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The Brass General as he presently appears.
Brigadier Metzger
Player: @Gold Dredge
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 37
Personal Data
Real Name: Armin Metzger
Known Aliases: The Brass General, The Nemesis General, Metz
Species: Formerly Human
Age: 161
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 340
Eye Color: N/A, formerly Green
Hair Color: N/A, formerly Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Originally German
Occupation: Brigadier-General, Head General of Lord Nemesis' army.
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany (Prussia at the time)
Base of Operations: Unknown, presumably Paragon City.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Angelika Metzger (Mother, Deceased), Bernhard Metzger (Father, Deceased), Beatrice Metzger (Older Sister, Deceased)
Known Powers
The Hauptsturm-Gewehr, a heavily-altered Storm Rifle capable of using multiple types of lethal ammunition. Numerous kinetic energy manipulation devices installed throughout body
Known Abilities
Exquisite leadership ability, swordsman skills, genius level of intellect, steam-powered robotic body physically superior to normal, as well as some super-powered human beings
Spare bodies, Hauptsturm-Gewehr duplicate replacements, alternate "civilian" bodies.

((Everything here that is non-canonical is of my own design. Canon elements are placed where needed))



Brigadier Armin Metzger, also known as the Brass General, is one of the oldest and most experienced leaders in service of the Nemesis Army. Born in Prussian Berlin, Armin became a personal friend of Nemesis and one of his most loyal disciples. Armin's body has since then died, but his 161 year old mind continues to exist in a powerful, steam-driven robotic body, courtesy of Lord Nemesis. Having lost none of his skill or influence over the years, he remains a powerful figure in the Nemesis Army. Same as his ingame description



The man known as Armin Metzger was born to Bernhard and Angelika Metzger in Berlin during the Prussian Kingdom's rise to power. Not born into poverty, his father, Bernhard, was the founder and owner of one of Berlin's most prestigious firearm manufacturing companies, and Armin was set to inherit the family business when he grew old enough. As a child, Armin was playful and happy, if not a bit wily. These traits would often get him into trouble, especially when he was at the factory. He also had an early interest in firearms, and owned several toy pop-guns, which seemed to be his favorite toys. One of Armin's favorite past times was to shoot at empty liquor bottles at home as a form of target practice, something his older sister, Beatrice, would often participate in. Armin was also had a genius level of intellect, with an IQ reputed to be of approximately 262, and could often outsmart and academically outperform children that were older than him. These traits would carry on into his later years.

Teenage Years

As Armin Metzger grew up, he became more and more of a gun enthusiast, as well as a skilled marksman and hunter. He would often take freshly manufactured weapons from the factory's assembly line, and took them apart piece by piece to learn about them. Eventually, Armin would learn how to tinker with the weapons, making unorthodox, and often very dangerous adjustments to them. The prowess Armin displayed with these weapons often made his father both happy and somewhat frightened at the same time. Regardless of this tinkering, Armin was allowed to work at his family's factory while not at school.

An Early Inheritance

At the age of 24, Armin and his family were struck by tragedy. Bernhard Metzger had caught a lethal case of Pneumonia during the month of December. Despite the efforts of Berlin's doctors, Bernhard died, leaving Armin as the sole inheritor of his factory. Having served as the assistant factory manager before his father's death, Armin was ready to take his destined position.

Descent Into Evil

Years after Bernhard's death, the Metzger family business continued to prosper with Armin as the owner, although he himself had become corrupt and greedy through ownership of the factory. Regardless, that did not prevent the factory from producing it's fair share of weapons. Through Armin's engineering skills and planning, the factory produced extremely high-grade and surprisingly advanced weaponry, an action which caught the interest of one of Prussia's most notorious criminals: Gerhardt Eisenstadt, Nemesis Of The Nobility and self-proclaimed Prussian Prince of Automatons. Armin was eventually contacted by the so-called Brass Prince, and was given an offer, which Armin hesitantly accepted, thus beginning his descent into evil. Armin would assist in the production of the highly advanced weaponry in exchange for a great deal of profit. Through this deal, Armin produced and personally tested the first “Sturm Gewehr”, known in modern times as the Storm Rifle, which would become a common support weapon for Nemesis' army. Armin kept the original prototype for himself, which soon became known as the Hauptsturm-Gewehr, or “Prime Storm Rifle”, and became Armin's personal weapon. The Hauptsturm-Gewehr would continually be modified over the coming centuries to become a deadly weapon with an almost legendary reputation within the Nemesis Army. Through this weapons trade, Armin became a good friend of the Brass Prince, and one of his most trusted and loyal followers.

