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MRP'er for violence, sex, language, adult situations
Player: Browncoat001
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 7
Personal Data
Real Name: Mario Martinez
Known Aliases: El Perro Salvije
Species: Human
Age: 68, Appears to be 30
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 205 lbs
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Mexican
Occupation: Hero, former Drug Lord
Place of Birth: Tijuana, Baja Californa, Mexico
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Kings Row District
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Marco Martinez (Father), Maria Martinez (Mother), Mercedes Martinez (sister), Miguel Martinez (brother), and numerous half brothers, sisters and cousins.
Known Powers
Energy melee appearing in the form of intense white light surrounding his fists and a superior strong will that allows Mario to fight through all but the most grievous of wounds.
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


Character History

In 1941 Mario was born to Maria and Marco Martinez, better known as Caldera Negra and Coyote Azul, the infamous Black and Blue duo. Mario was the first member of the reincarnated Aztec princess's court to be reborn. Like all the spawn Maria later gave birth to, Mario grew at a slightly faster then normal human rate, and being the twisted couples first noble born child, they kept him and raised him in the tradition of their family. By the age of 10 Mario was a full member of the burgeoning crime family (Maria having had two more children from her side work as a prostitute that served as her personal bodyguards)and by 15 Mario was the spiting image of his father Marco, even having the same super strength and shape shifting powers.

For three years Mario joined his family on their rampage up and down Latin America, throwing in with revolutionaries in any war they could find, including some rumored involvement in Fidel Castro's Cuban revolution, to adding in drug running as French and Asian syndicates started using Mexico as a beachhead for importing opium into the United States. Later on Mario enjoyed working as a coyote, charging Mexican peasants exorbitant amounts to get them over the boarder, often delivering them into the hands of the board guards for a share of the profits. By this time Mario began to feel tied down, becoming dissatisfied with what he saw as being a lackey for his parents, as well as developing an Oedipal complex and becoming increasing jealous of his father. An argument was started with Marco and Maria about the direction the family was taking, fueled by Mario's frustrations with his parents involvement in political matters, which he felt brought to much attention to the organization, especially the family's connection to the the Nazi ODESSA organization. Hiring them selves out as mercenaries was one thing, actually taking sides was quite another in the young criminals mind. Tempers flared and Mario came to blows with his father, the two hammering at each other before assuming their beast forms and fighting tooth and claw until both were reigned in by Maria as the witch used her ability to manipulate pain to bring in end to the fight. Cursing his familia, Mario left to make his own way.

Mario was highly successful in his solo endeavor, his supernatural powers vaulting him quickly through the ranks of a Mexican drug cartel involved in smuggling opium and marijuana into the United States and for 15 years El Perro Salvije held the drug trade into the United States with an iron fist, with even the Negro y Azul Brujería being forced to deal with him in order to move product north. However, in the early 80's, a newly formed task force called Ballista (a forerunner of Longbow) took in interest in Mario's criminal organization when the excessive violence he used to intimidate others on both sides of the border began to escalate. In 1983, full scale raid was conducted on Mario's Baja mansion, and El Perro Salvaje (the wild dog), as he was now known, was finally taken into custody. While Ballista had begun plans on the creation of a prison to specially house super powered criminals, funding was still being fought for. With nothing else do to Mario was put into a newly developed cryogenic container as a both a way to neutralize him and as a test subject for the hibernation chamber.

For 15 years Mario was held in suspended animation while his estranged family took over his former territory when finally Ziggurat Prison was completed and opened. Mario was in the first batch of inmates as he was awoken from his cryogenic sleep only to be placed in the most secure prison in North America. Luckily for Mario, the US government was still wrestling on how to treat super powered criminals and when he was finally sentenced, it was under conventional law, and while he was suspected in a wide range of crimes, he received only 10 years for drug trafficking, thanks in part to the law firm Wolfram and Hart.

It was while in prison that Mario's life truly changed. He found himself sharing a cell with an odd man of French Canadian and Native American decent named Jacques Apisi. Unknown to Mario, Jacques was actually an incarnation of the Native American deity Coyote, who was vaguely related to the Aztec god Huehuecoyotl. Jacques befriended the broody Latino and helped him through his first years in prison. The burly bearded man became something of a father figure to Mario, as well as several of the other inmates in the cell block, regaling them with pointed stories. In reality the Coyote was working on restoring the missing parts of Mario's soul, the tonalli and the teyolia, which held the more noble aspects of the soul. It was then that the full weight of Mario's past misdeeds fell on him and if wasn't for Jacques help the man would haven't been able to bear the guilt that threatened to drown him. Once his sentence was fulfilled, Mario emerged from the Zig a different man, vowing to make up for all the pain he and his family had created, taking on the name of Blue Coyote and beginning a career as a hero on the beleaguered streets of Paragon City.






While not a true ally, Mario has often been seen in the company of a villainous young woman going under the street name Divine Mystery. Mario's actual relationship with the girl is not completely clear, but the pair can often be seen in the Pocket D club, making people nauseous with their extreme displays of public affection.


Black and Blue Brujeria is the crime family run by Mario's parents Marco and Maria Martinez. One of the fist things Mario did when he was paroled from the Zig was to track down some of his old underworld contacts to check on the status of his family. The reformed villain was both gladdened and apprehensive to find out that the Brujeria had set up shop in the Rouge Isles. He was relieved to hear that the crime family had not done much to establish themselves on the Isles, apparently contenting themselves with partying and general debauchery that could be found in the Pocket D club.

While Mario has been content on merely keeping an eye out for his estranged family, he knows that sometime he will have to confront his parents, especially his mother Maria, if he is ever to be able to lay his past to rest.

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