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Teekee, Greatest Hunter EVER!
Player: @Quinz
Activity Level: Heavy In Isles
Archetype: Stalker
Origin: Mutant
Primary Set: Ninja Blade
Secondary Set: Regeneration
Ancillary/Patron: Soul Mastery
Level: 50
Legal Miscellanea
Full Name: Tina Rene Hamelton
Identity: Secret
Known Aliases: Teekee, Black Rat, Rat, Squeaky
Occupation: Unpaid 'Bounty Hunter'
Education: None
Citizenship: Honorary United States Citizen
Legal Status: 'Reformed' Criminal
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives:
Date of Birth: January 13, 1988
Place of Birth: Berlin, Georgia
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Group Affiliations: Young Rogues(Youth League)
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Female
Species: Human(Mutant)
Ethnicity: African
Eye Color: Light Pink
Hair Color: Purple
Complexion: Black Haired
Height: 5'10
Weight: 167
Build: Athletic/Muscular
Distinguishing Features: Musilid tail, purple fur patches, light pink eyes.

I wanted a rat, and I wanted a stalker, mix the two, dash on some hyper-active little girl personality and you have Teekee!



The Young Rogues

The Youth League

Vicount De Crey

Crimson Princess


Jordan Norris(Jordan Vailo)


Animal Catcher


She's hyperactive, and never seems to keep herself down. She loves to be happy and tries to cheer people up, but when she sees they need to be left alone, she does so. She's kind hearted, but doesn't get much of Human Society's rules, mainly prisions for crimes rather than them being paid back whether by death, or more subtle revenge.

Beleif System

Though many don't know much of Teekee, she has a deep set of beleifs. This include balance, honor, death, and rebirth. Dispite she being simplistic the way of life, as she thinks it, is very complex.


Teekee beleives in a root of balance. If something good happens, something bad will happen, if something bad happens something good will happen. This is what makes her world go round. Because of this beleif that you will remain neutral, she has no reason to be distraught and because of this she is often seen as carefree.


Because of her upbringing she has taken the path of honor versus disohonor. She beleives a person who kills, tourtures, or, overall, does 'bad things' is dishonorable, and should have it visited on him as the exact same thing, or as something of equal pain or humiliation, though death is usually the major equalizer.

Death and Rebirth

Death happens to everyone and it is spoke in her ideals that if you do good, and honor your friends and family, and pay back those that do wrong, you will be reborn into a good form. This could really be anything with a functioning mind that is able to tell right from wrong. If you have been bad, though, it is beleived you will be born as a lesser being. And if so much evil is done that person will soon reach a being of such inhereit neutrality or evil that they will never be able to raise in the rungs of humanity ever again. This reason alone is why Teekee kills those that do bad. For if she kills them when they do a lesser evil, single murder compaired to genocide, for example, she gives them a chance to right wrongs in the next life before never being able to come back.

Power Pools


Ninja Blade

As a hunter she was taught to use hunting blades by rats. The Ninja Blade given to her is a decent enough duplication for her to master. She strikes with it for more power, and quickness, than for finesse, and often misses, though when she its it is devestating and quick.


Her mutation's actual power comes from her ability to keep healthy. It's difficult for her to get damaged without recovering quickly. This increased regeneration also increases her metabolism, and energy, making her seem a bit more hungry and a bit hyperactive.


She's quick and able to move faster due to her enhanced metabolism. Her body's fast twitch muscles are developed and firm due to her active use


Her body's natural regeneration makes her quicker and heal more, even more so than some other regeneration heros and villains.


She is a very nice person, and tries to see the best in others, so she is naturally more gullible. She gladly helps those in need, when they ask. One great weakness for her is a massive blow. If she were hit hard enough her body goes into a type of seisure making her incapacitated briefly.

Teekee's Awesome Suit


Hunting Blade: This was a gift from Arachnos when she started off in the Isles. It was a blade she covets as a gift, even though she set out on her own.

Awesome Suit: A suit given to her by her ex-boyfriend Jordan Norris, that is used to enhance physical powers. It works to an extent, but she doesn't notice a change. She mainly wears it because it was a gift from her love.

Personal History

Her Birthright

The Villain mostly known as Teekee was actually born Tina Hamelton, the daughter of a businessman and his trophy wife. When they saw what was born from them they were horrible. Her mutation was made in the womb, rather than developing in time. The parents, being of Aristocratic stock, wouldn't accept a filthy, demonic being like this a a daughter, paying off one of the Doctors to take one of the other babies from the nursery, and replacing her. When they left the hospital they abandoned thier true daughter in the sewers.

