Bloody Sabbath

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Bloody Sabbath
Player: Roughtrade
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 25
Personal Data
Real Name: Maria Contessa Sabatini
Known Aliases: '
Species: Vampire
Age: 668
Height: 163cm
Weight: 50kg
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Thief
Place of Birth: Naples
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Blood Drinking
Magic Claws



Name : Maria Contessa Sabatini

Place of Birth : Naples

Origin : I was bit.

Supergroup : I work alone.

Archetype : I sneak around, steal things, eavesdrop, don’t get caught.

Former Job : I’m almost over six hundred and fifty years old, if you can think of it then I’ve probably done it for at least a couple of weeks.

Base of Operations : I try to stay mobile.

Hero or Villain : I steal. Just because I mostly steal from other bad people doesn’t change the fact that I’m a thief. I don’t consider myself a bad person, but I’m not going straight to heaven if and when I finally cash in my chips. But that’s been a moot point since the night I woke up with fangs and a taste for blood.

Brief Physical Description : I’m young and beautiful, and will stay that way until the day I die. Again. I’m a bit pale, but tanning was never my thing anyways.

Brief Personality Description : I’d like to think that people find me personable and entertaining. Charming and charismatic when in public, convivial and companionable when among friends, cunning and coldblooded to my enemies.

Goals and Motives : I like money. Gold, silver, bonds, bills. Whatever the form it takes down the years, I like to have a lot of it around. I have a certain standard of living that I like to maintain and it takes a bit of funding to keep it up.

And then there’s the whole needing to feed on the blood of the living. Like everyone, living or unliving, I need to eat.

Opinions on Important Factions : I was walking under the light of the stars before most of these institutions came about, I plan on being around when they’re gone. Arachnos is a convenient benefactor for now, but I’ve no long term loyalty to their goals.

Quote : Lets just say if you're ever paid to steal Lemurian Artifacts don't touch them without the special gloves that the witch gives you for handling them.

Claim to Fame : I’m a vampire but I don’t hang out with other vampires. For the most part, I find them boring, whiny and dull witted.


Born : 1443 Died : 1465

I'm a vampire. Yes. I said vampire. You've seen others? I'm not them.


My mother died when I was young and I became the defacto ‘mother’ to my younger sisters and brothers. My father owned a vineyard with his brothers, and their wives were more focused on raising the family standing with the local nobility than in helping out, so I raised my cousins as well. By the time I was sixteen I was done with raising babies and had no intention of marrying to start the process again with a brood of my own. My father married a girl one year younger than me and I sensed problems on the horizon, so I began to make myself scarce around the family farm.

That’s when I started stealing. My family was certain I had become a prostitute, and I think they would have preferred that to the truth, and I wont say that I never used my body to attain an advantage so there may be some truth to the subject. But most people would have considered me a thief. Then things took a bad turn for my family. A bad drought, some ill considered investments and soon my father was in debtor’s prison and my uncles and aunts and cousins and the whole clan pretty much poised to be scattered to the four winds.

I paid my father’s debts but the items I used were unfortunately identified as stolen and so I was thrown into prison myself. On the first night a man dressed in black came to my cell. I expected the worst, had been expecting it for some time actually, and was somewhat surprised when he made me an offer. Unlife. It beat rotting in a cell.


There are other vampires. The one turned me avoids them whenever possible. He had no particular reason for turning me, other than some companionship for a time. Not sex, just an interesting person to talk with. He had heard of my trial, my loyalty to family, and found it interesting. We parted ways after a decade, but we cross paths from time to time and still find things to talk about.

So I found myself twenty years ‘dead’ and in London. I had funds to live comfortable but not in style and I was immortal. I started stealing again. I had to be more careful, getting caught would mean a daylight trial and that would be rather short and painful for me. I became a thief by consignment. People who wanted something special stolen came to me, and so I rarely had to deal with the messy business of fencing an item after it was acquired.

Things probably would have ended that way, eventually getting caught and brought into the sunlight. A death that would be attributed to spontaneous combustion but not vampirism in the new age of science such conclusions would be unacceptable. But I was asked by a witch to steal an item. I was supposed to wear a set of gloves to handle them but the guard I had thought was sleeping soundly had to get up to visit the jakes and interrupted me. In haste I forgot to don the protective gloves, magic occurred, and I was bonded with a very thirsty pair of black claws.

The witch was mad. Her blood was tasty. Moral : If you’re planning on killing me, don’t tell me ahead of time. It wasn’t like I planned to keep the claws and threatening to take them off my dead body was just poor judgment on her part.

It hasn’t been a bad deal since then. The claws do provide me with some protection from sunlight. It’s still uncomfortable for me to be out in broad daylight, but on cloudy days I’m just fine. They do seem to feed off my own energy, or off the things I kill with them.

The claws help me get around more easily, and help me avoid the traditional vampire aversion of anything resembling a sunbeam. They just make me thirsty.


Yes. I have played VtM. No. I am not interested in joining your White Wolf themed SG. I wanted to try out a Stalker. I thought the vampire angle suited the style of play. The claws are actually an idea stolen from an early Roy Thomas storyline in the Conan comic books. Serial number is sufficiently filed off.

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