Science and Technology.

Taurus Institute K9 Throat Microphone: This elastic-banded device is really nothing more than a technological collar that he wears, mounted with a close-fitting microphone which accurately recognizes the resonance of his voice, and sends it over a secure communications channel to team mates, other superheroes, and allies across any distance. Also attached to the collar is a GPS-location beacon, allowing his teammates to track him within a given area. It was designed and manufactured by the Taurus Institute, a freelance security firm which helps oversee the gradual reduction of crime within Paragon City and other parts of the world.

Taurus Institute K9 Communications Unit: This small ear-mounted device is the size and shape of a regular hearing aid, but allows the user, in conjunction with the K9 Throat Microphone, to record audio to memory, establish emergency communications in the event vital signs drop below a certain threshold, and synchronize data between electronic communiques (E-mail, City-Zone Broadcast, and other channels).

Taurus Institute K9 Holographic Interface: A singularly amazing development in the realm of micro-computing, the K9 Holographic Interface Unit is seemingly nothing more than a regular contact lens, but has installed within it an entire range of sensors and applications, which allow him to do any number of things at any given moment. Even when speaking commands in an almost inaudible voice, his extremely sensitive throat microphone will pick up the sound and report it to the Interface Unit, which will then tell the owner whatever they need to know. Various abilities of the unit are displaying the user's vital information, providing GPS navigation, time, target acquisition and identification, mainframe data access to PPD and Vanguard servers, and more.
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