Bolt Driver

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File:Faultline construction.jpg
On the job in the Faultline reconstruction effort.
Bolt Driver
Player: @SageGaspar
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 42
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human/Cyborg
Age: Approx. 100
Height: 7' 6"
Weight: 2000 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Jet Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Construction
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Super Strength/Piston-Powered Super Jumps

Damage Resistant/Quick Regeneration

Known Abilities
Familiar with organization and operation of construction sites
Bionic Arms and Legs/Hodgepodge of Biomechanical Parts
No Further Information Available

Bolt Driver began as a construction worker in the early 20th century. After being crushed under a pile of girders, his appendages were replaced by mechanical construction parts in one of the first procedures of its kind. Forced into near mechanical slavery under threat of withdrawing the maintenance that allowed his life to continue, he continued his construction work for a decade, until one day he was approached by a young lawyer from the newly-formed Superpowered Defense League. In a landmark case, they successfully sued Bolt's bosses for his back wages and freedom, and introduced him to D.A.T.A., which would happily keep up his maintenance in return for the opportunity to study how he worked. To support himself, Bolt provides his construction expertise to Paragon City Public Works and moonlights as a superhero.



Bolt Driver is loud and gruff but ultimately kind-hearted. He is content doing construction work as both oversight and manual labor. He is especially proud of his work in Faultline. More recently, he has dabbled in crime-fighting, finding a new enjoyment in helping people and being part of a community along with the visceral enjoyment of smashing people's faces in. Having an excuse to use his piston-legs to jump incredible distances is a side benefit.

He sticks out wherever he is by virtue of his size, but relatively few people can connect him to his precedent-setting trial. He is fine with that, as his history is something he would just as well forget.

Due to his history, he is keenly aware of the law surrounding the super-powered and cyborgs. He tries to keep up with civil rights issues and donates a portion of his paycheck to not-for-profit defense funds. He bristles under any system that takes away freedom of action or choice and has nothing but contempt for those that enslave others mentally or physically.


Bolt Driver's powers derive from the technology grafted onto him and the science that altered his biochemical structure. His insides are a complete mix of man and machine. There is no system in his body that does not rely on a mixture of biology and technology to function.

Super Strength

With every system in his body reinforced with strong synthetic material and massive machine parts fused together by an enormously bulked up torso, Bolt Driver is able to exert and bear large amounts of force. If given the proper grounding and positioning, he can pick up heavy girders, pull enormous stacks of bricks, and even right toppling buildings. He can bear enormous loads on his back, the full capacity of which has never been tested, but includes at least up to a small truck.

Bolt Driver's name came from the model of his mechanical arms, whose pistons were intended to be used at various forces to drive bolts home. It has found another use in crime-fighting to add major power onto the end of a punch. A wind-up followed by a hard punch to the gut and a piston burst at the end has been known to send the hardiest of villains thirty feet into the air.

Super Jumping

Bolt Driver's legs are also equipped with piston motion. Originally they were planned to help pack down earth or other material, with the possibility of adding a jackhammer-like attachment, but he quickly discovered that if used without being properly secured they would send him flying in the air. D.A.T.A. helped tune this action and now he can use them to make precision jumps for incredible distances.

He has to be careful not to use this on shaky ground, as it has the potential to cause large structural damage if he takes off or lands on the wrong spot. However, Paragon's ever-increasing "hero proof" building codes means that this is less of a worry in the city at large.

Tough Hide/Quick Regeneration

Bolt Driver's biological components are engineered resilient and will self-repair if injured. This is signaled by a soft thrumming sound and a glow emitting from within him. The machine parts are virtually indestructible and reinforced by D.A.T.A. whenever they make a new breakthrough in materials.


The power for Bolt Driver's operation comes entirely from biofuels -- he can just eat food to keep himself powered, although ingesting other chemicals might do in a pinch. When he eats something, there is a blender-like sound from within his stomach as it breaks down and processes the food content.

This efficiency extends to normal operation. There is little waste heat or chemical byproduct produced under normal operating parameters. This changes, however, during stress as in battle or repairing injury. Heat waste is expelled from the system via the torso, as is chemical waste, which is sweated out. The sweat is thus often oddly-colored and quite pungent.

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