Rat Raise

Tina was found by a group of over-developed rats that hid in the sewers of Berlin, Georgia. They saw this woman and she seemed so much like thier own so she was taken in. The rats had a society that communilly raised the children, she easily fitting in with the rest of them. Tina was given the name Teekee by this community, which is the only name she really knows of herself.

Assigned Jobs

The Rat's society assigned jobs for all the creatures that were raised to adulthood, which was earlier than humans. Teekee was trained as a hunter for the noticed she was good at hiding, often sneaking around and scaring other children as a game, but also saw that she was hyperactive, and a hard hitter, however, she was declined as a warrior due to her seisures in direct combat.

Hunter Teekee

Teekee was easily a legend among the community, she striked well and true, and could take down several prey at once. Her ability to heal physical wounds, as well as diseases, s quickly made others gather around her. Seeing this the rat that found her decided she needed to know the truth, that she wasn't realy a rat like them, but a human., and they found who abandoned her. Teekee was angry, and due to the laws of society, which basically followed 'eye-for-an-eye' mentality, she went to get revenge for the dishonor.

Hunting the Dishonorable

Teekee came from the sewers, all others letting her, because they knew she could do so successfully, and would gladly cheer a success for the Hunter Teekee. She was infamiliar with the upper-world, but navigated well. She entered the house of the Hamiltons, and snuck through the the rooms to the bed room. She was stealthy, but not careful, one of the servents hearing something and calling the police. When the Police arrived they were too late, Teekee already slayed her mother and father. She wasn't used to guns, though and was easily taken down.

Life in Prision

Teekee lived and was imprisioned in a normal jail at first, two escape attempts failed until she was sent into lockdown, soon being transported to a high level security prision for Superpowered individuals in Rhode island. She was scentenced to Life in prision due to the murders. She was driven nearly insane being confined in a small cage. She often curling up and trying to escape whenever the gates were opened, only to have her locked in a smaller darker room.

Escape and Re-capture

When in Solitary confinement one night, Teekee's cell was jostled by an explosion. There was a jailbreak going on and she didn't know what was going on, but knew an oppertunity when she saw one. She was able to get out to the fenced in outter layer of the prision, and dug a hole under the fence. She was home-free, but was netted, and captured by Soldiers of Arachnos, who initiated the jailbreak. She was caged again, but the leader of the raid saw an oppertunity in her, and took them to Mercy Island.

Trained Rat

Teekee alread knew stealth, and fighting, but she knew nothing of the world outside her sewers, or the inside of a cell. These men were a nice change. They were nice, and she warmed up quickly to them. These men soon taught her english... to an extent. She learned quickly, it was great! This mainly because she was still young. They taught her the basic needs. How to speak. How to activate elevators, doors, plant and disable bombs, and through all this time she also picked up pattern recognization and computer activation. She is barely litterate, only able to speak a small amount of sounds due to letters, grammer, and elaborate words still elude her.

Jordan Norris

When she began as a villain she met a fellow villain named Jordan Norris. She warmed up to him easily, mostly due to her happy and outgoing nature, and she and he became friends. Soon, though, Teekee liked him enough and demanded he go out with her. Unknown to her why he said yes they soon stayed with one another, he taking her into his home in Cap Au Diable, and allowing her to stay there. Since she was with him she joine dthe supergroup known as the 'Killers of Virtue'. She didn't get along with anyone in there, sans Jordan, and only stayed because of him.

'Spore Colony'

Around the time of Christmas, though, Jordan was acting wierd, and Teekee grew suspicious. She saw him hanging around with a wierd woman, and spied on her more, noticing something not right. She was always blocked by others, and when she tried listening to them people started making more noise. She investigated a Bloody Bay occurance that seemed related and found more. She enrolled trusted arachnos soldiers to help her, all friends due to her being well within the organization. She had several Blood Widows assist her by playing as doubles. When she was able to hear a conversation between Jordan and this woman, though, she was recalled by an Arbiter. She refused the order to listen and heard them speak of a plot to take over the Isle and Paragon City. When she returned she was chastised by the Arbiter and the argued with him, he saying she has no authority to command the soldiers. This is when she broke from bother the Killers of Virtue and Arachnos, going on her own as a hired blade, while watching the woman... oddly enough, though, she disappeared, no where to be seen, and Jordan was now a hero.