Ascension to Brigadier-General

Armin continued to provide Nemesis with weapons, even as the United States of America entered a civil war. When Nemesis traveled to the U.S to aid the Confederate States, Armin Metzger traveled with him, bringing a deadly supply of Storm Rifles with him. While Armin initially had no military experience, Armin, thanks to his high intellect, quickly became the leader, and only human member, of Nemesis' Brass Horsemen, a ruthless fighting brigade composed mainly of fighting automatons mounted on rocket-propelled, mechanical, brass horses that terrorized Union troops throughout the war. Armin led his heartless, steam-powered warriors to many victories against the technologically inferior Union troops up until he and Nemesis fled the country when Union forces shelled their stronghold. Upon their return to Prussia, Nemesis personally made Armin Metzger the head Brigadier General of his army.

Death and Rebirth

Years after Nemesis' participation in the Civil War, both Lord Nemesis and Armin began approaching old age. Nemesis had already used his genius engineering skills to build a steam-powered suit of armor that would allow him to live long past his prime. At around the age of 73, Armin was offered the same chance for eternity, which he would not pass up. Like his master, Armin found his mind placed in a similar steam-powered robotic body, built by his master to preserve Armin's tactical genius for years to come. Like Nemesis' robotic form, Armin's body more closely resembled one of the Brass Prince's numerous fighting automatons, and lacked human form. With the rest of his family deceased from natural causes, Armin proceeded to shut down the family factory and move all of it's manufacturing equipment to a hidden underground location outside of Berlin, where he continued to secretly produce weapons for Lord Nemesis' army.

Modern Times

From the fall of the Prussian Empire and World War 1 to World War 2 and beyond, Lord Nemesis and his army continued to prosper. While Armin Metzger only lightly participated in events such as Nemesis' short term of rule over the United States or Brass Monday, he continued overseeing weapon and automaton production for the Nemesis Army, whilst monitoring and directing Nemesis' global forces. Armin continued to upgrade his body during the 20th century, eventually reaching the humanoid form that he is constantly seen in today. Recently, the Brass General has been spotted in both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, presumably helping to direct his master's army in both regions.


In his adult years, Armin Metzger has made himself out to be a quiet, deceptive gentleman of sorts, while at the same time a ruthless,arrogant, commanding and unusually charismatic military man, with the former mood generally reserved for public settings such as Pocket D. On the field of battle however, the latter side makes itself very apparent.


Armin stands at around 7'3” tall and weighs approximately 340 LBS in his robotic body. When he still had flesh and blood, Armin had brown hair and green eyes. He sported a “friendly muttonchops” mustache, a clean haircut, and was often seen wearing ornate glasses to help with his near-sightedness (which is no longer an issue thanks to his robotic body). His skeletal head bears a passing resemblance to his original human head, including a metal reconstruction of his mustache, as well as a brass “crown” representing the typical height of his hairstyle. He is generally seen wearing a full Nemesis Officer's uniform, colored dark navy with a white trim with flared white gloves and an attached cape.


Armin's primary method of offense is the Hauptsturm-Gewehr, which has constantly been modified over Metzger's adult lifetime. Presently, it is a lethal combination of a machinegun, shotgun, sniper rifle, flamethrower, rocket launcher and grenade launcher. Despite it's extensive modifications, it's external appearance is that of a regular Storm Rifle. Nobody save for Armin or Lord Nemesis himself has seen the Hauptsturm-Gewehr's mysterious inner workings, and it is likely that no one else ever will thanks to it's complex self destruct mechanism that activates when someone other than Armin attempts to disassemble the gun. Due to it's complex design and mysterious workings, the Hauptsturm-Gewehr is just another prime example of Lord Nemesis' genius engineering skills.

Armin's most unique abilities lie in that of his body, which is an impressive machine in it's own right. Throughout it's various parts lie highly advanced devices capable of manipulating kinetic energy. Wired directly into Armin's cybernetic mind, these devices can be utilized by him at will for various purposes, including draining an opponent of energy while increasing his own or siphoning strength from an opponent. Armin tends to use these devices for travel, often applying stolen kinetic energy to his body's locomotors and thus increasing his own movement speed or utilizing local kinetic energy to increase the output of the pistons located in his legs, allowing him to jump to extreme heights.


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