Bone Pappy

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Criminally Insane
Player: Altoholic
FBI's 4th Most Wanted
Origin/AT: Magic Necro/Dark Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Aurek Dionizy Vodrazka
Species: Undead Human
Age: 45
Height/Weight: 5'10"/70lbs
Eye/Hair Color: N/A
Citizenship: American citizen on the FBI's Most Wanted List
Birthplace: Yorkville, NY (Manhattan)
Current Residence: St. Martial, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Never Married
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Dark Magic, Necromancy, Soul Mastery, Flight.
Known Abilities
Conjuration, Channeling.
Emergency Teleport Beacon, Blackwand
Declared Criminally Insane

  • The Skulls
  • Arachnos

With wild fluctuations in personality, his only constant is in his determination to master the dark arts, and gain more power. Declared Criminally Insane.


Dark Magic, Necromancy, Soul Mastery, Flight


Conjuration and Channeling of Netherworldly energies.


Emergency Teleport Beacon, Blackwand


  • Since he has been reduced to nothing more than a skeleton, he is easy to knock over if you can get past his zombie minions.

Bone Pappy grew up on the corner of 3rd Ave & E 51st Street in Yorkville, New York (A Manhattan neighborhood). Born Aurek Dionizy Vodrazka in 1965, he is the descendant of Bohemian Czech immigrants. Highly gifted, he won a Berkley scholarship and studied the sciences within the field of particle physics. He was presented with a Blackwand for classification, which defied scientific instruments. As something new to learn, Aurek spent weeks studying the artifact with rapt fascination. An explosion of unknown origin caused Aurek to be expelled in 1983. The artifact was apparently destroyed in the explosion.

Vodrazka disappeared for years before coming to the attention of Paragon's Police in Perez Park in 1989. Sighted with Radoslav and Emil Petrovic, later known as Marrow Snap and Marrow Drinker, anonymous tips stated that the Petrovics were learning their dark magic from Vodraska to battle The Shadows gang.

The Petrovic brothers gave up Vodraska to the PPD in 1990 in a plea agreement. Vodraska was convicted for 9 counts of Murder in the first degree. The victims were used in a ritual sacrifice which stripped Vlodstoff's flesh and empowered him with dark energies. He was confined to a cell in Zigursky Prison, which The Legacy Chain built to contain the darkness within him.


Escape from a High Security Custodial unit, Murder in the First Degree, Felony Assault, Destruction of Public Property, Robbery, Dark Arson, Kidnapping, Extortion, and Racketeering.


A notebook was found in Vodrazka's cell under his bunk. In it, he wrote detailed plans on the types of torture he wished to use on the Petrovic Brothers: Marrow Snap and Marrow Drinker. Longbow and the PPD were dispatched to Eastgate, but they were too late. Both men were stripped of most of their power, and their blackened original skull masks now adorn Bone Pappy's shoulders.

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