Breaking the Jordan

He becoming a hero surprised ehr and she followed him with an I.D. P.A.W. had given him, she becoming a hero, briefly. She watched him and he seemed normal again, with no recollection of the woman he spoke to before. She kept her eye on him and noticed he was cheating on her. She confronted him and he said he had to leave her because it was dangerous for her. And he couldn't stay with her for fear of her life. They expressed they both still loved each other, but Teekee was the one who said she couldn't forgive him dishonoring her like that. She left him, and never went to see him again afterwards.

Discovered Fake

Afetr this time Teekee was discovered as a fake hero, not favored because of her killing enemies rather than capturing them. She had that liscence revoked and was rejailed, able to break out secretly with an Arachnos Raid. She coming back to work in the isles as a free agent.

Teekee in her Volo Suit.

The Young Rogues

Teekee soon discovered, as a free agent she didn't get as much food and shelter as she did with a group and soon came to hear of the Young Rogues. She joined them after an interview froM Crimson Princess, and from Skullguy. She happily helpped the group, and does any recon or assassination jobs for her friends in there, which include the leader.

Meeting the Youth League

While she was with the group she met another, the rivals of The Young Rogues, The Youth League. She admired many of the heroes, especially one called Volo. She saw how fast he was, and wanted to be like him, able to run and move with such speed. She trying to reinstate herself as a hero, trying to bargin with Freedom Phalanx.

Reintituted hero

She was able to bargin with the Phalanx to work as a hero on both fronts, though she still keeps it secret her workings within the Rogues. She was demanded not to kill in Paragon, but they will overlook some things while she is in the Isles. She worked for a bit, soon finding the Youth League, secretly infultrating thier base, and demanding to be in the group. Though stunned, and weary, Volo vouched for her to come in. She now works on both fronts, and as a Sidekick of Volo, complete with matching outfits.

Teekee in her awarded armor.

Rikti Threat

Since allowed to fight any way needed with the opening of the Rikti War Zone, Teekee has been there with her blade in hand, fighting against the outer-worldly threat. She is working with Vanguard hard to keep the invaders at bay. As far as she is concerned this is a threat to all her friends, whether from the Isles or from Paragon city, and doesn't wish to let up until they are gone and away. She is slowly showing herself to Vanguard, and is slowly being awarded thier armor and weaponry as thanks for doing so well against the Rikti Threat.

Dismissal as 'Hero'

Upon September 20th Teekee was dismissed as being a registered hero in Paragon. Upon seeing her fight the Rikti, and her style in the Isles she was trusted as a double agent, favoring the Freedom Phalanx. She works in the isles exclusively now, as a contact and bounty hunter for the folks in Paragon. Though this is true she was given bad publicity to make it seem like she abandoned the city and 'Gone Rogue once more'.

White Compliments Her Hair.

Destroyed the World, Destroy Recluse

While working for Ghost Widow Teekee was able to go forward in time... She saw a world that was destroyed by herself in a battle against Lord Recluse. She saw this and went into a kind of shock. She was talked down from the fright by Samoht and Ragnarok, but she had finished the work of Ghost Widow alone...

The last task she was given was to go One on One against Lord Recluse after he had just conquored Atlas Park to prove herself to the Current day Recluse and to Ghost Widow.After a fierce battle in the future Teekee had come victorious. Exhausted she came to Recluse and tossed his own head to the Tyrant. He saw her as one of great power and then just gave her her own free reign. She proud, beleiving the defeat of Recluse could make her self-proclaimed title of Greatest Hunter EVER true.

Socially Inept

Teekee had finally acheived Security Level 50 after her defeat of Recluse, and so she took the time to hunt on her own. The thought of her destroying the world still haunted her.. Then she began to think... Maybe she did it because of how she could never really keep some friends. She got a bit depressed and started hanging around the Pocket D a lot more. She kept being cheerful and trying to get people to talke to her, and try to have people active. She kept getting ignored, however. She's become a bit less happy now, sad at no one seeming to like her. However, she still tries to jump into a batch of people and try to get them to do 'Get to Know You' games with strangers, which usually consists of saying names, rhyming games, and talking of interestes/secrets. No one seems comfortable, or interested, to do this though.

After she tried talking with a random group of people and getting nothing but silence, then she was overlooked as people talked of engineering, losing her, confusing her, and making her feel stupid, she thought no one liked her because she wasn't properly educated. However, she is illiterate and the fact no one tries to help her, outside of exchanging cash for her hunts, she feels in a closed area, not able to escape the stigma.

To be continued

As of yet this is all the history. More to come as it comes.

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