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Mean muggin' in Eastgate.
Boom Boom MacCool
Player: @Phenom415
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster/Corruptor
Security Level: 13/14
Personal Data
Real Name: Kairi McCutcheon
Known Aliases: Midnight MacCool, Mac the Knife
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 137 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Chocolate Cherry
Biographical Data
Nationality: Dual French/American Citizenship
Occupation: Gun-Toting Go-Go Dancer
Place of Birth: Liverpool, England
Base of Operations: Blyde Square, Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Seamus McCutcheon - Father

Akira Kurasawa - Mother

Known Powers
Psionics, Dark Miasma
Known Abilities
Expert Marksman
Her itty bitty waist, her round thing in yo face.
Baby got back?



Boom Boom MacCool (real name Kairi McCutcheon) was born to a gun-runner for the Irish Republican Army and a Japanese showgirl in Liverpool, England. At the time, her mother was serving as mistress to a bevy of high-ranking British businessmen, politicians, and military officers, while her father had been sent to England by his superiors to infiltrate that very network. In the end, he only managed to infiltrate her sweet heinie and, with a baby girl in tow, the two eloped to Paris to begin their lives anew.

Some years later, the threat of reprisal from the IRA long since gone, the family relocated to the Steel Canyon sector of Paragon City in the United States in hopes that their now teenage daughter would eventually attend the university there while her father managed Samurai Seamus' Sushi Emporium, the city's only Irish sushi bar. She did so, for a time, but after several sorority parties gone awry - and the grades to prove it, she opted instead to follow in the footsteps of not one, but BOTH of her parents.

The Backstreet Boutique

MacCool's first forays into the flesh-tacular world of go-go dancing took place in a little-known strip joint called the Backstreet Boutique. It was here that her Boom Boom MacCool monkier was born. It was also here that she began to make a name for herself in the world of exotic dancing by inventing and perfecting maneuvers such as the Motorboat, the Boomer Booty Bop, the Inverted Flying JalapeƱo, and the Dirty Oyster.

On one particular night at the Boutique, Boom was headlining the club's weekly Schoolgirl Slumber Party when a rather surly group of Tsoo sorcerers interjected themselves onto the scene. This would mark the beginning of Boom's crimefighting career as she leapt into action, leading the charge that resulted in the subdual and eventual arrest of the criminals in question. Ever the pro, Miss MacCool got back on the stage and finished her set following the skirmish, going so far as to give free lap dances to everyone who assisted her.

Vigilante Vixen

After getting her first taste of action, there was no turning back for Mac. Not only was she more than familiar with the ways of weaponry thanks to having a gun specialist for a father, but the thought of booking baddies in the Zig got her all hot and bothered. So Boom began to build her arsenal of assault rifles and set out on her crazy crusade. Once night hit, you could usually still find her breaking hearts at the Backstreet Boutique, but during the day Boom took to the streets, armed with her trusty SKS. With an ear to the police scanner and on eye on the city's seedy underbelly, Boom blasted her way into the collective consciousness of the city's most unsavory sects.

As the catching of crooks and dispatching of derelicts started to consume more and more of her time, Boom began to notice a decline in her dancing career and, subsequently, a serious scratch shortage. Fearing that further freebies would leave her without the means to splurge on shoes and sexy outfits, as was her weekend tradition, she tapped her entrepreneurial side and became a hero for hire. She still shook her booty for the big whigs on Blyde Square when she could, and if she encountered any wrong-doing when she was out and about, she wouldn't hesitate to put a stop to it. But when push came to shove, Boom Boom preferred to provide the boom boom to people who weren't afraid to break the bank.

I've Been A Bad, Bad Girl

Mac's most maligned misadventure came when she voluntarily entered the general population at the Zig. Posing as a prisoner, she was to monitor the activities of Giuseppe Genovese, a former finger man for the Marcone Crime Family. Giuseppe was suspected of orchestrating a series of bank heists from his cell, utilizing in-roads he had made with with some of the shadier members of prison staff to communicate to his men on the outside. Boom's job was to get as close to Giuseppe Genovese as she could and act as a funnel of information between him and the Paragon Police Department, which would hopefully give PPD enough dirt to stop any future bank jobs dead in their tracks. In the meantime, Miss MacCool befriended her cell mate -WIP. To be continued.-

Superpowered Siren



Some random facts about the girl in black:

-Has been considered the jinx of all jinxes since childhood. Bad luck seemingly emanates from her like beams from the sun above us. This is backed by the fact that she has been party to, fallen prey to, or been the cause of several accidents, explosions, dismemberments and various other unfortunate and unlikely events.

-Is a skilled poker player, specializing in Razz, Omaha, and Texas Hold 'Em.

-Is rumored to have a cameo role in the upcoming porno film 'Asstravaganza 86.' Mac has not confirmed or denied this report.

-Voted for Dennis Kucinich in the Rhode Island Primary election, but considers herself a Libertarian.

-Kissed a girl and she liked it... the taste of her cherry chapstick.

-More to come.

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