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"Want to be strong like Bench? Then eat your steak foola.

"Once you've eaten at Bench's restaurant, take a trip to his gym, where Bench can coach you personally."


Bench Wiki1.png
Bench as he was 10 years ago.
Player: @Evil Twin Boo
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Benchy, Big B, Steak-man
Species: Human
Age: 53
Height: 9'
Weight: 632lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Gym Owner & Restauranter
Place of Birth: Perth, Western Australia
Base of Operations: Port Oaks/Kings Row
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Super Strength, Invulnerability and Steak Sense
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


In Game Description

It is known that he now owns a successful restaurant and gymnasium. Both of which he takes great pride in the services they provide for the residents of both the Rouge Isles and Paragon City. Even though the giant man is no longer on the most wanted list, and is no longer a registered hero, he has been seen to put on his old uniform on to help his old friends when they are in need.

One thing will forever remain true. Bench is a man who you always want on your side, even in his days of retirement, he's as strong as he ever was, if not stronger.


Likes / Dislikes


Super Strength


Steak Sense

Stories of the man known as Bench

The Beginning.

Bench as he is today

The light in the room was dim at best in the hospital. But they had nowhere else to go, for they had little money and a hospital like this in the slums was all they could afford. Many would have thought them to be sad and hopeless wastes of a society that shuns them at every corner. But in fact, they were quite blessed. For on that day they were to have a child. A child that would change everything.

36 years later.

His shadow cast an ominous feeling across the city. He knew what had to be done and what he must go through to achieve his fathers dying wish. As he looked over Spider City, at it's wonder and horror he wispered to himself, "Today little bear, today you take it all back."

He stepped down from his perch high on top of the hospital to stretch his wary muscles and to begin another new day. He had to keep telling himself that every day is a new day for him to forgive and forget, but also to remember why he was here. The sun was coming up and it's basking light stung the giant man's eyes, but it was a light much welcomed. As he stepped over to his dumbells (that he had quite a few of hidden over the city) he reminded himself that with every repetiton he did with the heavy weights, he was one step closer to being strong enough, strong enough to keep his promise. And so he went through his morning workout routine in the sun on top of the hospital, his tight corded muscles lifting the wieghts with great ease. His eight foot frame casting an even greater shadow of himself on the roof. He wore his customary black muscle shirt with his gym's logo of a globe in white on the front, his black leather weight lifting belt and his black baggy cargo pants. He looked down to his left arm as he lifted each weight, trying as much to avoid looking at his right arm. He had recently lost his right arm and had it replaced with a prosthetic one. He was none too pleased with it for it felt cumbersome and not as strong as his real arm.

As he finished his routine which takes him roughly three hours each morning, he ran his hand over his bald head and began scratching the "five o'clock shadow" ever so present on his jaw and mused to himself "Cherry Steak for breakfast! Indeed, a good choice." While eating in the diner down the street from the hospital, he thought back to his younger days. The days when he was bullied and beaten for his unusually big form. He thought back to when he finally gave in to his anger and beat those who had tormented him so. He remembered how their spines snapped so easily under his mighty hands. He remembered prison, and with that thought the big man went back to his steak and began to smile. He smiled for he knew he was no longer that man. With age he had learnt that those bullying him were only frightened children, frightened with what they did not know or understand. He knew now what the real bullies were. They were the officials, the makers of law and those who ruled with only a thought for themselves. These people were the one's the he would "take care" of. He finished his breakfast and placed his empty plate on the counter and noticed the poster on the wall, it was a poster promoting people to join Arachnos.

He walked over to the poster never breaking eye contact with it when he got within a foot of the wall he stopped and tensed his muscles brought his right arm back high and smashed his fist through the wall were the poster was taking most of the wall down with it, looking at his prosthetic arm he said, "This arm might just prove itself yet." And as he left the diner the other patrons slinking back into their chairs one man asked the waitress, who seemed quite okay with the stirring event "Ain't you gonna call a cop or something?" to which she replied, "Oh that? Never mind about that." She continued cleaning the counter with a smile and said, "That's just Bench, he does that every morning." And as Bench exited the diner he threw over his shoulder a wad of cash and said, "Thanks hun! Good steak. See you tomorrow."

Night of reflection.

When Bench was a part of the X-Patriots. Also during this time he had been altered by Crey Industires.

Bench was back in Mercy Island that night, back to where he first got out of the Zig and was given an opportunity at a new life. He stood atop the the cargo crate's watching more and more "Destined One's" disembarking from the Arachnos flyers all the while musing to himself "Hmf, wonder if Kalinda is still using the same story?" As Kalinda was handing out assignments to the new recruits she noticed the huge man standing silently atop the crate and ever so slightly gave a nod in his direction and went straight back to her task at hand. As Bench's thoughts drifted off to the day when he was freed from the Zig and remembered chasing after The Skuls and Hellions, a shadowy figure slowly crept up behind him. Ever so cautious and nervous was she that when Bench spoke she nearly jumped from her skin caught off gaurd by him sensing her presence, she thought to herself "How does he always know?". "Foxy. How many times has Bench told you not to try and scare him. You know what that does to his appetite." He said with a wide smile on his face. After gaining her composure and giving a wink to her friend she moved to the edge of the crate and sat dangling her legs like a child on a swing. "It's been a while big guy." She said arching her head back to regard the giant standing tall.

