Black Sheep

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Black Sheep
Player: Mind's Bad Day
Activity Level: High
Archetype: Dominator
Origin: Magic
Primary Set: Ice Control
Secondary Set: Icy Assult
Level: 30
Legal Miscellanea
Full Name: BarbraJean Ann Delany
Identity: Confidential
Known Aliases: Babs
Occupation: Finacier
Education: BA in applied Dark Magics
Citizenship: united States
Legal Status: Currently Has no Record
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Buffy & Bunny Sisters, Spanky Father Bunny Mother decised, Courtney Delaney Wife
Date of Birth: 04/23/1989
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Cap au, Kings Row
Group Affiliations: Denile Courtney Curio Corner
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Jewish
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Complexion: Blue fur
Height: 5'2
Weight: 95 pounds
Build: Light
Distinguishing Features: Is a cat, Fine scares can be found under her fur, has star birth mark on her eye

This profile for BarbraJean Ann Delany, otherwise known as Black Sheep is a work in progress.



BarbraJean is the youngest of a set of twins, and all the Ramboniwitz children, she was born forty eight hours after her sister, complications in birth prevented her for leaving her mother. Bunny used her mutant nether powers to first drain the hospital staff the when threatened with sedation, her self to keep Babs alive. The doctors could not operate with out severe risk to one or the other, and Her father the Infamous Spanky Ramboniwitz could not decide. Once her mother gave the last of her life on Babs, the doctors went in and cut her from her mothers corps.

Her father devastated by the loss of Bunny Ramboniwitz left the child rearing to his oldest daughter, Bunny "Daddies Princess" Ramboniwitz. The then 18 year old social light did her best to raise the twins but her own personality hes been stamped onto Babs.

She lived most her life connected at the hip to her sister Buffy. As they moved threw privates school together recently moving to Cap Au to attend Aeon university. In the Rouge Islands she discovered a freedom that could not be had as a Celibutant in America. With the cameras absence she was allowed to flower and blossom and enter into several ill fated affairs. After obtaining her Degree form Aeon university she floundered looking for a pourpose tell it wondered into her life.

Courtny Delany came a calling one day attending one of her sisters parties. The young woman was stricken buy the eight foot tall blond. They talked threw out the party and quickly became acquainted. They dated for a while then it happened the draw of the Parigonian native did what was thought impossible, Babs came home. She moved to kings row to be closer to her lover and eventually purchased a restaurant. Having set a date in June the couple recently ran to Croatoa were they had the mayor preform a civil ceremony.


Baba is covered in pail blue soft fur with white stripes. She has a star shaped birth mark that turns her fur white around her left eye. She has bright red hair she currently died black. She wares a midnight blue collier with a gold pendant that reads Raven.

She often were as little clothes as possible and has a aura of cold that when she gets existed or warm starts to condense the air around her. Under her fur and around her ears all four of them she has fine scares her eyes are often heavy and sad which is why she wares dark sunglasses all the time.


Babs was raised in the top one percent of Americans. She has been followed by the press since infancy her every move and fax pas reported on in the news and tabloids. She is the daughter of a corrupt wealthy and powerfully man. Raised by an 18 year old socialite that makes Paris Hilton look calm. She is spoiled, but her biggest driving factor is the death of her mother which she blames her self for.She lives in the constant shadow of her mother. She lives her life based on what she feels her mother would or would not approve of, treating the phrases accredited to her as gospel.

Some of this can be seen in her recently read poem For my mother

Babs has trouble relating to people often trying to make every relationship a sexual one havening a firmly in bedded belief that she is unlovable and that sex is the only reason some one would want her around.


Babs comes from a long line of Mutants. She on the other hand Is the perfect human specimen. So frustrated by this, she at the age of 13 sought out and sold her sole to Ghengath, Demon Lord of Ice. He in exchange for it granted her magic and taught her to use it. Part of the cost of this was to take her heat, which left Babs in and odd state she tends to hover around five degrees Celsius, any active or thing like clothes that would raise her body temperature actually cause her body temp to drop. She feels her temperature and gets just as cold as those around her, having had on more then one occasion nearly sent her into shock by letting her body temp bottom out.

With magic she has learned to create Ice constructs, both to use as weapons and to encase people. She has also learned to speed her own body's motion and to make her self hard to see.

Soon after arriving in the Rouge Islands she petitioned the Face makers to turn her into a cat. This transformation has left her lighter and healthier then she was. Most visible in and increase in her ability to jump.

Misc. Information

She wares Moss Lipow sunglasses at all times

Her current collier is Duni & Burke and Midnight blue Bering an enchanted charm that says raven

She recently started a love a fair with a pair of Ernest Sewn custom jeans

Though she was lovers for the longest time with Midnight Lass

Wears a ring of ice on her left hand.

Owns and runs the Dinner Babs' Den

Can not cook.


Babs'es Blog [1]

Do to a recently enacted ritual Babs has regained her soul and her heat but maintains her power

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