Blood Impala

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A moment of stillness
Blood Impala
Player: @Remianen
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 15
Personal Data
Real Name: Valencia Lucientes
Known Aliases: Valerie Graham, Valeria Marcos
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225 lbs
Eye Color: No visible pupils
Hair Color: Auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: Dual citizen of Spain & the Rogue Isles
Occupation: Escaped convict (formerly Vacation Rental Manager)
Place of Birth: Nerja, Spain
Base of Operations: The Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Energy manipulation, leaping ability, heightened fitness
Known Abilities
Intermediate level competence in boxing.
No additional information available.

Blood Impala was the first villain created by Remianen (player). She was conceived out of frustration over the incompetence of law enforcement and intelligence officials. Her premise is that of a person who has experienced grief and loss and the seeming indifference of those who were capable of preventing said loss and chose not to (for whatever reason, none of which would actually make sense to her). The classic "Take the law into your own hands" type with a bit of a twist in that she holds a great deal of animosity for "the law" which seems to protect the offender more than the victim oftentimes.



Identity: Public

Supergroups: Urban Avarice

Known Associates: Ursa Auvergne, Serena Smoke, The Refitter, Crimson Commander, Helena Hellcat, Microshock


Blood Impala is a very quiet, brooding type around strangers but somewhat more animated around those she knows and trusts.


Blood Impala's powers revolve around the manipulation of energy.

Energy Melee

The most obvious demonstration of her abilities would most likely be in combat. She generally uses energy to augment her already formidable punches which can sometimes disrupt synapses in her opponents, causing momentary disorientation.

Energy Aura

Over time, Blood Impala has also learned to channel her energy manipulative abilities to heighten her reflexes, making her harder to hit. She has also managed to focus enough to create an aura that protects her from negative status. Thus, her surface density is increased to such a degree as to make it almost impossible for her to lose her balance. This level of focus also makes her largely immune to attacks designed to shut down mental processes.


Just as she is able to increase her surface density, conversely she is also able to decrease it and make herself light enough to leap great distances. This is an ability she has exhibited since childhood, which is how her name came about.

Character History

Valencia Lucientes grew up in the Costa del Sol area of Spain. Her childhood seems somewhat shrouded in mystery. What is known is that she is quite memorable largely because of her golden skin (unusual, even for that area) that seemed to glitter when sunlight contacted it. People also remember her eyes, which seemed to glow but had no pupils.

She managed a small group of vacation cottages, frequented by tourists to the area. She was well liked, with an engaging personality. There are reports that a cell of Arab terrorists took up residence in the area alongside the normally harmless Bastille separatists, much to the chagrin of the locals. Valencia came to the realization of her mutant abilities at an early age (before managing the vacation complex). She had been known to use some kind of superhuman ability when her duties required her to forcibly evict delinquent renters.

In 2004, the worst terrorist attack in Spanish history took place, when the abovementioned Arab cell set off 10 bombs targetting the commuter train system of Madrid. 191 people were killed and over 2,000 were wounded. The response from the world's super powered groups was abysmal in the view of many in the world community. One of those people, was a young Spanish girl watching her countrymen die, while on their way to work. And this is where a possible hero goes rogue.

Reports indicated a woman matching Valencia's description, began forcibly extracting information from terrorist sympathizers and financial backers. On August 11, 2004, she entered a rooming house in Kings Row later found to be a front for a terrorist cell linked to an international terrorist leader at approximately 6:42 pm. When she emerged at 10:11 pm, she left behind 15 bloodied and battered corpses.

On August 16th, she was arrested and later tried on 15 counts of manslaughter. During the course of the investigation, officials from the Department of Homeland Security intervened and Valencia Lucientes accepted a plea bargain which reduced her charges to "unlicensed super hero activity", for which she was sentenced to 3-7 years in the Ziggurat.

However, on February 8, 2006, a squadron of Arachnos operatives, on orders from Lord Recluse himself, attacked the Ziggurat. Apparently, they were in search of several individuals referred to as "Destined Ones", for a purpose that has yet to be determined. What is known is that a senior Arachnos seer by the name of Kalinda, supposedly gifted with a limited form of prescience, advised Lord Recluse that these Destined Ones could very well assure victory against the forces of Paragon City. One of the convicts they carried off was none other than Valencia Lucientes. Taking the name 'Blood Impala' (after the animal known for its leaping ability), she has been diligently building a base of power.

However, rumors persist that she's not doing it alone. There appears to be an outside source of financial backing for Blood Impala and her fledgling group, Urban Avarice, though the source of said backing has never been ascertained.

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