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Player: Betsuni
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Peacebringer
Security Level: Classified
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: None
Species: Kheldian
Age: Unknown
Height: Varies
Weight: N/A; pure energy
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: Light Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Freelance
Place of Birth: Extragalactic
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Luminous Energy
Known Abilities
No additional information available.



We greet you. The Hu-mans label us the Betsuni. We are four and we are one.


We have no "true name". We are known by the expression of our energy through our deeds. Sometimes those that we direct our energy at in harmful way refer to us as "Oh God"; as in "Oh God, oh God, it burns" and "Oh my God, fire everything at it!" We are puzzled as to why they would be confused in such way. Perhaps there is extra-dimensional doppelganger of us in the city named "Oh God". We will remember to investigate this in future solar cycle.


((Ed: The storyline will update over time as the character progresses and finds out more.))

Update #1: Origin

We are four and we are one. We know ourselves, but we do not remember where we were. The Hu-man flesh menders call this the Amnesia. We know we are Kheldian, and we are Mefnanim, and we are Kurukt, and we are Mu-tant. Through others, we are told the Mu-tant sought evil to punish it for this Paragon City. Through others, we are told the Mu-tant lost her body.

We are told she fell into trap chasing her own unknown history. We are told the Circle of Thorns had part in her unlife. A device called "Soul Crystal" trapped her essence. We do not know the mathematical construct behind such possibility. We are told the Mu-tant was held in "a dimension created to imprison a god". We know we sought to free the Mu-tant and we merged to bring her back into the life. However, a disturbance occurred, and the melding was problematic. We merged, but we lost our collective memory. We know sentient being helped us reach the dimension, but we lost the knowledge. We remember... little.

We fear we were deceived into merging, above all. We fear we bring the unlife to this planet in future time.

The tides of time will reveal this mystery.

Added by:

I can't figure out this stupid system, and I can't view the earlier data section.. stupid access proxy. I'm having to enter in directly via a terminal. Either way, this needs to be added to the info section:

Psycological: Multiple Personalities?, Amnesia

Alignment: Neutral

I think this Kheldian merged with a hero (mutant, type E/E), but that hero's profile file was corrupted. I hear the file got hit when the Rikti attacked the city's server farm. A group of heroes swooped in and took them out before they could do significant damage, but a few boxes were a pile of smoking ash before they got there. The warehouse for the off-site backups was also destroyed by Rikti bombers. There are only bits and pieces of the file still readable. The drive arrays are a real mess.

Dr. Lynn and I did some digging and think the mutant started working with Paragon City 4 years ago but went MIA nearly 3 years ago. The city assumed she was dead. Of course, they won't say that publicly to the press. Its always "we're hopeful" and "the search is on going", but those of us on the inside know that not every hero gets to come home. Looks like this one might be an exception; if you can call it that.

I managed to salvage a photograph of the mutant from the profile file and it is apparent that Betsuni shares the same physical features as this hero, with exception to skin and hair color. The mutant was green skinned and red hair, but Betsuni is overall a light blue color. Same darkened area around eyes.

We have numerous Kheldians in service to Earth, but this one is different.. she.. it? acts differently. Most Kheldians can manage having numerous minds working together, but this one seems to be having trouble. Its kind of spooky. We may have to monitor her for a possible mental breakdown... I'll send an advisory note to the Freedom Phalanx just in case.

Lets hope they never have to put her down.








Update #2: The Hopeless

Update #3: Voices of the Past

Update #4: Peering into the Black

Update #5: Tale of Future Past

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