As he moved to sit next to his old friend he said "That it has hun, that it has." As per normal the pair sat there for some time not uttering a single word, or even throwing a glance at each other. This was customary for the old friends. They needed not words or gestures, just to be in the presence of each other was more than enough. After what seemed like hours FelFox finally broke the silence. "I've missed you Bench." she said softly as she leant sideays into the big man's arm grabbing hold of it tightly. At first Bench felt the pain from the Xenos that surronded her body that would normally kill an ordinary person and even though it did hurt Bench physically he welcomed the embrace and ignored the pain as he always would for his friend. "You know," FelFox begain as she stared of into the night, "It really hasn't been the same without you with us. I know that you had to leave and find what whatever it was you needed but..." Bench stopped her there with a finger that he put to his lips letting her know that he knew how she felt. As he looked into her eye's, that always made him feel at peace and at home he said "Bench is still looking. And when he finds what he needs, he will let Foxy know. And hopfully by then, things will be different around here." As FelFox looked into the big man's peaceful deep blue eyes she knew that he would stay true to his promise, all she had to do was be patient.

Breaking the silence yet agian, FelFox grinned and said "Oh, by the way. Terra's been asking about you. She says she has a recipe that you might not have tried yet." With that the pair laughed out loud with Bench replying, "Terra must know by now that Bench has tried steak every way possible. But if what she says is true, then he better find her and get that recipe." The two of them just sat there for the rest of the night staring at the stars in a friendly embrace that many of the new Arachnos recruits saw and motioned towards untill Kalinda barked at them. "Don't even think about it fledgelings. You have no idea who you would be dealing with." And with that she looked at the pair sitting upon the crates in the star lit night and smiled. "He is the one. This I have no doubt."

A bad first day.

Bench's armour from a future dimension.

"Welcome, what did you say your name was?" Asked the other guard standing beside the door. "William." Replied the new Arachnos recruit, quite pleased with himself at his new position. "So you've been posted here guarding a vault no-one knows about huh?" William ever quick to note his new comrades sarcasim replied with a chuckle "Anything was better than what I was doing before." "And what was that?" Said Felix with a curious look on his face. "I was working as an accountant for a small time Mook. This has so many more posibilities." Suddenly breaking the conversation the alarm sounded indicating an intruder. Eagerly listening to his comm to see what trouble was coming his way William reached for his standard issue Arachnos rifle. Looking over at Felix waiting for an order he noticed the fear on his face. "What is it Felix? Some cape trying to shut us down?" As Felix lowered his comm and looked to William he nervously said "Oh fark. It's Bench."

With a confused look on his face William asked "What's a Bench?" "You'll know soon enough." said Felix reading his weapon and listening to the cries for help from down the hall. Bench burst through the front door to the hidden base noticing that the guards were completly unaware of his scheduled arrival. "Heh, Tina was right. These foolas have no idea." With that the giant man leaped into action grabing the first guard by the back of the head and rasing him into the ceiling with one arm leaving the man dangling from the ceiling, while slamming the next guard with his right fist knocking the un-suspecting guard flying back thirty feet, he was unconcious before he even hit the wall in front of him. The third guard Bench came to was actually ready for him. Not that it mattered. For as the guard had leveled his gun to aim at Bench's head, the big man had already grabbed the pitiful mans throat and bent him over backwards pushing his head into the ground snapping his spine and leaving him crumpled and very dead on the ground. His speed was amazing for a man of his size, never stopping for a second as he rampaged through the first few levels of the complex. Every guard in his way was either left unconcious, broken in half or simply dead. Felix and William waited nervously next to the vault door. Listening to the chatter on thier comm's as they realised that nothing was stopping this man. They heard screams of "Our weapons are usless!" and "Run, run while you can." It took all of Williams willpower not to turn and flee as Bench rounded the corner taking up almost the entire hallway. Felix just screamed at him, "Fire, fire you fool. Make Lord Recluse proud!" And so William did just that. His aim was true, and he pulled the trigger. As William watched the energy burst hit Bench and just seemingly soak into him.

It was at that point that William made a decision. He would prove himself to Lord Recluse. He did not stop firing his gun. Shot after shot hit Bench and nothing happened as the giant man quickly closed the distance. Felix stumbling and stammering gibberish turned to flee right as Bench's left fist hit him the back of the head dropping him instantly. At the same time the fuel cell on Williams gun ran out.

Bench turned to regard the new recruit seeing the fear in his eyes and whispered to him. "Ya got two choices foola. Run, or see if ya been eating ya steak." With that William dropped his gun, looked at giant before him, smiled and reached for his mace. Bench smiled and looked at the nervous man who was slowly gaining some courage. "Ya mean to tell Bench that he might actually get a work out out of this. Very well then." With that Bench tensed all his muscles making him seem even bigger yelling "IT'S STEAK TIME FOOLA!" William not missing the cue dove to his right swinging his mace at Bench's left leg glancing it slightly as the big man was still very swift even from a standing start. As William rolled to his right coming up in a crouching posistion reading his mace. Bench lurched forward with both hands above his head clenched togther bringing them straight down towards William smashing the mace in two and from the resulting explosion sending William back six feet.

Looking back up at Bench from his seated position against the wall he told himself that he could still do something, something that would mean he was important. With that he hurled himself towards Bench all the while screaming curses at the big man. Without even bothering to dodge or block Williams attack Bench simply moved his right arm back swinging it in a small circular motion building speed and as he launched his fist forward he yelled "EAT BENCH'S KO BLOW WITH STEAK SAUCE FOOLA!" His fist hitting William square on his jaw breaking his helmet in half and sending the poor man into the ceiling only to come crashing down to the ground. As his groggy eye's looked up at Bench, he noticed the giant smile and whisper "Well, at least ya stayed conscious for a coupl'a seconds." And as William feel into unconciousness he thought how much more safe it was to be an accountant.


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